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Akai Professional AX73
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Akai VX90 the same as AX60 and AX73?

...the VX90 is the rackmount of the AX60 keyboard, but Vintage Synth seems to think it's also related to the AX73... which maybe they all are related. Anyone know the difference and better yet, able to offer us a comparison? -Andrews peachh

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November 2020 New Gear Thread

Well I have been extra slutty this month ... Akai AX73 two weeks ago and a Rheem Mark VII organ today :synth: rockout I was on the prowl for an AX60 but after reading a lot about the AX series I came to the conclusion that the AX73 is overall the better purchase for me (and...

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Older VA synths... Obselete or overlooked?

Will do! :) I'm curius if you've tried comparing how big the difference is when you try to take into account that remining 0.5%. I.e. there's a bit more in the simulation than couple of Tanh's per filter stage. We can ignore the implicit solving on this one. I'm personally not doing component level modeling as I...

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