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Hi Michael, Happy Birthday from Solingen! All the best to you and yours!

Nutmeg II.
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Blue Bear Sound 25th April 2006
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Hi! There is great bunch of internet radio stations that my CD is getting played at:http://neworleansradio.com Very...

John Findlay
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John Findlay 23rd April 2006
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wow... just absolutley wow.... echoes blew me away.

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Sounds Great 21st April 2006
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today ya can find anything on the net ...fantastic... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POX5yfa_RX4 amazing boing

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lofi 20th April 2006
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Hi guys, just to say I'm in London 'til Saturday afternoon, recording some string parts in Abbey Road studio 2. Some slutz...

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Kaneepa 20th April 2006
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check 'em guys.........unbelievable. cheers

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rodabod 18th April 2006
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I don't expect anyone to buy one, but "it would be alot cooler if you did" (in my best Matthew McConaughey from...

Matt Grondin
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lukejs 15th April 2006
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I thought I would share this story with you. A while back we sent a demo SOC compressor to picksail in New Orleans. ...

Tim Farrant
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picksail 14th April 2006
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Produced by Damon Johnson, mixed by yours truley, mastered by Brad Blackwood.

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Matt Grondin 13th April 2006
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...and the site seems working fine so far - if that ain´t a nice present! Happy B-Day Jules !!! boing

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Jules 13th April 2006
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Just got a new job...for 6 months. Radio host. Man, it feels so good. Just the job I've had in mind since high school. Oh, it's...

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JHOOKS 13th April 2006
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Last Friday, I had to have an ADAT card and the latest software overnighted for a Saturday delivery because of a session on...

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indie 12th April 2006
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While not quite as monetarily satisfying as picksail's news, we just got news that two of our ensembles here at the University of...

Greg Heimbecker
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C Heat 12th April 2006
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In another life I'm a forum moderator for Jim's Brewing Forum. Anyway, it's all about making your own beer, (and wine, mead...

Reggie Love
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MJGreene Audio 12th April 2006
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Happy b-day!!! Hope your doing well :)

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DrDeltaM 11th April 2006
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NNNNOOOOO more fast food. I've been studying nutrition and I just learned that there are over 1100 calories in a combo meal from...

no ssl yet
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OMF 11th April 2006
Avatar for Vasypher

Whoo hoo! An artist I help represent (www.theremovalact.com) recieved an offer from a very well established Management company...

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Vasypher 11th April 2006
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Since gearslutz does not have a feedback forum like ebay for purchases agreed through gearslutz I thought I needed to do...

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Duffster 10th April 2006
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Hey guys! I play in a band called The Sleepover Disaster. Anyhow, we've been getting some nice reviews lately and this one is...

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djui5 8th April 2006
Avatar for adrianex

Hey guys, I just found out that a song that I recorded and mix like 4 years ago was release last year, under a compilation album...

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Avatar for Sqye
Sqye 8th April 2006
Avatar for littlelabs

I Scored tickets for this show Wednesday at the House of Blues here in LA: Jeff Beck Guitar, Pino Palladino Bass, Vinnie...

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Avatar for Greg Heimbecker
Greg Heimbecker 4th April 2006
Avatar for :rt:

when it's so easy to be a dick...strangers can sometimes be cool. happened to be headed to his town...gave him a ring...he...

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djui5 3rd April 2006
Avatar for heyman

Just wanted to say- if you ever want to check out a great band that does great Punk Rock, check out Darkbuster.. Great Songs,...

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Avatar for dim light
dim light 3rd April 2006
Avatar for David R.

I am still looking for the volume controll, and the emissions are more than I was expecting, but... New baby boy! Born...

David R.
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djui5 2nd April 2006
Avatar for Eric Greedy

TUNE IN For the premiere of the video for HURT's "RAPTURE" on MTV2's HEADBANGER'S BALL. Premiere is Saturday, March...

Eric Greedy
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Avatar for DontLetMeDrown
DontLetMeDrown 2nd April 2006
Avatar for Drifter

Well I bought a CBR 900 RR today. Im happy as a pig n' **** gooof These things are so damn dangerous it should be a requirement...

