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AKG C2000B
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Ideal multitrack recording "workhorse" thanks to very low self noise, cardioid polar pattern for multiplicity of applications, exceptionally smooth frequency response.

One of the basic rules of recording is that the quality of the recorded signal is determined by the weakest link in the signal chain. Today, any microphone needs to match the high quality of 24-bit recording media.

Therefore, one of the most important requirements for the C2000 B was high sensitivity. This allows you to lay clean, noise-free tracks with no risk of noise levels from many individual tracks combining in the mix. Its high SPL capability makes the C2000 B a highly versatile microphone that can be used even for extremely loud instruments.

The C2000 B will give perfect results for demo recordings, in the rehearsal room, as well as in the best recording studios.


Post your good recordings with "junk" gear

... 2 m-audio delta 44's nady 8 channel pre ( for drums ) art tpsII pre ( for everything else ) akg c2000b ( used on bass cab/ kick drum/vocals ) nady 7 piece drum mic kit ( used the kick mic on the floor tom ) sm57 ( used on guitar / snare ) mixed on m-audio bx5a's...

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Preparing Harsh Mixes for Mastering?

...plenty of harsh analogue recordings… I’ve even made some. I remember recording some drums with an AKG c2000b onto tape, back in the day, and it sounded disgustingly harsh. There was no PCM or digital processors involved, at all.

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How does a C414 B-ULS compare to a U87?

Totally. I remember when I got my first "good" mic around 2000, you had the Rode NT1 and the AKG C2000b...and that was about it in the sub £150 category - there was a big jump to a "decent" condenser!

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