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I just had my mix reel mastered by Bob Olhsson. If you haven't had a chance to meet him yet, I highly recommend it. He is a...

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texdc 28th September 2006
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well i stupidly spam block gearslutz and was in full blown panic mode all night :( so i decided to change my email ( i are smart...

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pan60 27th September 2006
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These guys just killed it last nite in San Diego: http://www.mutemath.com/ worth checking out for sure!

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picksail 27th September 2006
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I notice that SatP gets a mention and a pic in this months Rolling Stone. Don't know if you noticed it XSergeantD ? si

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orange 25th September 2006
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Found this over at the REP at J. Halls forum.. Funny jab at "Metal" Good for a quick laugh.. ..thought I'd...

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Makinithappen 24th September 2006
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Hey All, If you have a minute check out www.noisehead.com It's a place for indie artists to showcase their...

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jamieboss1 23rd September 2006
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Okay, I know I'm being a miserable copycat here, but it was just too much fun reading those threads..... Here's the ebay...

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Resonater 22nd September 2006
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Sorta early MTV or Video West content.heh

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WTMNMF 21st September 2006
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I was asked by my brother´s band to record their fullength debut album, and we´ve finished the first week in the studio....

mr jkn
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mr jkn 21st September 2006
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850$ US Well at least cheap for me... I hope man, I've been looking for one of these for a long time! this is actually a...

Jason Poulin
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Jason Poulin 21st September 2006
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Fatnurse: Bassic Maths album available now on iTunes Buy it because you...

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fatnurse 20th September 2006
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This got us all !gooof

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Shabo 19th September 2006
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Howdy all- Me and the gang are stepping out this week on Friday 9/22 and playing a free show at the Basement, 1604 8th Ave....

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shikawkee 18th September 2006
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Men in trees. http://abc.go.com/primetime/menintrees/index.html I had forgotten all about the show.. I was walking through...

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bcgood 18th September 2006
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I got facial reconstruction surgery I've always wanted and cloned my girlfriend! Sorry. Had to put this up somewhere. Classic.

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raal 17th September 2006
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(Mods, I hope this is OK.) Intro to Logic Pro (Apple Certified) taught by Jay Asher, Logic Certified Trainer,...

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16942 15th September 2006
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I've really found that practicing music for ridiculous amounts of hours (drumming especially) can make me perform worse and...

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max cooper 15th September 2006
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Man, this track is seriously infectious. Totally off the hook. And that video is FIRE! - literally.

C Heat
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C Heat 13th September 2006
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I am beyond excited to say the least. I finally, after 14 months, got my album out a month ago. So far the reviews have been...

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TheReal7 13th September 2006
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Hi fellas! Its My right here, i would like a minute to invite you all to our NEW FORUM. You will be able to interact with us,...

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Solar 12th September 2006
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Hope I'm not jumping the gun, but it seems to be working great! heh (knocking on wood) wworried

Sounds Great
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Dave Peck 11th September 2006
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just wanted to let you all fellow slutz now that my album drops the 13th september on the german label sonar kollektiv i'm...

markus enochson
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markus enochson 11th September 2006
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What's up, you Gear Bastids'?? I know some of you, like Randy Wright and Aaron Hellam etc., have been aware of the development of...

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BattleAngel 11th September 2006
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Wow- Finally a real and tangible answer to the energy problem and air pollution. But why do we have to wait 20 years? What...

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dasoundjunkie 10th September 2006
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The title says it all! I'm speechless!! Nice one rich-t too!!! peace all!

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RichT 9th September 2006
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Hey all, I just finished an indie album project that I've been working on for the last year. It's with an LA based artist called...

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andrewj 9th September 2006
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Just finished connecting and putting together my first slutty purchase. Purchasing decisions were very heavily influenced by...

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tuRnitUpsuM 7th September 2006
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Lou Judson 7th September 2006
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boing boing boing So I "overheard" that AMS-NEVE is finally doing a new smaller analog console with integrated DAW...

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dasoundjunkie 7th September 2006
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with info and latest update on music, competitions, tour dates and artists, such as Troy Pierce, Ellen Alien, James Holden and a...

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Robotta 7th September 2006
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LoL Notice the console is not even turned on. howdy

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Deleted d78e603 6th September 2006
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So finally, after 4 months of looking in the Big City, I find an engineering job. It's part time, and it's not recording...

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uptheoctave 6th September 2006
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this item description from this smart neve console made my day today!!!!! heh seems to be a translator program.... 24...

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markus enochson 4th September 2006
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How has it worked out for you if you have? Made any contacts, gotten anything out of it? I might join soon.

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C Heat 4th September 2006
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I'm on tour here gone for a while .... Coming to city near you see you ... Be There!!! http://www.gigantour.com/

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T_R_S 3rd September 2006
Avatar for Recording David

I know everyone's probably Pacifica'd out on this board, but I just got mine - I think there are only a few in the UK right now....

Recording David
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AB3 2nd September 2006
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Hey all, This is the first video from a new artist we produced: We produced this track, he's on Phonogenic/Sony uk. We also did...

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indie 2nd September 2006
Avatar for Jose Mrochek

hope you had a great day and have an awesome year man!!

Jose Mrochek
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djui5 31st August 2006
Avatar for andredb

Hi, we are an italian rock band and finally decided to make to big jump (soundwise) We booked a recording and mixing session in...

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beranie 30th August 2006
Avatar for dh80

Thanks to some mixing help from here (and a couple other places, but mainly here) I've got my CD almost out. Thanks...

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dh80 30th August 2006
Avatar for autodidactic

Just thought I'd share with my fellow slutz that I got approved for my Green Card today!

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Soldier777c 29th August 2006
Avatar for reflexon

Man, I love this program!!!! It gives me a new dynamic to my studio. Singer/Songwriters that come in and can't afford a full drum...

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dj_who 29th August 2006
Avatar for Dave Martin

Hey, folk, josut thought I'd let y'all know - we recently purchased a Yamaha C7 fro Java Jive, giving us what I consider to be an...

Dave Martin
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stevep 29th August 2006
Avatar for rvwainscott

Yeah, I'm probably behind the curve but we just got the MCDSP Emerald Pack. I can't believe how great these plugins sound. We...

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rvwainscott 26th August 2006
Avatar for BattleAngel

Howdy folks... So it has been a long time in the making (we started the record last summer and I believe that Gearslutz...

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Ahellam 26th August 2006
Avatar for malawk

If they are playing near you,sell your kidneys and go! They will change what you consider to be a good live show.. Saw them...

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BattleAngel 26th August 2006
Avatar for artbeat77

Maybe you had to be there, but... I was hanging with a couple AEs here (NC) yesterday. We got to talking about how a lot of...

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absrec 26th August 2006
Avatar for Harley-OIART

Just wanted to plug this issue shamelessly. It is a great issue all around, and I strongly reccomend it to anyone @ Gearslutz...

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Harley-OIART 24th August 2006
Avatar for d.dot

Just wanted to give props to Thermal Relief Design, Las Vegas. They repaired my ISA430 in a timely manner and it cost me about...

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d.dot 24th August 2006
Avatar for heyman

Just went and saw the renunion show for the Gorilla Biscuits in Worcester, MA on Saturday night. kfhkh It was great to see...

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heyman 24th August 2006