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A-Designs P-1
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The P-1 has the highest fidelity of all the A-Designs Audio 500 preamps, capturing the mojo of its older and larger sibling, the extremely popular Pacifica. It has a big low end, slightly forward midrange and extended highs. If you’re a fan of the Quad Eight or API sound, you’ll love the P-1! It shines on vocals, instruments, room mics, piano, and on instruments with sharp transients such as drums and various percussion instruments. If you’re building a lunchbox with drum recording in mind, a pair of P-1s is a superb choice for overheads when you want to capture the entire kit - especially the sizzle of the cymbals.


arent the 500 series pres suppose to save you $$$?

Is there any skimping in quality on the lunchboxes though? I was looking at getting the a-designs p1 and peq, but I read in a couple of places that the p1 used inferior transformers to the Pacifica. Any validity to this?

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Gear that gave you the "Meh..." Factor

...STA-level and the new Retro one... I don’t get the hype. Telefunken USA U47 tube. Shadow Hills Mono Gamma, A-Designs P1 (the rackmount Pacifica is the real deal and the P1’s are a letdown)and Helios Type 69. Purple Audio 1176. Demeter stereo tube compressor. Any C414 newer than the B-ULS. Oh yeah and the Shure...

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16 channels of the same mic pre. which one?

...pre options here (each of which I really like and spent a lot of time to narrow into, random order): A-Designs P-1 (3), Pacifica (2 channel), EM-Red (love these, have 4), Avedis MA-5 (have one, should still get another), DBX 786 Blue Series (4 channels - crazy good clear & versatile units), BAE 312A...

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