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Hey, So a band ive been working with from day one got signed to Roadrunner Records. They're called Kids In Glass Houses, very...

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lwr 16th May 2008
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I've been cutting my teeth on the indie of indie, and while that won't change anytime soon, I just got hired for my first album...

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opentune 16th May 2008
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I just got a Apogee Mini DAC, I have a PT 002 console, It is amazing the difference. I mix with depth and space more in...

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LokiProducer 16th May 2008
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I love GS, but it's nice to be able to get of the Internet and after two years finally be busy putting all that I've learned to...

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soupking 15th May 2008
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Link- Features / DJs Producers : Ken Lewis: The One Man Band ...From Joe Budden to Kanye West A very good feature I must say! ...

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frank lyon 14th May 2008
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Female Vox: Tracking Chain: Neumann M 147 > Rupert Neve Portico (Silk On) > Distressor mild setting > Gates SA39 Tube...

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staudio 13th May 2008
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Hi my band "eva" is releasing our first record entitled "race for space" and I am inviting anyone who wants...

dzara 4
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dzara 4 12th May 2008
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Just wanted to share the article that just came out in the May 2008 issue of Mix magazine where Barry Rudolph took a very close...

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elambo 11th May 2008
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So, this pretty much makes our move to LA official.

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JMc 10th May 2008
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I hate when the site goes down, but think it is really cool that when possible there is Ms. PacMan or something. Cool idea. ...

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azwun25 10th May 2008
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Just picked up the June Computer Music magazine, and you get a full version of this for free on the covermount DVD. £45 value,...

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Whitecat 8th May 2008
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05 May 2008: HALO 27 Click HERE to get the new full-length nine inch...

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Diskordia 8th May 2008
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Inca Maya - Supersonic EPK MySpace.com - Inca Maya - Jacksonville, Florida with members in New Orleans, US - Rock / Funk /...

Matt Grondin
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Kris 8th May 2008
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Hi Everyone! A while back, when Dave Kutch mastered Alicia Keys' latest CD with a pair Solo6Be monitors, a lot of people had...

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FocalPro 7th May 2008
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Well...it's not my video, but it's a video for a song I recorded. Fun stuff! Check it out: YouTube - Dresden Dolls - Night...

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bgrotto 7th May 2008
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the SCA DI was finally released today. switchable impedance, dual balanced outputs, optional transformers, very cool. i've...

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Tibbon 5th May 2008
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Hey slutz, So my band's full album on CBS Records, has been released on itunes band name: "The Wilshires" album...

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indie 4th May 2008
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I thought it would be BS but tried it anyway. Teflon dampers on my tubes in the V76 and tube tech. This is making them less...

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Froombosch 4th May 2008
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Rubber mallets on a glockenspiel at last some tone! not just a big spike it's so obvious i'm kicking myself hjghfgghittthittt

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sedohr 4th May 2008
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I've done a couple of recordings lately for a small orchestra, and thought they came out pretty well, but I hadn't listened to...

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DCtoDaylight 4th May 2008
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GIK Acoustics is in search for a tech/sales person to add to our ever growing team. The ideal person should have the...

Glenn Kuras
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Glenn Kuras 30th April 2008
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I dropped one if my Distressors off to Empirical today- they are just a few miles from me. They not only upgraded my EL8 to an...

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Marjan 28th April 2008
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Hey whats good people. Just wanted to let all of you know to check out my journal titled "Chronicles Of An Engineer". ...

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westward728 28th April 2008
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Sounds Great 27th April 2008

Hey guys i'm back!!! It's been months since i been on gs, Check out my new comedy page, their is something for...

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HIGHENDONLY 27th April 2008
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Hey y'all. I am presenting a new song I wrote and recorded at my music college this coming week, kind of an end of semester...

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dj.el 27th April 2008
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Hispasonic TV is broadcasting live selected events from the Ethermusic Festival The world's finest Theremin Players are...

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Soyuz 26th April 2008
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I'd like to extend my gratitude to the lot of you. I've spent a great deal of time on this forum recently, (my day job affords...

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peeder 25th April 2008
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Whether you like American Idol or not we got some airtime. We hosted a recording session for Daughtry recently. Producer Howard...

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ToddF 25th April 2008
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I had to share this with all of my fellow high end gear lovers... I picked up the last piece in what will be my ultimate front...

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gainreduction 25th April 2008
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A record I produced and engineered just came out after a long delay. Check out some of their music and hopefully, you'll enjoy...

Shawn Simmons
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Shawn Simmons 24th April 2008
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this minimalist angsty prepared guitar and drumkit thing I did was all over G4 tv last night, and may be getting regular play...

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Savernake 24th April 2008
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Review of my CD says this "Listening now on a pair of sennheiser hd 280, tried the car system, home studio, laptop,...

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Savernake 24th April 2008
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mine's still fine, but for those that may now/later need it, wow! cool new tech... Hearing Aids - Hearing Loss - Mike Waufle -...

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audiovisceral 24th April 2008
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Hey guys, One of my songs has been recorded by an artist in Belgium called BORN. I didn't produce it unfortunately but a lot of...

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Slogun. 23rd April 2008
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Listening right now 5:51 EST on NPR, interviews with Klaus Heine and John Peluso, interesting stuff...

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cschreppel 22nd April 2008
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Well, I'm a bit flabbergasted, but excited to announce that a song I wrote and submitted to American Idol has been selected out...

Deleted bd1be4f
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KingDaddyO 21st April 2008
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Link- beatdynasty.com - Rel of Trak Atiks Music: Many Styles.... From Engineering, to Producing

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ryst 19th April 2008
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Besides engineering, I also play in 3 bands, and front one in particular. Its all indie-rock stuff, fwiw. My main act is just...

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lpkyer 19th April 2008
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I jut got all this for $1650.00 1. Pro Tools Mix Core card and Pro Tools 6.4.1 2. Pro Tools Mix Farm card 3. Macintosh G4...

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logicll 17th April 2008
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It's amazing what you can do if you really research what people want Read this: Yo, Yo, I'm a Cowboy Now - Quick...

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BevvyB 17th April 2008
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After nearly two years of constant work, the monsterpiece from my band Push Puppets is finally complete and will be released on...

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Kris 17th April 2008
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My wonderful baby has been born two weeks ago, at 9lbs 2oz (yep he's massive, he's now 10lbs 5oz, probably more by now!) He's...

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xmostynx 17th April 2008
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real doll !! real doll - eBay (item 280199482289 end time Feb-16-08 07:06:27 PST) The best 5k you will ever...

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logicll 17th April 2008
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JawsAttacks!com Re-Launched and the debut record released. Stoked brah. Check it.

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sharky 16th April 2008
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And finally found it! The funk resonated deeply in me even as a young child. I know many of you feel the same way about this...

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creegstor 16th April 2008
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Well at least The wife and little Geek Look cute and I'm not in Jail!WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL

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Meriphew 15th April 2008
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Hey ya’ll, Any time I get great customer service I like to give an unsolicited shout-out. Reuven Amiel sold me some Focal...

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TRA 15th April 2008
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I had a simply wonderful time in the studio today. I haven't worked in a "pro" studio in about 3 years. I was kinda...

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Tibbon 13th April 2008
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Hey hey hey On Tuesday I got my '79 Music Man HD 130 head, courtesy of UPS and a punk rocker in Portland. On Tuesday night I...

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psycho_monkey 12th April 2008