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I have been upgrading an old Gateway Select 750 PC and it's been going well. Windows 98 SE has been replaced with Windows XP...

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MrHope 5th August 2008
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I'm just finishing up a series with a first time editor, production manager and a new second engineer... and I've got to say......

[email protected]
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MrHope 5th August 2008
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That is the title of my newest post on Adrian Saka****a's Music The thing is, I came across this wonderful presentation from...

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MrHope 5th August 2008
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Hey Guys, I have been working with a friends band for a couple years and I am trying to get them out there a bit and entered them...

Rob King
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Rob King 4th August 2008
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We have been doing extensive comparison tests and the tonelux demo rig is really, really, really rocking. I love the mic pre,...

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kellyd 4th August 2008
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Well not back with Journey, but he appears to be in the studio. Steve Perry On-Line Steve had produced and sung an unreleased...

Tube World
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henryrobinett 4th August 2008
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Hey ya'll I've just started an internship in Austin and I'll be here through the end of SXSW. SO while I'm here what should...

Peter Morrison
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s.d.finley 4th August 2008
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from my new iPhone What a cool phone? Anyone else get the new one ? This post probably cost me about $50 heh

True North
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True North 2nd August 2008
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6 songs picked up under the creative commons licence by film author and director, Hasso Wuerslin. Ok, its "Web"...

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Digitar 1st August 2008
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Sorry the delete function is gone.

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d1rtynyc 1st August 2008
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small vibey accoustic venue that might be groovy with spontaneity thanks be well - jack

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themaidsroom 31st July 2008
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Now I can get back to posting.... boing

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brian_delizza 30th July 2008
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I'm sitting here editing away (pictures) listening to a bunch of Huey Lewis tracks I purchased from itunes. The 'Fore' album was...

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Jax 28th July 2008
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my studio is finished after 1 1/2 years of hell ( drunk polish workers high costs internet scammers etc.) Lets home that some...

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lozion 28th July 2008
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So long story short I was at a sales conference that had an impromtu talent quest. Between a room of 500 pissed sales executives...

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Kris 28th July 2008
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"tropic thunder" i saw a screening of this film the other night. very funny. for 2 hours. i am not a fan of...

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bcgood 27th July 2008
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Greetings. About a year ago, I purchased a new KSM44. Loved it. I'd used it on many sessions, never a problem, and it lived a...

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Whitecat 27th July 2008
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A big happy birthday to one of the greatest producer/engineer/musician/composer/biggest gearslutz out there heh but most...

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delcosmos 25th July 2008
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I'm getting over this G.A.S addiction! I've noticed that over that past few months, I've drastically cut down my time on GS and...

The MPCist
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Mylithra 24th July 2008
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i didnt know what part of the forum to put this in but this seems like a good place.

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reflixtinian 21st July 2008
Avatar for Aaron Miller

Got one from High Profile Audio about a week and a half ago and have been loving it on electric guitar and vocals. The color and...

Aaron Miller
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infopimpster 20th July 2008
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It's here at last! My brand new Sputnik microphone!! This is a huge step forward microphone-wise for me... Although I didn't have...

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5thString 20th July 2008
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I've been seeing posters all over NYC that look exactly like this and lead to this website. Some fancy viral marketing...

[email protected]
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plexisys 17th July 2008
Avatar for Rev. Robb

My Wife Is Pregnant! We just found out... Number two is on the way cooge boing

Rev. Robb
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artbeat77 15th July 2008
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Sure LA might have some awful traffic....... but it also has a lot of opportunity! Some of my good friends are the assistants to...

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BigJunk 14th July 2008
Avatar for McPhaul

Out with the old. http://webpages.charter.net/mcphaul/Hammond/T_series.jpg In with the...

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raal 14th July 2008
Avatar for Black Seal

I have the opportunity to start recording live sessions for My Old Kentuck Blog's Seroius Satellite Radio Show, Left of Center on...

