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I finally got my new mixer up and running It is a 32 ch Tascam M 3500. Ok before every one starts bashing it I got it for...

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jkrummri 9th May 2009
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Hi ! I'm so glad that his album and video is out, finally ! Son 1 Sans Video by Mustafa Keceli - MySpace Video mehmet

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memetto 9th May 2009
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It's one of those things I've wanted for ages. I am excited. - c

Silver Sonya
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AMIEL 9th May 2009
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CD Baby: THUNDERWEAR: This One's for Bucyrus Hilarious. I had no idea what I was doing but it sounds OK. Basic tracks recorded...

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PlugHead 9th May 2009
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Got a bunch of stuff tracked today on this songwriter's album... she came in swingin' and willing to let it be soulful and...

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Jaybug 9th May 2009
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Hi folks! The Genelec Community has been opened at Genelec Community - Home and we are getting more users in everyday! Join in...

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GenT 8th May 2009
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We just got a good review for our album "Stonehenge Diaries." We been waiting quite sometime for reviews. It's a great...

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ameone 8th May 2009
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"Together Through Life" Fantastic news...... BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Dylan tops the US Billboard chart jummpp Only...

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CoteRotie 7th May 2009
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003R Factory w/PT8 This is my first significant piece of gear - may it last! I did my research on this forum and decided to NOT...

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DrDranim 7th May 2009
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just bought a lunchbox, I am very excited! even though I can't afford any modules right now.mezed I am hopeful that some 512c's...

Brian Whitten
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Chaellus 7th May 2009
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I have a project going right now with an older lady vocalist/songwriter - twice my age and the opposite gender as I am. She left...

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badhorsie777 7th May 2009
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Congratulations of the highest order to Gearslutz's very own Delcosmos. The word is he has been awarded Billboards Producer of...

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Makinithappen 6th May 2009
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I just got a job doing audio for video games. Although the job should be cool, I'm more excited about a 40 hour work week, 9 to...

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voicegenius 6th May 2009
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On Sunday, as I was finishing up a marathon, weeklong, mixing session; I found out that the artist that I had just finished a few...

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andsonic 6th May 2009
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The record that I moaning about nobody listening to a couple of weeks ago was picked up for distribution in Japan! I'm...

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dambro2 6th May 2009
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I just snagged 12 new infinite player "Drum Masters" multi-track kits from esoundz for a sick price. I swear - those...

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badhorsie777 5th May 2009
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I'm shocked, but a quiet day at the office led me to write four songs, including lyrics that I'm actually not embarrassed by!...

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geareyes 5th May 2009
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I've been patiently waiting for someone to buy this for over two years. I couldn't give it away. Then the contractor who was...

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bexarametric 5th May 2009
Avatar for Tube World

I always loved Tannoy speakers and prefer them to the more forward sound of JBL's. Tannoy - News

Tube World
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Tube World 5th May 2009
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Hello, This is my first post on Gear Slutz. I just want to let everyone know that I have just created a new website where you...

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logicll 5th May 2009
Avatar for annikk.exe

I built a studio. For the audio interface, I hummed and heyed and eventually decided on the Onyx 400F, which now has a list price...

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noiseflaw 4th May 2009
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Hey guys - would love to see some of you on my travels - drop me a line and I'll see what I can do! (I can't promise much, but...

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MidasHatesGold 4th May 2009
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I don't know if this has been discussed here at all or if anyone even cares but I just stumbled across this.... • Back...

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Makinithappen 2nd May 2009
Avatar for soypancho

I'm sitting here with my client eating our celebratory 2:00AM Whataburger meal as we've just put the final touches on a fantastic...

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Chaellus 1st May 2009
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Well, I DID get a ticket. I was parked in a handicap spot. Risky, I know, but they are the ONLY two spots next to the music...

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NorseHorse 1st May 2009
Avatar for Bob800

..."DAWwise", in my 18 year career so far, as musician/producer/engineer, was switching to a MAC! It was like a ton of...

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jeremy.c. 30th April 2009
Avatar for ohmsweetohm

Some one on the Nuendo forum just helpfully pointed out a few discounts specific to Sonic Reality, but it got me thinking about...

