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It's that time of year again! So my girlfriend Zena and I of the band Estrum have made a solemn and (dare I say) unique version...

Rufuss Sewell
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Rufuss Sewell 17th December 2007
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Today, SoundPeople.dk opened up - feel free to pay us a visit. It's a non commercial forum / community for producers, remixers...

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sedohr 17th December 2007
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I was writing this at the same time Jules shut down the Buzzaudio thread, but I still feel it needs to be said because it is...

Tim Farrant
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pan60 16th December 2007
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My good news is that my EP is finally done, and it turned out f*ckin rad! MySpace.com - ShinyBox - Seattle, Washington -...

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Lunatic 16th December 2007
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Ever go into periods where you feel like you're on an uber creative streak ? That's kind of where I've been lately. For some...

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enroper 15th December 2007
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Shameless plug :) Besides the song we have a music video... check it out at: Welcome To Save The Planet Song by Michael...

Dr Gruv
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Dr Gruv 13th December 2007
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Here's a Video of a song of a band I was in 4 years ago, all doen with public domain video. YouTube - Here She Comes

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jahtao 12th December 2007
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After chasing my Publishing company for over 5 years, I finally got my check cut today......was only in the thousands....

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pootkao 12th December 2007
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finally UP hittthittthittt Morpheus Multimedia

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David-Morpheus 11th December 2007
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Hey everyone! I was offered an internship at a post house in NY and I really wanna do it, but I need to find someone to live...

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alexp 11th December 2007
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This is the single from a compilation we have out for sale this xmas... all procede will be given in charity! hope you like it!...

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andredb 11th December 2007
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So. Holy cow. I mean, really? Still? Its been over 10 years now, and this album remains the single best sounding rock record I...

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pootkao 10th December 2007
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the nation's largest music retailer will be stocking and selling 7" and 12" vinyl 2 day shipments of pure analog...

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tuRnitUpsuM 9th December 2007
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här kan alla svenska gearsluts presentera sig Hej Markus Enochson

markus enochson
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JFN - Sonalksis 8th December 2007
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to be clear , the band I worked for as additional engineering is nominated as best produced/engineered album non-classical....

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T_R_S 8th December 2007
Avatar for xmostynx

been working my ass off, and its paying off. clients have doubled, loads of great reviews.. great new contacts. my dad...

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Jayro_Rockola 8th December 2007
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Man, was that a trip. Turns to me and says: "Son! Yr gettin' some great sounds! I think you might need to produce some...

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Jayro_Rockola 8th December 2007
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thought i'd share this. http://www.drummerworld.com/Sound/johnbonhamdrumsalone.mp3

Denny McNerney
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Oroz 7th December 2007
Avatar for Sounds Great

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A study of more than 5,000 youngsters in Switzerland has found those who smoked marijuana do as well or...

Sounds Great
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jude 6th December 2007
Avatar for Jax

Like a bonehead, I forgot to enter the "twentyoff" coupon code after buying CCS Pro from URS online a couple of weeks...

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songman 5th December 2007
Avatar for 88fingerz

Good day, all! Does anyone here have any info they'd like to share about the music business in this very interesting...

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dlmorley 5th December 2007
Avatar for poncival

This works as a mic or a speaker depending on the requirements of your situation... Awesome close miking of teeth and whatever...

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Avatar for Paul Frindle
Paul Frindle 2nd December 2007
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Avatar for DGG
DGG 1st December 2007
Avatar for LewisWu

one of my HDD's crashed last night.. it wasn't on a workstation or anything mission critical. However it was the HD that I had...

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Avatar for LewisWu
LewisWu 1st December 2007
Avatar for PRuthenburg

The craiglist listing said Rhodes #73 and StudioMate amp for free to good home.I called up and they said everything worked.Well...

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PRuthenburg 1st December 2007
Avatar for Spookym15

I figured this would go here, not really sure where else, maybe computer's. Musicians friend is selling Amplitude live for...

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Spookym15 29th November 2007
Avatar for bgrotto

I get to re-mix my favorire Dixie Witch record! How cool is that!?!? I'm so friggin'...

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bgrotto 29th November 2007
Avatar for drethe5th

Just downloaded the new firm ware for Akai MPD 24 its on the akaipro website. I needed it for Reason v.4. I loaded it up and it...

