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Never before have I felt as proud of my WASPY heritage as when i viewed this little gem. Makes me want to enroll in Comunity...

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TinderArts 23rd July 2006
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Just wanted to say that the new record "the River in Reverse" is incredible. Produced by Joe Henry and recorded mixed...

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seaneldon 23rd July 2006
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Last week I was invited to play along at a church. I haven't done so in several years but the rehearsal schedule and the date...

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texdc 23rd July 2006
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I've had plenty of opportunities to purchase these machines, but it never felt right, either due to cost issues or questionable...

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lucey 22nd July 2006
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Kris 20th July 2006
Avatar for SparkyCanada

Hey there. I was asked today to help out a local band with their PA set-up. They're a new country band - aged in their...

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Avatar for C/G
C/G 20th July 2006
Avatar for Jalabodu

So far so great! I bought this primarily as a live board replacement for the Mackie 24-4. I test drove it on drums in the studio...

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opentune 20th July 2006
Avatar for cjogo

We do 60/80 's rock ---Opened with Queens Classic "Bohemian Rhapsody" > Did some great ::: Hendrix..Led..Moody...

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cjogo 20th July 2006
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iluvatar 18th July 2006
Avatar for heyman

Just got done laying down bass tracks for a band and I would have to say that I was quite pleased with the sound of the...

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heyman 17th July 2006
Avatar for zarembo

very excited to share photos of the studio with you all!

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zarembo 13th July 2006
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heyman 13th July 2006
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Jules 13th July 2006
Avatar for HeatWAVS

So as some of you may or may not know I just graduated from University of Florida two months ago and in my time since then I've...

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HeatWAVS 12th July 2006
Avatar for DRC

I think they range from 1999 to 2001 with a few Sound on Sound issues thrown in. I really need to clean house and I hate to just...

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DRC 12th July 2006
Avatar for jazzius

I'm about to mix an album for free!!!......it's a nice project with good musicians and singers.......everyone is working for free...

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Avatar for Roland
Roland 9th July 2006
Avatar for BattleAngel

Hey all. I know some of you have been vaguely aware of the Arizona band journey; well if you're in the NYC area you can see us...

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BattleAngel 9th July 2006
Avatar for gainreduction

Just wanted to say a couple of appreciating words about Ubik's posts. I always read a Ubik post no matter what the topic is....

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Avatar for RoundBadge
RoundBadge 8th July 2006
Avatar for Tibbon

I am normally SUCH a guitar snob. I got really really spoiled while working at a friend's studio. He had a ton of 60's Fenders...

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Avatar for Tibbon
Tibbon 6th July 2006
Avatar for warhead

Thanks to all who entered and answered the 3 questions for June's "GIK Acoustics Contest" with Front End Audio. Up for...

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Avatar for warhead
warhead 6th July 2006
Avatar for Billy Palmier

Great… finally a finished product… you know that feeling gooof It's also showing up at 6th place of this week's most...

Billy Palmier
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Avatar for Billy Palmier
Billy Palmier 5th July 2006
Avatar for Kris

At my band's show in Destin last weekend we were suprised to find Taylor Hicks (recent American Idol winner) at the venue on...

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Avatar for kats
kats 3rd July 2006
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Avatar for chaoticpulse
chaoticpulse 3rd July 2006
Avatar for the scum

I'll be doing a doubleheader, drumming behind my own post-punk thing called Guy in the Middle, as well as backing up the infamous...

the scum
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Avatar for the scum
the scum 1st July 2006
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Avatar for Mauricio Gargel
Mauricio Gargel 1st July 2006
Avatar for ramjet

hi all just wanted to share with you all the birth of my little boy his name is BEAU RILEY LUSCOMBE he was born at...

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Avatar for ramjet
ramjet 1st July 2006
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Avatar for The Press Desk
The Press Desk 30th June 2006
Avatar for dim light

Wow what a cool synth. I bought it cheap from a lump store. Fat and juicy! My Juno 106 don't provide the same fattiness but I...

dim light
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Avatar for dim light
dim light 30th June 2006
Avatar for Alexi

hey guys, if you get the chance to catch the Anticon band "WHY" live you should definately check 'em out, saw them...

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Avatar for Alexi
Alexi 30th June 2006
Avatar for blaugruen7

just for fun factor and too much free time: buy the complete broadcast station of the former german democratic...

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Avatar for blaugruen7
blaugruen7 29th June 2006
Avatar for littlelabs

HA HA... I did actually, I'm surprised not more people wrote about this wacky weekend. Good fun, good business, good learnin,...

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Avatar for Matt Grondin
Matt Grondin 29th June 2006
Avatar for junebughunter

I just completed a project for the first time of my life. For my own bands and music I've recored roughly 50 songs in my short...

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Avatar for junebughunter
junebughunter 28th June 2006
Avatar for BattleAngel

Howdy all. Those of you who know me probably are at least vaguely aware of my band Arizona. If not, please check our myspace page...

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Avatar for BattleAngel
BattleAngel 28th June 2006
Avatar for Tottyham

North London Control room + 3 x live areas Bantam patch bay ( + cables) Van Damm wiring throughout 3 Empty 19" racks (each...

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Avatar for Tottyham
Tottyham 28th June 2006
Avatar for uptheoctave

From BBC news: "Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose has been arrested in Sweden for alleged violent conduct and damage to a...

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Avatar for roxxon
roxxon 28th June 2006
Avatar for zemlin

No biggie, really - but I was hoping to get $125 for this old Oktava mic. I guess the Samson shock mount and Auralex in the...

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Avatar for zemlin
zemlin 26th June 2006
Avatar for Mr. Incredible

A friend of mine just turned me on to pandora.com and it's amazing. I've already purchased a handful of albums because of this...

Mr. Incredible
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Avatar for tuckpunk
tuckpunk 25th June 2006
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Avatar for theblotted
theblotted 25th June 2006
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Avatar for Shabo
Shabo 24th June 2006
Avatar for mac black

woohoo ... got the mic yesterday . recorded a female singer (using the quartet II pre)... WOW ... its amazing !!! no eq needed,...

mac black
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Avatar for mac black
mac black 24th June 2006
Avatar for joneps

more than 8 months in the making, and I've finally finished tracking my next album. And, since I made so many decisions along the...

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Avatar for dim light
dim light 23rd June 2006
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Avatar for RUSCO
RUSCO 20th June 2006
Avatar for GYMusic

Anyone know what he's up to lately? I Googled him , but not anything current. He still kickin'?

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Avatar for RUSCO
RUSCO 20th June 2006
Avatar for themaidsroom

if you are in europe or the u.k. you can now purchase "real life" the debut from joan as police woman quite simply,...

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Avatar for themaidsroom
themaidsroom 17th June 2006
Avatar for sofa

Just to share some personal info with my dear gearslutz friends: Mi name is Salvador Velarde,and last weekend I won 1st. place...

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Avatar for raal
raal 14th June 2006
Avatar for Lindell

My little label's second release debutet on #22 on the Swedish album charts! And #2 on the rock chart!! Produced by me myself and...

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Avatar for raal
raal 13th June 2006
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Avatar for brian_delizza
brian_delizza 12th June 2006
Avatar for Meriphew

All kinds of free legal software there.

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Avatar for ScoolED
ScoolED 11th June 2006
Avatar for mr jkn

...and got myself an sm57! thumbsup

mr jkn
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Avatar for mr jkn
mr jkn 10th June 2006
Avatar for aKido

aKido at the Spectrum, MTL, Canada http://www.bandeapart.fm/concerts.asp?id=371 not really rock. not really electronica....

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Avatar for aKido
aKido 9th June 2006