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Avatar for Squids
Squids 30th April 2009
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Feeling good and thankful about how my life has come along, the efforts I've put into music, balancing it with family, etc. We...

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jeremy.c. 29th April 2009
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I just finished two projects with my wife. It was great to work with her for a change instead of other people's music. One is a...

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ElMosca 28th April 2009
Avatar for Dean Roddey

In the ongoing effort to expose folks I think don't get the attention they deserve (and because I'm too sleepy to get up and take...

Dean Roddey
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Dean Roddey 27th April 2009
Avatar for kosmokrator

We are very honored to welcome multiple Grammy-Award-winning producer and engineer Mr. Jerry Boys (The Beatles, Pink Floyd,...

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kosmokrator 27th April 2009
Avatar for Odieman

I have an older Electro Voice RE-16 that I picked up on Ebay...and it didn't work. After hearing great things about EV's service...

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Kris 23rd April 2009
Avatar for Nicholas Varley

in the times this morning… When Depeche Mode met Ladytron - Times Online

Nicholas Varley
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TelekonStudios 23rd April 2009
Avatar for T_R_S

My New Video .... _9RXJXPD7ek

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T_R_S 22nd April 2009
Avatar for Darwin James

Almost 2 years in the making. All songs written and recorded and now are being freakin mixed! Oh I could eat 5 bowls of cereal!

Darwin James
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Darwin James 21st April 2009
Avatar for scanner

Check this kid out. YouTube - Shaheen Jafargholi - 12 Year Old Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 2 He's...

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deda 21st April 2009
Avatar for wallace

Hi guys. I was interviewed for an article on the Rupert Neve site. It's kind of cool, check it out if you have a sec. The...

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Jules 18th April 2009
Avatar for maxpidge

once again, the great Vin e. Dombroski, (Sponge, Crud, The Orbitsuns, Kid rocks studio drummer for "Rock N Roll...

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maxpidge 18th April 2009
Avatar for badhorsie777

Should be here early next week... I've been waiting a little over 2 weeks to get this... my first pro a/d converter. I'm going...

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Avatar for aleatoric
aleatoric 17th April 2009
Avatar for packagebear

+1 for rode. The cable that connects my ntk to it;s power supply was a little messed up. Called rode and they're sending me...

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n8tron 16th April 2009
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

Just read the KM69 review in the May edition of Sound on Sound magazine. They appeared to be very impressed with this mic. boing ...

Glenn Bucci
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Tube World 16th April 2009
Avatar for Squish

Hi all, I know nobody knows me here, but I'm so honored and excited I had to post. I did a project for a friend, it...

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Squish 15th April 2009
Avatar for Guitar Zero

You gotta watch this video. Very cool. Do it with headphones or a good sound...

Guitar Zero
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steverino 15th April 2009
Avatar for mdjice

A song that I produced, Recorded and Mixed just got Platinum on a compilation in new zealand the first week!! and after being on...

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mdjice 15th April 2009
Avatar for Mad Cat

I've been laid off

Mad Cat
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Mad Cat 15th April 2009
Avatar for Natural Disaster

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em "Turn My Swag On". I was SO happy. I landed it months ago, but he did a video for it and released...

Natural Disaster
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Natural Disaster 13th April 2009
Avatar for spunkadellic

Ok I got a girl that I have to brag about ...can yours top mine? I have the most supportive AND beautiul girl.... She never...

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Avatar for spunkadellic
spunkadellic 12th April 2009
Avatar for ohmsweetohm

She was eating at the Supper Club where I'm mixing and got up and did a few songs. What a pleasure. She's a true great.

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memphisindie 12th April 2009
Avatar for BenJah

Will try it out tonight. Good times. Lunduhl input and output transformers here I come.

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BenJah 12th April 2009
Avatar for Guglielmino

Category: known song interpretation. Not too bad for a Delta 1010lt, a DBX 386 and..... a Marshall 2003 mic. Cheers from Argentina

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PACHAMAMA 8th April 2009