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Unbeknownst to y'all former Slutz my relationship for the past 7 years ended in September. Can't ever seem to break that 7 year...

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24dB 3 weeks ago
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I think there are some kids living right underneath my room/studio in an apartment. I hear quite a lot of low & mid...

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drsaamah 4 weeks ago
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Alécio Costa 14th August 2021
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Hi friends, I would be interested to know if there are people here who, besides an 8 hour screen job, produce music on the...

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GwenTenner 26th April 2021
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Hi everyone! I want to find a really well-paid job in the music sphere. Do you know some nice ideas that I can realize during the...

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GwenTenner 26th April 2021
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Due to my family needing to get geographically closer to my wife's family we've decided on a move from the western side of the...

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Dendius 21st April 2021
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I`m in my early 40`s, wife in 30`s. No kids. My 2 sisters pop them out like crazy(I have 7 nieces/nephews). I`m very torn on it....

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kpatz 10th April 2021
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Does anyone ever get depressed after a long session? I’ve found that particularly after 5 day or longer sessions, I get...

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gurkin 7th January 2021
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anyone done this? I have done the studio thing for a living now for 17 years. I am not rich. I pay my bills. I consider myself...

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n9rnl 23rd November 2020
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Happy Sunday, Gearslutz! I wrote an article for my blog about something I've thought about a lot over the years. If there's one...

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Fay Smearing 21st October 2020
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rockout a little weed a little wax...

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Synth Guru 17th July 2020
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I know there are a lot of pros on here but I think a lot of hobbyists (like me) also and I just wondered like... how do you do...

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eldridge 5th July 2020
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Hello friend, You do not know me but I wanted to write to you to give you some friendly advice from someone who joined this...

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zerocrossing 18th June 2020
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I know you're out there. Enjoy your day! rockout

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Synth Guru 10th May 2020
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When I was in business for myself and had my own studio location, A very dear friend of mine, who is also one of the most fluent...

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DevilleMusic 14th April 2020
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"pah, at your age, man should be married with children, not playing with stupid synthesizer making silly...

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Rezisehtnys 8th April 2020
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Hey guys, Just looking for a little advice on possibly leaving my audio job. I currently work at a post audio place mainly...

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Dub til ya drop 19th December 2019
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Hey Everyone! I just wanted to jump into this one as it seems to bee a VERY VERY QUIET corner of the Gearslutz forum... ...

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Brent Hahn 30th September 2019
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Lately I have been working alot and I have been finding it really hard to spend time with my family and find time to mix and...

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psycho_monkey 11th September 2019
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Hey guys, I quit music as my main job about 6-7 years ago. I played guitar, toured with some acts. Was never successful enough...

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sameal 10th August 2019
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There is likely others that have had similar circumstances? Anyway, this is my story. I met a girl. Sweet for sure. So being...

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elegentdrum 27th June 2019
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When I worked for Capital One it was horrid. In fact that is easily the worst company I have ever worked for, a a complete...

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Whalethump 27th June 2019
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Spent the last 10 years hunting down the best gear for my "guest bedroom studio" Its actually nice. Now iv started...

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UKtotalitarians 7th April 2019
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modularfreq 30th March 2019
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(ADMIN: can you help me move this to a different board where it's appropriate. I made a mistake posting it here accidentally) ...

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mutetourettes 10th November 2018
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Synth Guru 2nd September 2018
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India U19 vs Australia U19 Live Streaming

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kulpndrew 3rd February 2018
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The New Year's Resolution can be traced back as far as the ancient Babylonians who would return borrowed objects and pay their...

Arthur Stone
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Cozmik Prod. 16th January 2018
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Hey everyone. File this one under the "never thought my life would come to this" section! I have a four month old...

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drugsdelaney 31st October 2017