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I'd like to have a sticky for this subforum that lists the mics available that can produce correct Ambisonic recordings...

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amundsen 3rd December 2020
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We're thrilled to welcome back bschmidt for another little Q+A in advance of GameSoundCon 2018 - we did one last year and it was...

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bschmidt 6th September 2018
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Once again, Gearslutz is proud to be a partner with the brilliant GameSoundCon in Los Angeles - coming up in October! This is THE...

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Whitecat 22nd August 2018
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Hey guys and gals, I have been playing with the Sony 360RA Creative Suite and have a couple of questions and also to open...

Mari Hutten
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Mari Hutten 2 weeks ago
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Hello, I am about to build an ambisonic microphone from a DIY project, the capsules are 14mm cardioids in tetrahedral array, but...

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alistairic 4 weeks ago
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Hi , i want to delve into 5.1 surround mixing but do not have the space for a 5.1 system for a while and wondered if the so...

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leafstudio 29th March 2021
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Hi folks, Just got an Ambeo VR mic for my sound devices MixPre 6 and update all the firmware, bought the ambisonics plugin...

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harnessed 20th March 2021
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Hi there I'm still fairly wet behind the ears with spatial audio but I have been exploring the differences between ambisonics...

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Jan Bannatyne 19th March 2021
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I see it is being used in gaming for new Xbox releases. Has it shown up in any VR titles?

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mizzle 17th March 2021
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Take part in the series of professional webinars on 6 Degrees of Freedom sound, ​based on ZYLIA 6 Degrees of Freedom Navigable...

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ZYLIA 25th February 2021
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So, im in the process of building a recording/post production studio with Dolby 7.1.4 capabilities. (Using Nuendo 11) I must...

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skkain 21st February 2021
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I have a Sound Devices MixPre-6 with Rode NT-SF1. Which Ambisonics Mode is the right one for recording?

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TVPostSound 30th January 2021
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Hello! I found that this plugin does not work on 1st order Ambisonic track type. There's also no indication in the GUI that any...

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bam_sound 27th January 2021
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Hi guys, Hope people are surviving the interesting times alright. I'm looking buy a Windshield / Blimp for my Sennheiser Ambeo...

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harnessed 26th January 2021
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I’ve got one of these ambisonic mics, I’d be happy to share my thoughts here. Ian

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Newmann 16th January 2021
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Let's say money isn't really a problem, in your opinion, what is the most advanced, next-level VST for binaural/ambisonic /3D...

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buckan 23rd December 2020
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I am looking to get started mixing music in Atmos, with the intention that it will get distributed through AvidPlay, in order to...

slow records
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slow records 13th December 2020
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TIDAL + Apple TV + Atmos = Amazing. If you have the speakers, try it out. kfhkh

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NReichman 12th December 2020
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Hello all, I'm new to Gearslutz and hope I am posting this to the right forum. I recently bought a Rode NT-SF1 that I plan on...

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mljung 1st December 2020
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Navigable 360 music streaming experience with the Poznan Philharmonic Orchestra See for yourself how the listener can...

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ZYLIA 26th November 2020
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Just sharing a nice list of Ambisonics and Immersive free download audio tools. If you know any other interesting free tools...

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deedeeyeah 17th November 2020
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Hey there, For my Bachelor Thesis I am currently working on a software which should be able to display Ambisonic Formats on a...

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chrystis 10th November 2020
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Could someone clarify the basic audio post workflows for ambisonics/VR content? I'm just wrapping my head around (pun intended)...

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PatrickFaith 6th November 2020
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Hi all, I like this new sub-forum. Never seen it before but I'm assuming it's fairly new... Anyway, I usually record...

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over-man 27th October 2020
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The Walk Through The Music with Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra Take a walk with Zylia around virtual concert hall filled...

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ZYLIA 20th October 2020
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I use Reaper on Linux. I'm new to Ambisonics and got an AMBEO VR and MixPre 10 to record nature ambience and sound effects. (I...

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TVPostSound 26th September 2020
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Hi everyone, This is not a disguised ad ... but a sincere gift to download freely (without registration) on the site...

