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I'd like to have a sticky for this subforum that lists the mics available that can produce correct Ambisonic recordings...

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amundsen 3rd December 2020
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I am a protools/genelec 5.1 guy, I have never used Logic Pro. Just for learning I was pondering playing around with mixing Atmos...

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ProtoolsQueen 4 days ago
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Hi folks, I´ve read about the possibilities of monitoring Atmos mixes on Mac Os Monterey...

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KarmaPolice 1 week ago
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After doing extensive research on more than 100 songs mixed in Dolby Atmos (246 songs analyzed counting MQA and sometimes FLAC...

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TheHanes 2 weeks ago
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Hi Anyone here working in Logic creating Atmos projects worked out how to do a master fade that carries across to the exported...

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djp1000 2 weeks ago
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Full disclosure, I'm totally new to surround sound and Atmos, I do this professionally in stereo... :lol: I've downloaded the...

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andersmv 3 weeks ago
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I have Logic going on my MBP. What minimum setup do I need to get 7.1.4 going? I'm talking interface and monitors. I work in...

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Spells 27th August 2022
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So I have a 7.1.4 monitoring system and I am mixing in Atmos, surround and Third Order Ambisonics formats. How can I playback...

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andersmv 8th August 2022
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Hi all, Since Apple started offering Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio on their Music Platform this summer, a lot has been written...

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Spells 21st July 2022
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Does anyone know exactly what I would need to add for a 9.4.6 Dolby Atmos system? I have Marantz SR8012 AVR right now which can...

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keenly 4th July 2022
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Recently, we've released new versions of dearVR PRO, MUSIC, MONITOR, and MIX! These updates introduce new features like the...

Dear Reality
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Dear Reality 15th June 2022
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Hello community! I've recently been having a lot of fun mixing an album in Dolby Atmos. All mixes are to spec of -18 mixed in...

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daddy_koolio 6th May 2022
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So Alicia Keys album 'Alicia' just won the Grammy for best immersive audio album. But where can I buy the immersive version? Or...

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louderjamz 27th April 2022
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I have searched amongst the kinds of available information that I would understand, things that ordinary or exceptional audio...

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chelgrian 11th April 2022
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Hello, I'm curious if anyone can provide insight regarding the "minimum required" speaker setup for mixing music...

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xchrisxtopher 16th March 2022
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Let's say money isn't really a problem, in your opinion, what is the most advanced, next-level VST for binaural/ambisonic /3D...

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Pashkuli 13th February 2022
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Hi all, I have been mixing for Spacial Audio using Binaural Monitoring in Logic Pro 10.7, and when I export the project as an...

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Perceptual1 3rd February 2022
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Hej there, I'm trying to understand the implementation of Dolby Atmos on the mac. It's not that straight forward, really. For...

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chelgrian 25th January 2022
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Hi everyone, I need an advice. I'm editing a feature film that I shot alone. It's an indie movie of course, but my target -...

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adrjork 25th January 2022
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I follow a lot of 3D audio/Spatial Audio/Ambisonics groups on Facebook, but I would like to find more forums like this one...

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bifurcator 18th January 2022
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I’ve got one of these ambisonic mics, I’d be happy to share my thoughts here. Ian

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ianfl 8th January 2022
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I think there’s a lot of potential here. I’ve thought about this for years and been trying to mix music in atmos since way...

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Bob Olhsson 2nd January 2022
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I am looking for guidance on methods for taking measurements, add acoustic treatments as well as digital room correction for a...

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mizzle 17th December 2021
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besides the obvious (ambisonic microphones), what have audio engineers who have done any VR work used? i'll start presonus...

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bifurcator 17th December 2021
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Hello, Sorry, this is my nth edit. I've been answering my own questions as I go.. Anyone know the cost of DAMS on PC w MADI?

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camacozie 15th December 2021
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I have a Sound Devices MixPre-6 with Rode NT-SF1. Which Ambisonics Mode is the right one for recording?