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drethe5th 29th November 2007
Avatar for No4PCs

> Hi friends, i found the site to calculate acoustics, room modes etc... Please see: Acoustic Calculator 1.5

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No4PCs 29th November 2007
Avatar for Antagonist

All My Fellow Slutz- I finally completed my latest LP in after a 3 1/2 year hiatus. I just had it sent to the pressing plant...

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Antagonist 27th November 2007
Avatar for jlopatin

I bought a used ampeg SVT 4pro in great condition for... $200.00 seriously. I don't know what they were thinking. It sounds...

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Avatar for w_stylz
w_stylz 27th November 2007
Avatar for ignatius

I just wanted to thank aurora audio publicly for their great products and service. they personally delivered my GTM-822 on...

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Avatar for DRC
DRC 27th November 2007
Avatar for theblotted

just came across this on eBay, and thought i'd share it with the slutz... this guy's got 30 EV RE15's to sell!! and at...

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stellar 27th November 2007
Avatar for MKR

Hello all, Had a little bit of success along the way, but was really chuffed when i got a text from a friend today, saying...

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grantlandau 26th November 2007
Avatar for Pasta4lnch

Kinda a first time for me . . . an artist I've been working w/ (Michael Nappi) is getting some air play in Boston on Mix 98.5. ...

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Avatar for Classic
Classic 25th November 2007
Avatar for wildpark

because the link too ouer location are changing every 24 hrs i would provide you with some more information : the...

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wildpark 24th November 2007
Avatar for PoorGlory

A couple weeks ago a drummer in a band I've recorded quite a few times called me up and basically asked me if I wanted to fill in...

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Avatar for JGILL
JGILL 24th November 2007
Avatar for Fletcher

So I've been shuttling between London and Paris for the last week introducing the new "M-A KM-69" mic and scheduled an...

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Avatar for greyskull
greyskull 24th November 2007
Avatar for logicll


eBay item - [email protected]@K!! RARE 1951 FENDER STRAT MINT!! (NOT VINTAGE GIBSON)!

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Avatar for poncival
poncival 23rd November 2007
Avatar for Tibbon

I've had a hell of a time finding Year Zero on vinyl, but today (off a link on NIN's site) I ordered the new remix album...

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Tibbon 23rd November 2007
Avatar for Killah_Trakz

my lil pumpkin was born today and eventually she's a lil preme but I watched and coached the whole joint. Last night benzino...

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Avatar for T_R_S
T_R_S 22nd November 2007
Avatar for Old Goat

I sent a demo cd to dj ottic at alooge radio in Sinzig, Germany through a myspace message. He sent me the playlist from 11-19,...

Old Goat
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Old Goat 21st November 2007
Avatar for drmmrboy

Yeah, more props. This time to AEA. Fixed one of my R84s, quickly, and N/C.. kfhkh I bought the pair 2 years ago from a...

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Avatar for bcgood
bcgood 21st November 2007
Avatar for Dirty Halo

Hey all, I thought I owed you all and mostly Greg and Anamod gang this update and my apology. I've am have alwyas been a HUGE...

Dirty Halo
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Avatar for AMIEL
AMIEL 21st November 2007
Avatar for Crash

For those of you sitting on the fence about getting some of these: Cascade FAT HEAD II Ribbon Microphone These things don't...

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PoorGlory 21st November 2007
Avatar for bcgood

Queen's Brian May appointed chancellor of English university The Associated Press Published: November 19, 2007 LONDON: Rock star...

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Avatar for Berolzheimer
Berolzheimer 21st November 2007
Avatar for Jax

I felt this post should be immortalized (well, for internet shelf-life, anyway). Good news, 'cos it makes me laugh at and mock...

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Avatar for Jax
Jax 20th November 2007
Avatar for raal

well armando just won a latin grammy! kfhkh

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Avatar for delcosmos
delcosmos 20th November 2007
Avatar for NowWhat

Yo Which console will be better in 2024!!! The Neve has plutonium transformers on the channel pres, but the SSL has hovering...

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Avatar for NowWhat
NowWhat 16th November 2007
Avatar for soupking

My roommate at my rehearsal studio turned recording studio is the f'n man. I've been stocking up on a lot of vintage audio cuz,...

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Avatar for christmasjones
christmasjones 16th November 2007