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slutzwan 16th September 2020
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I know that people have used SRS to put things behind the listener, but how can you do it without an SRS unit. My theory is...

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gurubuzz 14th September 2020
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Zylia, an industry leader in the field of 3D audio recording, created a new, advanced demonstration that shows possibilities of...

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ZYLIA 1st September 2020
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Here's a new 3D audio instrument we designed, its really an art installation - but we've been touring the festivals with the last...

Magik Door
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Magik Door 29th August 2020
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Has anyone had good success integrating an ambisonic microphone into a video recording setup? I was looking at the Ricoh Theta Z1...

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Magik Door 29th August 2020
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Did a Ball binaural mic, plus 4 figure-8 mics for front to back and top to down processing possibility. Can be simple 2 channel...

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9sbean 28th July 2020
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Hey y'all! I have an ambisonic project that I'd like to mix with head tracking. I'm kind of new to this format, so looking for...

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VoyageAudio 16th July 2020
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I was wondering if anyone else here uses DBAP (Distance Based Amplitude Panning) and if so what software do you use?

Deleted 10089a2
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Deleted 10089a2 2nd July 2020
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I hadn't noticed how big the ASMR 3DIO scene was on twitch, but it is pretty huge. That group is larger then most games, and...

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mattiasnyc 8th May 2020
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Hi guys! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe!! I'm pretty new to the ambisonics world but I got the Rode NT-SF1...

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Daniel.abrusci 25th April 2020
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Anyone using plugin this on Pro Tools 2019.10? Was given a polywav recorded on a Rode NT-SF1 to a Mixpre6 as A Format. Want...

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Daniel.abrusci 25th April 2020
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What is this? Avid just did a marketing blurb in their blog about...

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iluvcapra 13th April 2020
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Hi Folks, I was hoping somebody could help me? I'm trying to get Waves Ambisonics working with Logic X. Can't find info on...

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Alex Trecarichi 28th March 2020
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Digital Audio Workstation Avid Pro Tools Ultimate Pro Tools | Ultimate - Music Software - Avid Cockos Reaper REAPER |...

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over-man 3rd March 2020
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Hello, I'm interested in music over post, and trying to understand 360 audio - because that's frikin cool. Can I ask you all for...

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PatrickFaith 22nd February 2020
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I've been testing immersive music systems from google/apple/amazon. They are all really great. I personally love the apple...

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PatrickFaith 21st February 2020
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Hello guys, I have a question with regards to 7.1 and 5.1 setups. What are the numbers in 7.1 and 5.1 referring to? I...

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deedeeyeah 17th February 2020
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For anyone interested in the electronic music side of immersive audio, I've just put together this video showcasing how to build...

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PHParker 14th February 2020
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Hi all i am setting up a 7.1 surround sound studio at my office and i am at the speaker selection stage, i will be going with...

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paulo m 14th February 2020
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Hello, There are many tools out there when it comes to binaural spatialization or Ambisonic to binaural conversion. Some of...

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Deleted 10089a2 12th February 2020
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What do you think about a mono source, reproduced on a stereo speakers system with its original secondary channel (omni with...

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Deleted 10089a2 12th February 2020
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At NAMM I saw a demonstration of Avid’s Atmos setup where they were running the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite software on a Mac...

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Tone_Mechanic 31st January 2020
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Hi all, New to ambisonics totally.. Planning to use one for a film. Which mic do u guys prefer? Better Tone and noise level,...

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VoyageAudio 10th December 2019
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Hi, I am looking for a way to check, QC, listen back (and maybe mix) an Atmos mix (9.1.4) (think 14 discrete mono files) on...

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improvpwnd 7th December 2019
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What is the method for downmixing to FOA or SOA from TOA? I am using Nuendo but I don’t see any specific tools or...

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mizzle 10th November 2019
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I've been searching for hours and can't quite wrap my head around it. I also haven't been able to find a single tutorial video...

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NReichman 9th November 2019
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Hey, couldnt find much on Sony's new immersive music format except it's based on the MPEG-H 3D Fraunhofer standard. Anyone...

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over-man 27th October 2019