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C-Box 4

Abacus C-Box 4
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The C-Box 4 is the big sister of the C-Box 3. You can a little deeper and a little louder and can play very grown in small stereo arrangements, in the near field or with subwoofer support. In sonic neutrality and precision it stands for the smaller version in nothing.


Abacus C-Box 3

...with books. The C-Box 3 is meant for smaller rooms; in case it is not enough they also have the bigger C-Box 4. They showcase the C-Box 3 in a 20 square-meters room and people tend to be profoundly astounded by how much comes out of these little things. Of course I am paraphrasing - the conversation...

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DMAX Audio Introduces the Super Cubes 5 Active Near-Field monitors.

For this purpose, the Abacus C-Box 4 is a much better solution.

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Adam A7X vs Neumann KH 120 vs Genelec 8030 vs Avantone CLA-10A

...lot, that the time decay is very important, so they suggest to get sealed monitors. I don't know about the ABACUS C-Box 4 since I didn't see many producer use it unlike the Yamaha HS7 for example, which I'm not trying to get since I wanna go more into the higher price range. I'm also planing...

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