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adrjork 5th December 2021
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Hey guys and gals, I have been playing with the Sony 360RA Creative Suite and have a couple of questions and also to open...

Mari Hutten
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dirkvn1977 23rd November 2021
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Hi all, I like this new sub-forum. Never seen it before but I'm assuming it's fairly new... Anyway, I usually record...

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Riccardo 19th November 2021
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I am doing a lot of mixes in ambiX TOA (Third Order Ambisonics). Sometimes I need to use a lower order file however, so I was...

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RobAnderson 10th November 2021
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Hi, I have recently got into mixing with Spatial Audio in Logic Pro X. I have had trouble getting my tracks to playback on...

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chelgrian 4th November 2021
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I am just curious if there are any competitors on the market yet for headtracking of 3D audio on headphones (not VR headsets,...

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Bob Olhsson 1st November 2021
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Hi folks, Just got an Ambeo VR mic for my sound devices MixPre 6 and update all the firmware, bought the ambisonics plugin...

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RobAnderson 31st October 2021
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I wrote an article for PTE about Spatial Audio/Dolby Atmos best practices when it comes to mixing for Apple Music. Mixing...

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chelgrian 26th September 2021
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I have noticed my M1 iPad with my apple airpod max headphones is working well finally. Even things like twitch streaming has the...

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PatrickFaith 25th September 2021
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Dear friends, has anyone sent Dolby Atmos feed to someone via audio movers Listento? I just want to send binaural feed to...

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audiogamble 8th September 2021
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When Appple says Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos on Airpods, is it just their fancy way of saying rendering Dolby Atmos into...

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TheHanes 25th August 2021
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Hello everyone, I would like to take advantage of the visibility that this forum can give me, to collect feedbacks and...

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thecomm 18th August 2021
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Hello, I'm just starting my journey into ambisonics now. I've played with the Zoom H3-VR (too low quality for any detail work...

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standingwave 16th August 2021
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I am looking to get started mixing music in Atmos, with the intention that it will get distributed through AvidPlay, in order to...

slow records
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kasami08 6th August 2021
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Hello, How does one simply audition an Atmos encoded mix session with speakers? 1) For, say, a 7.1.2 setup, do you use 10...

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camacozie 8th July 2021
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I am helping a client confirm a file delivered to them described as 7.1 surround, but no further specs are delivered and the...

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Joe_caithness 6th July 2021
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Hello guys, I have a question with regards to 7.1 and 5.1 setups. What are the numbers in 7.1 and 5.1 referring to? I...

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surflounge 5th July 2021
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Hello, I am about to build an ambisonic microphone from a DIY project, the capsules are 14mm cardioids in tetrahedral array, but...

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alistairic 6th April 2021
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Hi , i want to delve into 5.1 surround mixing but do not have the space for a 5.1 system for a while and wondered if the so...

Deleted bf6fbee
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Deleted bf6fbeee9878bf2 29th March 2021
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Hi there I'm still fairly wet behind the ears with spatial audio but I have been exploring the differences between ambisonics...

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Jan Bannatyne 19th March 2021
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I see it is being used in gaming for new Xbox releases. Has it shown up in any VR titles?

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mizzle 17th March 2021
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Take part in the series of professional webinars on 6 Degrees of Freedom sound, ​based on ZYLIA 6 Degrees of Freedom Navigable...

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ZYLIA 25th February 2021
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So, im in the process of building a recording/post production studio with Dolby 7.1.4 capabilities. (Using Nuendo 11) I must...

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skkain 21st February 2021
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Hello! I found that this plugin does not work on 1st order Ambisonic track type. There's also no indication in the GUI that any...

Deleted aa007c5
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Deleted aa007c5f2c57cf0 27th January 2021
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Hi guys, Hope people are surviving the interesting times alright. I'm looking buy a Windshield / Blimp for my Sennheiser Ambeo...

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harnessed 26th January 2021
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TIDAL + Apple TV + Atmos = Amazing. If you have the speakers, try it out. kfhkh

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NReichman 12th December 2020