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Lets get cliff in this week!!! The ULTIMATE CHART-ROLL | Facebook I thought this was a pretty good idea so i'm just trying to...

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organsymphony 7th April 2009
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Studio Addict
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imgoinmad 7th April 2009
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What's good people, I just came home from "Musik Messe" in Frankfurt / germany. Somebody handed me a flyer with the...

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Jake 2.0 7th April 2009
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I know, that's not good news (well, maybe to my family :-)... anyway, I'd been using the same bookmark for years and a little...

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Coyoteous 7th April 2009
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Just to keep bringing up some good off the beaten path stuff that people might not be aware of... Lisa Germano used to be John...

Dean Roddey
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BIGT-1 6th April 2009
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Several years ago I apparently got very excited at one of my friends about the idea of auto-tunning an actual kazoo. I got an...

Old Bum
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Ricey 5th April 2009
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Just wanted to tell Gearslutz, that i own Number 1 & 2 on the German Album Charts with Mastering :-) Silbermond and Peter...

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Phaidon 5th April 2009
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not into the jai guru ****, maniac's where its at

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iangomes 3rd April 2009
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Auto Tuning on Vimeo

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jimmydeluxe 3rd April 2009
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Finally! I just received a AKG d19c I bought online. It looks quite bad with lots of scratches but it sound really great! The...

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peterwagner 2nd April 2009
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it's a piece of cr*p, no doubt, but you only pay £2.99 P+P. maybe some lo-fi junkies could use it. BOFFER.CO.UK, Your Daily...

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Whitecat 1st April 2009
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From another forum :-

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TheBoss 1st April 2009
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So far, yesterday & today, I've seen 72 registered & guests logged in at one time. That's the highest number I've...

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Remoteness 1st April 2009
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Haha! Today i just got word from the tax office and i'm getting $1500 back. Free money... Hmmmm... what should I buy? boing GAS...

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Dean Roddey 1st April 2009
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I am so incredibly awesome it makes me want to crap my pants.gooof

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drumzealot 31st March 2009
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I just wanted to plug this CD. This is the kind of stuff that many people would say doesn't exist these days, but they just...

Dean Roddey
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JoshuaPenman 31st March 2009
Avatar for wallace

Over the past few weeks I picked up a new 1176 for my mic chain, a '61 Harmony Stratotone guitar (killer action and TONE!) and a...

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wallace 31st March 2009
Avatar for Chiconcuac

Finally!!! Warner Music Spain signed my band!! boingboing We are gonna start the recording of our first album soon, I will...

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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 30th March 2009
Avatar for illacov

BBC Radio played my group's song Jackson Pollack at 845pm! Wow we got major love for our song from the DJ. Big ups to the...

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kheftel 30th March 2009
Avatar for los marbles

Strange title for the "Good News" section, but has any GSers heard the band Death? Holy Schmoly, I'm not even a rock...

los marbles
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Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 28th March 2009
Avatar for teleman

I scored a new mac pro 2.8 8 core for $1899+tax.(from an apple store)boing It is not a refurb model. I mean new in the box. I...

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kingofswing 28th March 2009
Avatar for MSR74

The title above says it all!! I recently ordered an SPL Channel One with the Lundahl In and Out option. When I received it I...

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MSR74 27th March 2009
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Check it out! I'm on the same list as Tony Visconti (David Bowie's producer) This was totally unexpected... thank you Austin,...

Rufuss Sewell
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Mike Jasper 26th March 2009
Avatar for Dean Roddey

I was reading some random thread a few weeks ago and just happened, for whatever reason, to click on one of the participant's...

Dean Roddey
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Dean Roddey 26th March 2009
Avatar for Cookie

For those of you near Cinci, OH. . Auraphic is a great rental place. I rented some stuff for a project I started on Monday. ...

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Cookie 25th March 2009
Avatar for noiseflaw

It feels good.

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Avatar for C Heat
C Heat 24th March 2009
Avatar for musicmatt

...compared to my brand new (used) API A2D!!!! I just did an A/B test with my 003, RNP, and the API running though...

