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Just caught a show last night featuring A Wilhelm Scream and Only Crime. 2 great bands!! Wilhelm is just beyond talented...

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Jon Harter 21st October 2007
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The Daily Swarm - Fan-made Local H video takes a 'wide stance' on Larry Craig I thought this was funny: someone just forwarded...

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indie 21st October 2007
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I just finished up recording the band, "Comradery". They gave me some very nice props on their myspace page, so I...

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DontLetMeDrown 20th October 2007
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Things might finally turn around...... Comcast blocks some Internet traffic By PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer 1 hour,...

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slaves666 20th October 2007
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Damn Slutz... I'm a huge Bill Withers fan and soul/funk lover-this CD is killer, I just had to share the love with other folks...

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themaidsroom 20th October 2007
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Hello fellow gs´s I´m more then happy, was asked to do an album for one of my favorite bands since I was 14, engineered it, got...

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rawdigits 19th October 2007
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Dear Friends, I need to finalize my dilemma please........Focal Solo6be or Adam A7....... Please help me to decide thankz a...

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KFMG 19th October 2007
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I've had my studio for nine years (2 years in current location) and I've never taken any decent pics of the control room. I...

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vocomotion 18th October 2007
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We had a great session recently. We recorded many renaissance instruments and vocals for a hopefully major movie that is being...

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ToddF 18th October 2007
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The contest is over at Lynn Fuston's place: Buzz Audio Giveaway-Pick Your Poison - 3dB I think you might have to sign in to...

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Chris 17th October 2007
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ok gentlemen ... Just to make an annonce to you big all family of gearslutz : I'm DAD today for the first time...

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just.sounds 17th October 2007
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This is my 5,000 th post... I can't post any more. I have reached my limit. howdy LOL

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darkwater 17th October 2007
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Here is some footage of my singers six year old son performing a hook to a song. Check it out!!! MySpace.com - DOVINCI -...

Black Seal
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Black Seal 16th October 2007
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gearslutz without the Z is what I keep getting, um....?

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christmasjones 15th October 2007
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******************, um....?

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warmer 15th October 2007
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I got an email late last night that our Mac decided to call it quits yesterday. Bad news. I had two big sessions today, the...

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bcgood 15th October 2007
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This has been solved. Mods, please close this thread. Thanks LOR

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Jay Kahrs 15th October 2007
Avatar for Shan

I'd be the first in line. But yeah, I know...just a media rumor until it happens. Oh well, some of us can dream. heh Shane

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[email protected] 14th October 2007
Avatar for londontown

Rugby that is, the sport known even LESS on this continent than football (soccer, that is). Who'd a thunk it two weeks ago...

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londontown 14th October 2007
Avatar for The Kamillion

just wanted to let folks know about a brand new site. i know people are always looking for comparisons, shootouts, etc. etc. and...

The Kamillion
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The Kamillion 13th October 2007
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So, Monday night my wife takes the kids out while I’ll watching football and comes home with Jersey's for everyone. She says...

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yellowrobin 13th October 2007
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So last year I recorded a CD of children's stories narrated to string quartet music. Very cool stuff. They even had an...

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Berolzheimer 11th October 2007
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Hi, I hope I posted this in the right corner of this forum. I’m offering my service to record guitars for your song...

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gitarrero 11th October 2007
Avatar for gear chick

My new album is finally done. I'm wondering if I could get some feedback about the music from the golden ears here. Any...

gear chick
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gear chick 11th October 2007
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the zip file i'm an analog guy i'll get curious before the vinyl arrives in december, but i can't really bring myself to...

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themaidsroom 10th October 2007
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...and if that's not love, I don't know what is. jkthtyrt Colin Fairbairn: Recording + Mixing + Production

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dokushoka 9th October 2007
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First a great review in Gramophone NA section and now this one from Robert Hugill. Just wanted to...

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draudio2u 8th October 2007
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kfhkh GOLD's This Week's Podcast: David Gilmour

Sounds Great
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Sounds Great 6th October 2007
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On an album I recorded and mixed. And a picture taken in my studio on the cover Here!

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hackenslash 5th October 2007
Avatar for Old Goat

Hello all. I'm relatively new here, but I'm glad I found the place. Great source of info and entertainment.heh. Anyway, I...

Old Goat
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Old Goat 5th October 2007
Avatar for indie

It's crazy the amount of SOUND these 2 guys make! A drummer and gtr player...that's it. It doesn't get more "rock"...

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indie 4th October 2007
Avatar for Jimmy C

Hey guys I have a small recording studio housed in a business unit on an industrial estate, It was set up mainly...

Jimmy C
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bluestarbass 4th October 2007
Avatar for abit

Not my piece of bread , but no doubt somebody here is perfect for the job. Audio Engineer needed

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SixAndChange 4th October 2007
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I had the MAcikes great speaker but after i just got today the Focal twins oh m god! what is the best wasy to put them tweeter...

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spektor 4th October 2007
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I had a session at The Village yesterday in Studio D. I'd never worked there before but, man, I had a great time. We got amazing...

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gravityminor 4th October 2007
Avatar for Mike Froedge

But not new to recording and performing. Hello everyone. I've lurked here a few times over the past few years, to gather...

Mike Froedge
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13036 3rd October 2007
Avatar for Fretbored

Check this out! YouTube - The Fall of Troy - Laces Out, Dan!

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jloyer 3rd October 2007
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My band, the Landau Orchestra, just got invited to play the Candela Festival in..... Puerto Rico!!! All expense paid trip to...

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grantlandau 2nd October 2007
Avatar for petsematary

Well, I can't afford a ticket to the Led Zep reunion in London so I guess I'll have to satisfy my Zep cravings with this little...

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petsematary 1st October 2007
Avatar for seagleson

Any recommendations for an LA studio with great management, staff, gear, and just all around vibe? Thanks SE

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Sender 1st October 2007
Avatar for spector29

I (kinda) finished a new song called This Feeling and recorded it all through a Line6 KB37 toneport. The mic was an MXL v67i and...

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spector29 29th September 2007
Avatar for Kris

My band is begining Album #2 tonight... We've got 20 tunes we want to do, of which we'll pick the best for the album. Probably...

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Avatar for joaquin
joaquin 29th September 2007
Avatar for FormulaReed

So it's not a really big deal but one of the first projects that I did at my studio made it on the front page of Itunes. There...

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mattasbob 28th September 2007
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MySpace.com - Midilord (The best beats on myspace) - MIAMI, Florida - Hip Hop / R&B / Reggae - MySpace.com - Midilord (The...

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midilord 28th September 2007
Avatar for gm5k

didnt realize till now, but my post count has reached 1,000! couldn't have done it without all you awesome sluts keeping me...

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sonicdefault 27th September 2007
Avatar for TurnT

my room : Flickr Photo Download: myrack i hope you like it ;) boing

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Avatar for AMIEL
AMIEL 25th September 2007
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auditorylove 24th September 2007
Avatar for C Heat

... I finally nail a lyric that I've been working on for ages heh What about you?

C Heat
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C Heat 23rd September 2007
Avatar for jazzy655

Yo, finally after two years of work our album is out! If you like that GOOD hip hop, then please check us out. If you like...

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Avatar for lpkyer
lpkyer 23rd September 2007
Avatar for djui5

Time to crank it up føkkers heh I'm putting in a private room as part of this studio http://www.thesaltmine.com Here...

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Avatar for Fleaman
Fleaman 23rd September 2007