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À tous les ingénieurs Québécois kfhkh

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lpkyer 25th June 2007
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Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyep. That's about it. I'm stoked. I haven't plugged it in yet, but on the outside it's white and flawless, made...

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soupking 24th June 2007
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Here's the link http://bleedingdeacons.com/music.html

Deacon Daniell
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Deacon Daniell 23rd June 2007
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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Record companies win £41m damages

mac black
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Jonboy79 23rd June 2007
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hello british people my story is long. i am verbal in nature do you have a room you would like to rent for 8 days ? do...

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themaidsroom 22nd June 2007

If i win powerball tommorrow night. I will buy everyone on gearslutz a highend piece in the $1-2k range. I think it would be...

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Sizam 22nd June 2007
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Well,.. Now i understand kfhkh Within an hour of installing both programs, It was running (almost) flawlessly with PT (and...

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-Noodles- 22nd June 2007
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my shirt came today,man that was fast and the fit is just rite now i'll spread the slut name around the...

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Jules 22nd June 2007
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To make a long story short I'd been having small problems with a Chandler piece for quite some time and Wade really took care...

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seagleson 21st June 2007
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superjc 21st June 2007
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a heads up for fellow slutz I just bought a MCU from ZZounds.com for $700 they must be blowing out inventory to replace...

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tokyorose 20th June 2007
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I know this is not a big deal, but I am finally paying off my Mac Pro Tower, it has been hanging over my head, all before it has...

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Spookym15 20th June 2007
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I realize that many of you may not think that this is a big deal. But I just saw an album that I partially engineered and...

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danno812 19th June 2007
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I was going to add this link to a previous thread but these topics must get whacked every month or so. This is a Mason and Hamlin...

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lucey 18th June 2007
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I'm finally a member of the 1000 + post club! bcgoodyingyang

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bcgood 17th June 2007
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I am blown away. Got my hands on the Portico 5043 compressor yesterday and I'm pretty much lost for words. Boy, does this...

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minister 16th June 2007
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Mike Caffrey 16th June 2007
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yo, fresh off the presses. peep the article here ...

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jonfromsomobe 16th June 2007
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I just scored six outboard pieces for 6000 bucks!!! STC-8, HEDD192, Alan Smart C2, 2 Distressors (Brit Mode), Manley...

The MPCist
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Sounds Great 15th June 2007
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I just got the new Hosa 384K, 96Bit converters and everything I record with my Behringer gear sounds like a hit record! cooge

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tnjazz 15th June 2007

Mine is to expand my computer business more and buy less gear and get to know what i already own. I'm slowly getting there. Maybe...

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markus enochson 14th June 2007
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I watched the first game of the cup finals last night and I'm loving the Ducks in six games.Any other opinions out...

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M.S.P. 14th June 2007
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Anyone ever experienced sawdust on their SM7B? I used my SM7B on the side of the snare for some recent sessions. The drummer...

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AlexLakis 13th June 2007
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Just like most people here, I have had some awful Guitar Center/Sam Ash experiences, mostly due to ******bag salespeople. But I'm...

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goldenlotus 12th June 2007
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Well, my new wife found her perfect job, so we've moved to Orlando. I've pretty much dropped everything up in Ohio to do it, but...

Marshall Simmons
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superjc 11th June 2007
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If you watch some of the helicopter footage of Paris Hilton being taken to court via police cruiser, you'll notice a large black...

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Jake 2.0 11th June 2007
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Hey folks. I've noticed that sometimes most of an album will be engineered and produced in one studio by one team of people, but...

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Elsteve9 10th June 2007
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Well guys... to visit NY has been on my list of places to see before I die... and well what an amazing place. Got back last week...

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tcause 8th June 2007
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Ok, the last one got out of hand and way off subject, and I'm partly to blame. It would be a good idea to start this over again...

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oldswirlo 7th June 2007
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Rediculous. Sorry I don't have clips to post, but I remember reading a review in Tape Op a year or so ago which RAVED about how...

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andychamp 7th June 2007
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I'm in a band called The Rounders, out of Oklahoma City. We shot a music video last December and it is finally edited and...

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brockf 4th June 2007
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talking about biz in the new digital world.

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max cooper 4th June 2007
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Hey slutz-- I've got a pair of tix to fly that i have to use up, and the wife has been relentlessly on me to take her to NY...

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voiceaddict 3rd June 2007
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I've got a song in a competition for best acoustic song.. . right now it's in 3rd place and the winner gets $5000... please help...

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wallace 31st May 2007
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Since it's taking a bit longer than I thought to get CINEMATIC 2 finished, I'm offering two tracks as 'preview downloads' on my...

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Kubilay 31st May 2007
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I just got back from the Gin Blossoms live in Knoxville, Tennessee today and they rocked! The crazy part was the drummer was...

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noisepollution 30th May 2007
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Figured it would be worth a look before the day ended, scored Logic Pro 7 retail for $500 new.Just ordered the cross-grade, now i...

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lowfreq33 30th May 2007
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Just thought someone might appreciate this. I'm co-producing with the band, engineering and mixing. 5 days pre-production...

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Benmrx 30th May 2007
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Hi I'm moving to London this August, accompaning my wife doing her PhD... I'd love to hear anything on London's life, music...

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Blast9 29th May 2007
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"The multi-purpose textile, appropriately, has its own track. Draw a tape head from a revamped Walkman over its surface and...

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mathstatic 29th May 2007
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Although I can't decide whether or not it's a hoax. It just seems a step too far. StumbleVideo

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SFTPH 28th May 2007
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#1. It's A-OK to write on your refrigerator with a dry erase marker. It wipes off just fine!! #2. High quality catnip makes...

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Pfhuck 28th May 2007
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Just picked up a 2.5 Ghz Quadcore G5 with 3.5 gigs of RAM, and a 250 gig drive for $2000. And he threw in his 23" Apple...

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wallawannabe 25th May 2007
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I just got home from the hospital and need sleep but I just needed to post a picture of my new (first) bundle of joy. GS Say...

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fastlane 24th May 2007
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This is priceless. What would Mr. Feidler think? http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/Music/05/10/odd.bostonpopsfight.ap/index.html

max cooper
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Meriphew 24th May 2007
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It's fu¢king beautiful. JSL

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obostic 24th May 2007
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Anybody else check this out yet? Sneap, James Murphy, and Colin Richardson did a great job! www.myspace.com/daath

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LoopQuantum 21st May 2007
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Just got a job at a post house in Manhattan. Tons of work ahead of me but I love it kfhkh I've never been paid to do this...

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ambiguity 20th May 2007
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Finally, after a long and arduous road, I finally completed and received copies of my full-length debut CD, which is titled...

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Scinx 20th May 2007
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It was a really fun experience but damm it was a lot of hard work getting it done.! Overall I'm very happy with it, but my main...

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Reag1502 17th May 2007