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If you have a problem, a suggestion, a complaint, whatever about Gearslutz itself, please do not post it here! Go here instead...

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Whitecat 24th April 2013
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I’m in a big market where use gear use to sell quick. Beginning this year I’m seeing a huge slow down. Please let me know if...

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Abdalla 1 hour ago
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I ordered ISLA Instruments S2400 (SP Clone) in November and it was suppose to ship in February. I just emailed them again and now...

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djimon 6 hours ago
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Big moan here! We all know that owning a home can be a very rewarding experience but it's truly a double edged...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 1 day ago
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Its idiotsville now all this , in a way thank christ for new synths and designs and clones , common sense has left the building...

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Spider76 2 days ago
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Last week my lawn tractor went T.U. The engine was smoking and all the oil had leaked out. I refilled the oil tank and continued...

Synth Guru
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gramps 2 days ago
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Probably just me, but.... I see an interesting “how to” video on YouTube. Click on the video. Person says welcome to my...

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hcppp 2 days ago
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I'm pretty shocked that this happened, I've never heard of this before, but Tunecore has decided to delete an album release from...

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psycho_monkey 2 days ago
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I spent $2600 on a Neumann M149 off of I didn't feel too worried about purchasing a used mic. I've done it many...

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freud2000 4 days ago
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Genex rebranding... guess Kevin pulled all the stickers off of the 9048 and GXAD and DA and put up Desono Desono wworried ...

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nat8808 5 days ago
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Long story short, I bought a Kurzweil PC4 from Bax Music who I thought per their web info....were based in Kent...

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SamSpacey 5 days ago
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I just saw this other thread - Returning gear to EU following Brexit - which discusses pretty shambolic service from Bax...

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SamSpacey 5 days ago
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I'm about to make a bunch of Hardware purchases (UA Apollo Twin X Duo, Great $1k+ Conderser Mic, Stand, Pop Screen, Pro...

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Brent Hahn 5 days ago
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Last year, at nearly the same month, I made this thread, concerning an Epiphone Corina bass connectivity problem : Think I'll...

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cubic13 6 days ago
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I'm sure that a lot us upload content to both YouTube and Facebook, or have clients who do. For a while, Facebook was doing...

Brent Hahn
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Brent Hahn 6 days ago
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CS-60's that are the price of CS-80's two years ago? The same for Jupiter 6 vs. Jupiter 8? It's just out of control. I mean...

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desotoslo 1 week ago
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Aziak 1 week ago
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Okay, I know I'm old but can someone please explain to me how the above "Mix With The Masters" Billie Eilish song...

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sourpatch 1 week ago
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Need to rant, hopefully I can get some advise from anyone who's had a similar situation. I made an order with Thomann just...

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RobertMP 1 week ago
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I have been buying and selling on ebay for years, and more recently on reverb. I have sold as weighty things as TI keyboard, Nord...

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esldude 1 week ago
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I'm just looking to connect with people who's music I can listen to while giving credit to the right person. This loop and sample...

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D0NTSURF 1 week ago
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Big Sur can eat it. I may as well have poured molasses all over my Macbook. Everything is slower... chugging chugging- And...

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Teej 1 week ago
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Can anybody put me in touch with a thinking person at Seymour Duncan? I'm trying to replace a pickup cover for my Seymour Duncan...

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davelang68 1 week ago
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Here is the raging debate: "Who cares if you use an analog synth for your bassline vs a VST, or even a cheap/ freebie VST,...

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Bignatius 1 week ago
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I ordered an Acidlab Drumatix over 2 months ago direct from their website. It was disptached promptly by Acidlab but DHL still...

Deleted c7044de
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Deleted c7044dea016f2f2 1 week ago
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I just sold a guitar on and paid $261.81 in fees. Total Selling Fees: $103.25 Total Payment Processing:...

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Alrod 2 weeks ago
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Hi folks, I've been wondering this for years! Why isn't there a simple, non-visual DAW? What do i mean? A DAW that...

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unitymusic 2 weeks ago
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The website is currently having a problem with scammers. I already talked to the website people about this, but in...

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frans 2 weeks ago
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Had a run in with the usual support nonsense at IK. IK multimedia are idiots, in the literal sense they are stupid people. But...

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Thomas W. Bethe 2 weeks ago
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I got the CAT twice.. in two weeks the first one I got the sync was totally broken, like 1 second gaps on the sound totally...

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djsmps 2 weeks ago
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So my ilok 2 is dead. These things have a 2 year warranty, apparently and mine is covered, and will be replaced at no...

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doom64 2 weeks ago
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So I ordered a synth from Anderson’s 2 weeks ago and was told it would be in stock in 2 days. Then the in stock was moved 6...

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Bungle 2 weeks ago
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Well for almost two months I escaped from all the stupid phone calls and spam email but this week I hit the "mother...

Thomas W. Bethe
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Thomas W. Bethe 2 weeks ago
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Moved: GearSpace

Just saw the email Honestly laughed I get it. Still funny though Idk about y'all.. but I'm slutty for life...

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wildplum 2 weeks ago
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I'm generally a pretty tech-forward kind of guy. I looked forward to direct digital distribution since the mid 1980s (back then...

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ScottBrio 2 weeks ago
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Honestly I never thought I'd see the day where Jules and a true musician site would want to lose their edge that made them famous...

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jopy 2 weeks ago
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I'm not aware of any original bands in my whole general vicinity these days. In the '80s and '90s there were for sure....

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ScottBrio 2 weeks ago
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In a sign that I may have grown up, I bought a Sennheiser MD 421 II lately rockout However, Sennheiser's registration page (USA)...

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JoeyM 2 weeks ago
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I've had my apollo for 3 months, and still having issues that are halting sessions left and right. Constant errors (109,50,38)...

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Sirocco 3 weeks ago
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I started a thread, started posting an ongoing review of a piece of hardware and the thread was removed. In addition, I was...

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Reptil 3 weeks ago
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Long story short, this is sadly the same old story. I ordered 2 pieces from Stam Audio. One, over a year ago, and another at the...

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trevon 3 weeks ago
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The middle-class musician may be a thing of the past, thanks to the pandemic

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Jeff Hayat 3 weeks ago
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I am on the verge of having one and was just curious.

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I gave my intern free studio time and he didn't put away my KM86 properly and it took a header.. mic is fine basket is toast so...

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Sigma 3 weeks ago
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Hi All, Lately, following the who runs at 96000 permanently? thread (started by Acidizer), I've been doing a lot of thinking,...

Deleted cec0d5b
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nat8808 3 weeks ago
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I just got some spam in my e-mail from...TAXI. They are still trying to steal naive musician's money in this day and age! I was...

Rob Coates
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trevon 3 weeks ago
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Just for fun, which top charting song (from any decade) has the worse mix to you ? - This is not about songwriting so don't just...

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kosmokrator 3 weeks ago
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TVPostSound 4 weeks ago