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Avatar for Drifter
Drifter 1st April 2006
Avatar for DigiDutch

Ordered a FireFace800 yesterday. Can't wait for it to come. Should be in today!!!

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Avatar for AudioCourses
AudioCourses 1st April 2006
Avatar for aaronsternke

Can I just say, I am obsessed with these guys right now? They gotta be one of the coolest, most energetic bands out right now. ...

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Avatar for indie
indie 1st April 2006
Avatar for picksail

...and I open up the lastest issue of Entertainment Weekly only to discover that a record that I engineered is currently No.1 on...

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dave-G 1st April 2006
Avatar for dave-G

It seems that an album I mixed and mastered (Lenka Dusilova: "Mezi Svety") has won both 'Female Singer of the Year' and...

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Avatar for David R.
David R. 31st March 2006
Avatar for 2leod

I like how the gear free zones don't show up on the "new posts" search - tidies things up nicely! The politics/serious...

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Avatar for JonCraig
JonCraig 31st March 2006
Avatar for AudioCourses

So I set the students up with a domain and now they got their first podcast out. The site is not officially public until after...

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AudioCourses 30th March 2006
Avatar for jumpnyc

Hey my first short animated film I scored is online http://www.themeatrix2.com/ Enjoy and pass it on - it is a good cause!!!!!

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jumpnyc 30th March 2006
Avatar for uptheoctave

Nothing to do with audio, but we finally met our Bulldog puppy that we have wanted for ages. We called her Scarlett O'Hairy. I...

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uptheoctave 29th March 2006
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Hopefully this cheers some people up. Things can be tough in our business, especially the first several years while you're...

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nizer 28th March 2006
Avatar for keithl

Just started an LLC for my web design company....Pretty psyched! Not that it has anything to do with "slutz" and...

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Avatar for chrispick
chrispick 28th March 2006
Avatar for Sounds Great

Damn, not a minute too soon. Business has been bad, lately. I wish I could be some cool gear, but lots of bills waiting to be...

Sounds Great
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Avatar for Sounds Great
Sounds Great 28th March 2006
Avatar for ramjet

hi my mate just came to visit and he had just bought a guitar at a second hand shop. the long and short of it all is that it...

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dlmorley 26th March 2006
Avatar for uptheoctave

Just bought a nice 79 strat. Good weight, stays in tune and in good condition. Not original- the machine heads, saddles, bridge...

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Avatar for dj_who
dj_who 25th March 2006
Avatar for JoeM'Geek

Hey folks, I'm new to this forum so apologies if this is in the wrong category or commits some other faux pas I'm not aware...

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Avatar for Recording David
Recording David 24th March 2006
Avatar for Lindell

Happy birthday Geoff !!! May the spirits guide you into building more gear.... cooge /Lindell howdy

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Avatar for Sqye
Sqye 23rd March 2006
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AdamJay 23rd March 2006
Avatar for Eric Greedy

heh heh heh kfhkh

Eric Greedy
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aljam99 23rd March 2006
Avatar for labman

Hi, Just taken delivery of my first Distressor. I have got a feeling it could be the first of many(when funds permit). It...

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Avatar for Guest
Guest 21st March 2006
Avatar for no ssl yet

On Dec 9 last year I bought a mackie LM3204 on Ebay figuring I'd use it for keyboards and then bypass it when I went to record...

no ssl yet
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no ssl yet 20th March 2006
Avatar for PureHeat

I'm listening to our record right now on the radio!!! 107.5 WBLS here in NYC! Gettting a lot of spins all over the US, and the...

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Avatar for Eric Greedy
Eric Greedy 20th March 2006
Avatar for DigiDutch

Getting the keys today. Bit of clean up and decorating, and pics will follow! I'm so happy. And it's dead cheap too! heh

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Avatar for Chrisac
Chrisac 18th March 2006
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Avatar for Viola
Viola 18th March 2006
Avatar for mjlaudio

Nonpoint's Bullet With Nameboing boing boing and it even has a ringtone......hehehe this is the first ringtone I ever mixed.

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Avatar for Brandino221
Brandino221 18th March 2006
Avatar for Resonater

Hey all, Some of you may know that I own Resonate Music Studios in the Burbank area of Los Angeles. We cater to the music...

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Avatar for Resonater
Resonater 18th March 2006