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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 24th March 2009
Avatar for africantigercow

Feel like compressing on the way in? 10db reduction? 15 db reduction? who cares... how about compressing ITB afterwards and then...

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Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 24th March 2009
Avatar for C Heat

She said yes cooge

C Heat
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C Heat 23rd March 2009
Avatar for fooman

I've been on the hunt for a controller for ages, one that is right for me. Lucky me, I know a guy who works for a little...

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fooman 22nd March 2009
Avatar for jimcroisdale

I was reading today about a gadget that is being developed at Newcastle University. It's a combination of a Nintendo Wii, an iPod...

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Avatar for organsymphony
organsymphony 22nd March 2009
Avatar for johnnyjellybean

April Wine, a band I was a member of for 4 years in the 90s, is being inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame for lifetime...

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Avatar for Cosmic Closet
Cosmic Closet 21st March 2009
Avatar for cschreppel

Okay, so I'm super stoked for two releases I worked on that have come out within the past two months. The first is a record my...

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cschreppel 21st March 2009
Avatar for moeses

WOW!!! I'll never have to EQ again. Just ran some tests on vocals with an SM58 and this thing is PURE HEAVEN!!! The High Pass...

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moeses 20th March 2009
Avatar for bckid

"The German Record Critics' Award" Yeah, i know... Its not the Grammy. But its a good feeling to feel appreciated by...

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bckid 18th March 2009
Avatar for a1studmuffin

Celebrating my label's second release... :D http://www.trickerycollective.com/advertising/TC007_250x250.jpg LOOP DEVILLE - THE...

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a1studmuffin 17th March 2009
Avatar for LokiProducer

Just wanted to blurt out my excitement for my move to LA. Some great people out there are putting me up in a nice place, I'm...

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LokiProducer 16th March 2009
Avatar for MikeTSH

Added Jim Wirt and his wife on Facebook. Had a little comment chat back and forth betweeen myself and his wife, who listened to...

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Avatar for ez135
ez135 16th March 2009
Avatar for durre

I made a search on the word "spotify" on the forums and was quite surprised that there were no matches. It's a service...

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Avatar for souldeep
souldeep 15th March 2009
Avatar for Mad John

Well I finally made the move to buy a Reddi direct box! Funny thing is, both of my basses will be in the shop when it arrives!...

Mad John
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svtb15 14th March 2009
Avatar for Dr Gruv

I made it with the iPhone and Peak... 'Make Me Laugh' Here are ten free codes to get it for...

Dr Gruv
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Avatar for C Heat
C Heat 13th March 2009
Avatar for erock

Just found this out randomly from looking at a band's myspace that I recorded/mixed. Turns out a song that I had previously only...

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Avatar for Chris Lago
Chris Lago 13th March 2009
Avatar for bcgood

Phish is back with a vengeance! The band has made the download to their entire opening show available for free here:...

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Avatar for mprewett
mprewett 12th March 2009
Avatar for sami-love

Hi All, It's Sami here ....! I am getting my first book published on teaching music by Melodic Productions Limited - Book...

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sami-love 9th March 2009
Avatar for analogtodd

VAN ****IN HALEN heres a good time killer... The best part is the alien ship is Sammy Hagar's head!!!

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Avatar for superburtm
superburtm 7th March 2009
Avatar for Agreed

I am happy to have been a beta tester during the later part of this product's development, and based on my experiences with the...

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Avatar for joeydego
joeydego 4th March 2009
Avatar for Rob King

and it felt great! I told my mom about 10 years ago that one day I would buy her a new car. That day came yesterday at...

Rob King
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Avatar for jeremy.c.
jeremy.c. 3rd March 2009
Avatar for BradM

I just found out yesterday that a song I recorded for an album I did is featured on the iPhone app, Tap Tap Revenge. The song is...

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Avatar for BradM
BradM 3rd March 2009
Avatar for C Heat

Just came across this: Click...

C Heat
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C Heat 3rd March 2009
Avatar for ghetto3jon

i lost the S/PDIF - MIDI breakout for my AudioFire2, so i sent an email to Echo customer service asking about purchasing another...

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Avatar for fiddler59
fiddler59 3rd March 2009