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Sounds Great 16th November 2007
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President Bush Announces 2007 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal Recipients

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abit 15th November 2007
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As of Thursday, I will be a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a bachelors in Sound Design. Hooray! I will...

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ianvargo 15th November 2007
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As reported on my website, today Scarbee is having a special 43% off discount for his 43th birthday. Don't miss it...

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xist 15th November 2007
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Although I think it's well deserved.....however I'm obviously quite biased abduction. Still, definatly "good news" in...

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Meriphew 15th November 2007
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I just finished building 2 A12's. I tested them with a dynamic and a condenser mic. They sound really warm. I am going ot be...

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tazman 12th November 2007
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Jules 11th November 2007
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Thats right! A record...vinyl...purple even!!! Reviewed locally! We are even playing saturday nite in...

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s.d.finley 10th November 2007
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****, they were good, just listened some after some years. I remember for ever their live gig in Pori Jazz around 1970 or...

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Matti 10th November 2007
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Just had a great experience with A-Designs. We sent our 2nd hand MP2R in for service, and it came back a week later, up to...

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drmmrboy 9th November 2007
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Wired Science, a new weekly series on PBS, is an extension of Wired Magazine. The show brings information on the latest...

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bcgood 9th November 2007
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Hey there, I am trying to pack up from Florida and make a move to the Nashville area soon (slightly north). I am excited to...

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gravityminor 9th November 2007
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soundbarnfool 8th November 2007
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hi all great forum. I'm new here and Ithink I'll stay here for a long time... but in the meantime ... i decided to run (a...

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cichy 8th November 2007
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I've got a major mixing project starting Friday. It's an album we've been working on slowly for the past year. The good news is...

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andsonic 7th November 2007
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After two years doing computer tech support, I have finally landed my first full-time job doing audio! I had been a part-time...

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Oroz 7th November 2007
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Well, the Evil Empire/ Death Star has been dismantled for now anyway.. Very Classy move of ARod and his greasy manager Scott...

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Jay Fitz 6th November 2007
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Well, not a shootout. Just some fun with a couple of Gearslutz. This is a quick video scan of the room: all, I repeat ALL Peluso...

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ootle 5th November 2007
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Late yesterday afternoon my wife was driving home going about 50 mph and a guy in a small pickup truck didn't see her and pulled...

The dman
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Stratgirl 3rd November 2007
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uptheoctave 3rd November 2007
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I was quite pissed off this morning waiting for a damn client who STILL hasn't paid after 11 weeks of asking...and someone...

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Energie 2nd November 2007
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I think he is really talented...

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LoopQuantum 1st November 2007
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explorer 1st November 2007
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After a bike ride doing errands, I was in the park today with my little tyke. I saw another fellow there with a kid about the...

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PlugHead 31st October 2007
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The ying to my yang post in the Moan Zone. One of my clients is up for a latin grammy! Best Tango! We'll see in two...

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KungFuLio 31st October 2007
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I have a pair of Rode NT5s that served me well for 1.5 years until one seemed to lose some gain when using a cardioid capsule....

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Diskordia 30th October 2007
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Wow! Put a big smile on my face. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Sounds Great
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dementedchord 30th October 2007
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So a couple weeks ago a client of mine approached me about doing another album... cool! He plays ukelele and has told me in...

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gibsonlp75 29th October 2007
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I'm just a hobbyist but I just started experimenting with M-S (mid-side) processing. I had never really done it before. I am...

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5down1up 27th October 2007
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Available in English or Italian! Nice review of the CD there also. I should win some kind of stupidity award posting it...

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Avatar for Sounds Great
Sounds Great 26th October 2007
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just launched on the site; Unsigned Artists - Resources theres some notable contributers like west la music, steve adelman,...

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auditorylove 26th October 2007
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I´ve used standard plugins for years and not been so satisfied and the lack of time did that i keept using the old ones. Today...

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DCommand 26th October 2007
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Just a note to E. and the rest of the gearslutz.....this is a great place to be.....Thanks for the samples....I will use them and...

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BLueROom 26th October 2007
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We'll be playing some stuff from my upcoming album, it's gonna be...

James Wilsey
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James Wilsey 25th October 2007
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My new release has received some small radio airplay, but I always get the news second hand, but yesterday I was driving and...

lane thaw
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Jayro_Rockola 25th October 2007
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I know it's not a grammy, but this is the second year in a row that our studio made the Best of Western North Carolina in the...

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Jayro_Rockola 25th October 2007
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found this and thought of you!!! give the man a break he deserves it http://www.gumtree.com/london/35/14989635.html

Dave Slevin
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Dave Slevin 25th October 2007
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Check this ****: The drummer is insane.kfhkh YouTube - Grupo Rock "HAZ" - Mundo de Ilusiooon...

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Jax 24th October 2007
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He is my new audio guru

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Jax 24th October 2007
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Steve Jordan was producing a band i was engineering for. He sat the drum throne a few times and oh my God! He didn't play...

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Avatar for Old Cane
Old Cane 24th October 2007
Avatar for PoorGlory

I'm going to be in San Fran (first time in California) most of this weekend and next week for a corporate gig, and I'm gonna have...

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andsonic 23rd October 2007
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Slutz- I don't really post alot on here asking you guys to give props or help promote my music... but I'm in a bind, behind the...

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Antagonist 23rd October 2007
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I came home tonight to a neat little envelope sitting on my desk.....what could this be? IT'S THE NEW COHEED ALBUM!!!!! ...

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funkdrmr 23rd October 2007
Avatar for BenJah

Just ordered and paid for the following: Digimax fs (8 channels of pre and 8 ad/da via lightpipe) JLM Baby animal 4 x mic...

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BenJah 23rd October 2007
Avatar for Jules

A Nagra ARES-M http://www.nagraaudio.com/pro/index.php I want to start interviewing people for podcasts on Gearslutz.com This...

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Jules 23rd October 2007
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Its kind of funny because its for "Progressive Drumming" but exciting none the less. Colin Fairbairn » David Ramos...

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dokushoka 22nd October 2007
Avatar for lematrix

Train Wreck: Synth Glitch Creates On-Stage Disaster for Van Halen can´t wait to see thm live here in Europe !!! kfhkh

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rectifier 22nd October 2007
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Date changed: Octobre 21th I will do this in english, so others know what we are up to: Peluso has put out some new...

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Avatar for Rogervandeberg
Rogervandeberg 22nd October 2007
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boingboingboing Wow. After reading a bunch of opinions here and a lot of listening, I chose the Focals for our main...

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AudioFocus 22nd October 2007
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AMIEL 21st October 2007