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The D 20 is a dynamic directional microphone with a very pronounced cardioid polar pattern. Since its cardioid action is independent of frequency throughout the entire wide range, it is best suited for applications where loudspeakers are within close range or where sounds from the rear must not be picked up.

The particularly flat frequency response (deviating only 2.5 dB from the standard curve) and the extremely favorable discrimination (higher than 20 dB anywhere) are outstanding features of this D 20 microphone. The robust construction and built-in steel suspension guarantee many hers of trouble-free service. The sensitive side of the microphone is easily distinguished by the light colored grille protecting the microphone against wind and breathing noises.

Professional Dynamic Cardioid Microphone with bass attenuation switch providing 0, -7, and -12 dB at 50Hz

Frequency Range - 30Hz to 16kHz
Impedance - 200Ohms (60 Ohms if specified)


Dx7, D20, or D50?

The Time has come for my first hardware synth. Yamaha dx7, roland d20, and d50 are my options. I don't know what to choose. What would you pick?

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Moog One

DM: As you enter the room, you are confronted by a Large synthesizer making a hissing sound. LeChuck (Rogue) - I want to investigate the synthesizer to see if the fans push or pull air. DM: You notice that with the orientation of the fans, they would blow hot air onto the player's fingers to...

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Digital Sims are NOT Amplifiers

...pickup in it. That doesn't make it an electric guitar. It's an acoustic with a pickup My mid '60s Guild D20 has a Duncan Mag-Mic in it. It's still an acoustic guitar. Adding a pickup doesn't change that. What makes it an acoustic guitar is the body design and construction, not whether or not...

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