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PoorGlory 9th June 2006
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I'm off to bed now. See you tomorrow! I will be up early because I need to finish some work. I won't be able to write that much...

dim light
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dim light 8th June 2006
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One of his new songs: javascript:getStaticMedia('/wesun/20040606_wesun_cale1',%20'WM,RM'); ( <- insert into browser...

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Ruphus 8th June 2006
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After using the rosetta200 for 6 month, I've come to hate it ! (been using Prism ADA-8 before but 6 month ago it become a PT I/O ...

mac black
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mac black 7th June 2006
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Congrats to Peter Montessi and A-Designs Audio on their nomination for a TEC award for the Pacifica preamp. Nice work...

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picksail 7th June 2006
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I want thanks a few Gearslutz for helping me tweak out my studio one step further. First off, I had Jim Williams upgrade the...

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wallace 7th June 2006
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Last night, I got my AD-16x and DA-16x talking to each other -- thanks to Leon at Apogee tech support. They are totally...

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retropete 6th June 2006
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We had the pleasure of tracking Kenny Aronoff yesterday on 4 songs for one of our artists. What an incredible player and great...

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Fleaman 6th June 2006
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I laughed so hard when i saw this...im sure all of u will get a kick out of this boing hittt...

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Shabo 4th June 2006
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I just sold all of my equiptment except for the basic PT HD and converters and started from scratch. I sold all my mics as...

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cap217 31st May 2006
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I am going to be playing with Mike Patton, Rahzel, Dan the Automator and more tomorrow night (friday, may 26) on the Conan...

Joel Hamilton
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strauss 31st May 2006
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Mad Dog Studios was just on History channel :) They were doing an episode on Edison, and interviewed the owner of Mad...

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djui5 28th May 2006
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If you are an LA slut who likes rock, come to the Cat Club (next to the Whiskey) on Sunset at 10:30PM to check out my group...

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Bang 26th May 2006
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boing I would like to invite you to check out my new web site...I would appreciate to know what you think....

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Jose Mrochek 26th May 2006
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Jules 26th May 2006
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So I recorded this band last year, and about midway through the mixing process they broke up… "Serious internal conflict...

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Kris 25th May 2006
Avatar for uptheoctave

Ebay is amazing sometimes. I just won this piano for around ten dollars. Apparently it is from 1898. It is only about 20 miles...

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C/G 24th May 2006
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Led 24th May 2006
Avatar for mosrite

Thanks God it wasnt the god awful Russian entry that was closing in. I reckon Finland won because it was a good antidote to...

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Avatar for Ricky
Ricky 23rd May 2006
Avatar for sheltersoton

I bought an R88 from the gearslutz for sale section and its here!!!! OOOHHH Yeeaahh!1 I have a session with a metal band...

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Avatar for drmmrboy
drmmrboy 22nd May 2006
Avatar for hedgehog

I´m in Pro Tools HD2 Accel business now, got a good feeling, good workflow, customers, I´m pretty happy. No longer workarounds...

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mac black 20th May 2006
Avatar for drockfresh

I know, I'm a wisea-s but someone had to do it. dfegad

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Avatar for David Herbert
David Herbert 20th May 2006
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Avatar for Jules
Jules 19th May 2006
Avatar for Jussi Kulomaa

Dang. Our record company just went belly-up (or is going..) so now the record's been delayed "for indefinitely". I also...

Jussi Kulomaa
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Jussi Kulomaa 19th May 2006
Avatar for Shabo

i gave up on real rock guyz.......check these guys OUT!!!! ROCKING....fun,,and about ...GUESS...

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kats 18th May 2006
Avatar for alfonso

After 2 years of hard work, my CD is on CD Baby. Have a look: Experience of Space Thanks :) Alfonso.

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mixerguy 18th May 2006
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How do you folks (moderators) keep this board so clean? No spam, no porn, no casinos... (this is the GOOD news) kudos!...

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Avatar for opentune
opentune 17th May 2006
Avatar for GilWave

Aptly named!! Pino Palladino, Bill Frisell, Abraham Laboriel, Herbie Hancock, Steve Gadd... Okay, Paul surrounds himself with...