Black Seal
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Black Seal 13th July 2008
Avatar for underdog

Well, its finally ready! If any of you guys need a 5.1 studio in France, please give me a shout! Cheers, Dan Beneath the...

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underdog 12th July 2008
Avatar for SoundUniverse

I was looking for a new vocal compressor to mix it up with my 1176, LA610, 1969, VC1 so, I tried a Distressor (Brit mod) and...

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mds 12th July 2008
Avatar for Funkster

So every year my wife gets older than me, but then somehow I always catch up. I'm 31 today. I'm ok with that. What I'm not ok...

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Shiny Turd 12th July 2008
Avatar for Sounds Great

I can't believe it took me this long to discover it. Peter is on top of his game. And proof that a great sounding record can...

Sounds Great
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Sounds Great 12th July 2008
Avatar for Switchcraft

Hey, Check out the website for my album. It is mostly instrumental music, but has guest appeareances from Count bass D, Turtle...

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Switchcraft 11th July 2008
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I just happened upon this on Youtube- it is very well done.... YouTube - Joy Division Love will tear us apart New Video...

charles maynes
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charles maynes 10th July 2008
Avatar for staudio

hdtracks.com I'm excited about this website, it offers no DRM 16/44.1 AIFF quality downloads, and soon 24/96 files as well....

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CDS 10th July 2008
Avatar for BevvyB

And you can now check it out Would Love To Meet You - Home Enjoy! Bev

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TBlizz 9th July 2008
Avatar for dangoudie

I produced a single for BangBangBang and they have gone to No 2 in the Indie charts with it. I'm totally...

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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 8th July 2008
Avatar for mr jkn

Me and my girlfriend are expecting a new person in our household, late september! This is the numero uno so I don´t know what...

mr jkn
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5thString 3rd July 2008
Avatar for markus enochson

i'm excited. i just bought through the mh labs homepage the metric halo 2882. after hearing such great word about it and then...

markus enochson
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markus enochson 2nd July 2008
Avatar for Tube World

Their Revelation CD not only has great songs and good guitar playing on it, but for it's $11.99 price, you get a 2nd CD where...

Tube World
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Neruk 2nd July 2008
Avatar for PlugHead

To all my fellow Canucks - eat, drink and be Mary (I mean merry!!) Tho I'm not a big flag waver (let me see your hands - I...

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SeanBlack 2nd July 2008
Avatar for bgrotto

Dresden Dolls are at #94 on the Billboard charts! Hot damn!

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Avatar for Ken Lewis
Ken Lewis 2nd July 2008
Avatar for RainbowStorm

Hi all! I just logged in and saw I had an unread message that was posted to me in february this year, so I realised I haven't...

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RainbowStorm 1st July 2008
Avatar for reflexon

Hey gang, I know there are like 1000 threads about the speakers but I had to share my experience with them last night. I have...

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owlmonkeys 1st July 2008
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I'm entering my third years as the worship leader at Hope College in Holland Michigan. When I started I inherited a small but...

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bannerj 30th June 2008
Avatar for De chromium cob

So I had a minor problem with a piece of gear I bought on ebay not too long ago and filed a dispute through paypal just to cover...

De chromium cob
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De chromium cob 29th June 2008
Avatar for Led

A bit of a common glitch with the Sony's, the eprom craps out and all you get is a white screen when you turn it on. Dealers...

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Led 25th June 2008
Avatar for pootkao

I've had this project sitting in the back of my brain for over 3 years, and just last night it finally became a reality. Its...

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pootkao 24th June 2008
Avatar for Deleted 99dc753

Hi Slutz. My new website is nearly ready by now and maybe some of you would like to change Links with me? It is in German...

Deleted 99dc753
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Deleted 99dc753 23rd June 2008
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Was on a scavenger hunt yesterday through the old building of a tv and radio station who moved several months ago. Sitting...

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sonicdefault 22nd June 2008
Avatar for GILFOIL

well. it shortly after 9 am and i havn't slept since this time yesterday. this is because from 11pm last night until 8am this...

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waveterm 20th June 2008