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Hey congrats on the move... Here are some photo's.. 500bridge PS. Ill take all of them... gooof gooof

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mikey 24th July 2007
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Er, well, there's always that high-end preamp...and oh yeah, that other microphone. And hmmm, a compressor maybe? Stuff from the...

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Glenn Kuras 24th July 2007
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some weeks ago we had a wicked short in the studio - sill don't know how it happened, i've had the same place for decades and...

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raal 23rd July 2007
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I have been on a monitor quest of late. S3A's, Focal twins, 8040,8050,8250's on the way, Barefoot, quested, Lipinski ...... One...

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edham 23rd July 2007
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Yo Jules! You should leave the Pac Man application somewhere around the site! hittt Pupo gooof

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warhead 20th July 2007
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Newb here... howdy Jims the name. Nice to meet you all. Thought I’d start my first post with a little incident that...

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Blister 20th July 2007
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I love it. 2nd verse is priceless!! <embed...

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Berolzheimer 19th July 2007
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I've actually been able to make some songs on my Edirol micro monitors (MA-15D). At first everything came out badly on them, but...

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psylux 19th July 2007
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After some back and forth discussions, Digi stepped up and resolved my hardware issue in a very satisfactory way. I know Digi...

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mixerguy 19th July 2007
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Hi Guys, wanted to share with you that my current music project entered the German Alternative Single charts... last week new...

Michael Maeurer
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Michael Maeurer 18th July 2007
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I got lucky. I just sold my 3 other Macs, and got a Macbook Pro as a desktop replacement for my G4 MDD, and my Mac Mini (and it...

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theblotted 17th July 2007
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That was nearly going to be written on my tombstone because time was running out. About 4 weeks ago I went into hospital with a...

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Aearth 17th July 2007
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Hey there. Well - 2 years after this thing should have been finished - I'm sitting here listening to the masters from George...

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SparkyCanada 14th July 2007
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Hey, *T H I S website. Well I was going to say if the guy who published *this website was on this forum, I respect you...

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CommunityMart 14th July 2007
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The word is spredding in mainstream media.. http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/33549

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max cooper 13th July 2007
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Scammers get humiliated ... YouTube - Arnie vs. The Scammers! There been a thread about the 419 a while ago, but still ......

mac black
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mac black 12th July 2007
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Thanks and bigups to Peter Montessi and Warren Dent for helping me to get an A-Designs 500HR as soon as will be humanly possible!...

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amd 11th July 2007
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AEA has released two "Ribbon Mic Survival Kits" featuring the AEA R92 and AEA R84 ribbon mics and many accessories at...

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warhead 10th July 2007
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I would like to say thank you to all the Gearslutz members who have purchased the Enhanced Audio M600 and who have posted their...

David Browne
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mwagener 10th July 2007
Avatar for Dor

MOTU just replaced my 4 year old MOTU 828MKII with a brand new unit at no charge. The LCD stopped working some time ago & I...

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musicsound-2 10th July 2007
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Available for stream I really like it. The sound of the record overall is to me what I consider to be "perfect".

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brockf 10th July 2007
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I know very few people who know what I am on about when I talk gear. My girlfriend just looks at me blankly ~(thinking.... here...

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bitman 10th July 2007
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Here's a great account about using the right tools for the job: Am I bats? Part 2 | (parent . thesis) - CNET Blogs Congrats...

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Clueless 9th July 2007
Avatar for DontLetMeDrown

Come down and support a fellow gearslut. We have a party bus coming out from Santa Barbara so it should be lots of fun. We...

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big country 8th July 2007
Avatar for bcgood

I'm getting a new pair of matched omni mics! Can't wait to hear them, here is some info and specs. The MSH-1 is an electret...

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bcgood 7th July 2007
Avatar for slaves666

I just got my calendar. Looks great on my fridge :) Thanks to Sonic Circus.

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Meriphew 5th July 2007
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I was connecting a new Rosetta 200 and Tascam CD-RW900 today using the optical connections, and couldn't get them to clock. So I...

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stevep 5th July 2007
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I'm seeing a lot of questions concerning how to we aid our business to grow, and how do we market. I've not seen a lot of...

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AudioCourses 5th July 2007
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Hope this is the correct forum, it is good news which for those of you interested in film sound or TV sound ads etc a must...

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AudioCourses 4th July 2007
Avatar for Ricey

...in particular, The Secret. that's the one i would ask to be criticized wworried great people, this band! i only...

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Ricey 3rd July 2007
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I've fallen in love with the new Adina Howard album. It all sounds so good. Does anyone else have it? It's called Private...

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Thugnation213 3rd July 2007
Avatar for Solar

Hey fellas! Check this out.. i was just navigating in Digi's website and i found this: Digidesign | News | Product News |...

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uptheoctave 3rd July 2007
Avatar for Sid Viscous

There isn't a news forum, so I put it here. More details to come, I suspect.

Sid Viscous
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Sid Viscous 2nd July 2007
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Jules 2nd July 2007
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I knew that MEAP - Multi Export Audio Pro for Cubase, Nuendo exists but have never tried it. Yesterday I have finally bought it...

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zeljkom 2nd July 2007
Avatar for mr jkn

Bought a soundcraft 200b, 24 channel console today - in good condition! ...$300 diddlydoo It sounds nice, me thinks.

mr jkn
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mr jkn 1st July 2007
Avatar for lblstudio

I recently worked with a group that is writing/recording educational music for children that is intended to be more enjoyable for...

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lblstudio 1st July 2007
Avatar for studio1117

Got the beatles recording book today......Oh My God!!!!!!!! This thing is truly deserving of the word amazing. What an incredible...

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Jax 1st July 2007
Avatar for s.d.finley

Went to the Astros game last nite and saw Biggio do his thang!! Now he is at 3002 hits for his career. Its the only...

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jayman 1st July 2007
Avatar for LAstudio

Hi all, Just wanted to share a new video from one of our recording artists, jazz trumpet player Matt Shulman. The song's...

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LAstudio 1st July 2007
Avatar for h-man

For those of you thinking of taking the lunch box plunge and wanting to get into the high pre's, this is a no brainer. I too, in...

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Avatar for Chris
Chris 29th June 2007
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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 29th June 2007
Avatar for lowfreq33

(see attached picture)Lowering the price for no reason at all? That's a great way to keep your customers loyal!

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Avatar for 2012
2012 29th June 2007
Avatar for Sizam

Im in Franklin TN for lunch, (suburb of Nashville) and decide to dine at Bodeli (a great sushi place with a rotating sushi bar),...

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JHOOKS 29th June 2007
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well, this is probably a bit ot for this board - but i thought this clip from the band "das ohlsen syndrom" is pretty...

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duvalle 29th June 2007
Avatar for bcgood

Looks like I have some good company as a vegetarian/vegan! Mutt Lang is a vegetarian, now that is cool! I had no idea that he has...

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patrox247 27th June 2007
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Title: Recording Studio Intern Location: <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns =...

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bluemangroup 26th June 2007
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boing boing boing boing

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Audio1420 26th June 2007
Avatar for max cooper

This is rich. "...damaged the reputation that he earned "through years of great effort and hard work with Mötley...

max cooper
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uptheoctave 26th June 2007
Avatar for Audiophile20

Boss DD-20 for $100(retails @ $220) http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/pics/products/tn/9/2/9/367929.jpg Boss TR-2 for...

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Avatar for heyman
heyman 25th June 2007