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Avatar for da burf
da burf 17th May 2006
Avatar for David Herbert

I just wanted to say, outside of the continuity of the currently 26 page "New Toft Board Coming" thread, that I have...

David Herbert
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David Herbert 16th May 2006
Avatar for lvktv5382

Sales off everthing like 30-40%. If you live around the bay area . you should stop by and take a look freshflowe

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lvktv5382 15th May 2006
Avatar for laser

Spent time yesterday with Ryan Hewitt, and our very own Superburtm and Arrogant Bastard at Encore studios in Burbank. In...

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Avatar for Solunaris
Solunaris 14th May 2006
Avatar for mistaD

I dont know if im allowed to put live links here and if im not just delete the thread as its an honest mistake! I found these 2...

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Avatar for tgrokz
tgrokz 10th May 2006
Avatar for Jules

Yep! Courtesy of producer & axe smith Ace - who writes a monthly column in Guitarist There is a nice shot of William - one...

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Avatar for rockyroad
rockyroad 9th May 2006
Avatar for gitarrero

cheers slutz, I've co-written and produced the single for an UK Artist. They did a video which looks great and now - she's the...

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Avatar for Ruudman
Ruudman 8th May 2006
Avatar for opentune

Recorded, mixed and mastered in various locations. (not really) produced by me. I like it so far! Lemme know whatcha think!

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krucifyx 7th May 2006
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Happy B-day :) kfhkh

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Avatar for Jules
Jules 7th May 2006
Avatar for mixdude1

George Clinton was here in Dallas for a couple of days. He has been a huge influence of mine for years. He hooked me up with...

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Avatar for Matt Grondin
Matt Grondin 6th May 2006
Avatar for Brandino221

Hey! Well, I am making my way back to brasil for a month. I will be going back to Curitiba and Londrina in Parana. I'm really...

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Avatar for Brandino221
Brandino221 5th May 2006
Avatar for JohnNy C

Hello everyone, I am the new cat around here. I am posting to say what's up and to give you my deal: I have been producing music...

JohnNy C
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JohnNy C 5th May 2006
Avatar for (DC)

Currently my I'm using a AMD 3700+ Processor, with 2 Gigs of PC3200 RAM, and 2 Hard Drives. I have an old 160GB 7.2k RPM drive...

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Avatar for (DC)
(DC) 5th May 2006
Avatar for RoundBadge

For doing a great job keeping the GS playground up and running for all us merry gearfools to run around in .. Things seem to...

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Avatar for theblotted
theblotted 4th May 2006
Avatar for Jules

You will need Konfabulator software on your computer... Get that here Widgets are cool!! Search Gearslutz.com via...

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Avatar for parasitk
parasitk 4th May 2006
Avatar for keithl

I used to own a VS1680 and recorded my first CD on it, FACE IN THE CROWD. I moved on to Pro Tools, but have been able to get...

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Avatar for Jules
Jules 3rd May 2006
Avatar for GP_Hawk

"A British company is developing computer chips that store music in women's breast implants. This is considered a major...

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Avatar for chadly
chadly 2nd May 2006
Avatar for warhead

For the month of May 2006 Front End Audio is giving away a $1500 pair of active Tannoy Precision 6D monitors! The Precision...

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Avatar for warhead
warhead 1st May 2006
Avatar for SparkyCanada

Hey there. Looks like I'll be making a trip to Austin Texas at the end of April - for about a week. Wondering if anybody...

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Avatar for Mike Jasper
Mike Jasper 29th April 2006
Avatar for mac black

I thought its good to start a new one (although Im sure there are lots of those threads...) Just found something cool, I...

mac black
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mac black 28th April 2006
Avatar for drmmrboy

Signed on AOL, and found this waiting for me!! heh...

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aetucker1 28th April 2006
Avatar for Matt Grondin

Here's how I did it: I started buying guitar pedals and amps again!!!! hittt ARRRGGGGGGGHHHH! Must.... not.... buy.......

Matt Grondin
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Avatar for opentune
opentune 28th April 2006
Avatar for uptheoctave

Well it is official- we are moving back to the US, probably in August. After 2 years in Switzerland it is time to leave. What...

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Avatar for uptheoctave
uptheoctave 26th April 2006