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Dr Gruv 1st December 2009
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Composing for film. got a commendation!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTIESSSS!!!!!! hitttabductionabductionhittthehheh

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psycho_monkey 30th November 2009
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I co-wrote, performed (except for Jesse's Vocal), Mixed, and mastered. It went fast, I think this took me about 8 hours from...

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Piranhadrum 30th November 2009
Avatar for stackatrack

I have this idea about sharing my EMT 140 with people interested in using it... Send me the file to be processed, I'll run it...

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baslotto 29th November 2009
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and #1 in the Hip-Hop section. Wiz Khalifa's 'Deal Or No Deal'. Also produced a bunch of tracks on it. Pretty...

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Avatar for nick-the-sax
nick-the-sax 29th November 2009
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After a couple years of deliberating and squirrelling money away, I've done it. I placed the order today, so I should see the...

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tenchijin2 29th November 2009
Avatar for Knastratt

...coil material in the tweeters are best suited for dubstep anecdotal Icelandic polka? I've tried the cryo crystallic kind - to...

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Yago 28th November 2009
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Dom & Roland – No Strings Attached LP Release date: 23rd November 2009 on Vinyl CD and MP3 LINKS TO AUDIO...

Dom & Roland
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wiglad 28th November 2009
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Click on the link and support Mathew Jared's NEW single " Know Her" off of the EP - Radio Friendly entirely produced...

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Yodah 26th November 2009
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yo slutz.. any of you heard the stories involving 528hz????.. love frequency!!!...used to repair damaged genes!!!! google...

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imaverysoundman 26th November 2009
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I'm no expert, lord knows. I don't have the ears of many of you pro's, but I've always felt this was a good mix. To me, it's...

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AlexK 26th November 2009
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I am very thankful and feel very fortunate for having a job that i like and have fun helping people with their music ... unless...

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mrlouie 26th November 2009
Avatar for psycho_monkey

I was the tracking engineer/pro tools guy on this record... YouTube - DI-RECT - Times Are Changing (Official...

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Avatar for nick-the-sax
nick-the-sax 26th November 2009
Avatar for Rick Sutton

Studio located in our old house in town. (the picture with the driveway and car) Our House (couldn't find one that shows the...

Rick Sutton
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Avatar for Jay-
Jay- 25th November 2009
Avatar for gillamonster

i called guitar center today to see if they had any RME FF800s in stock. they had one, but it was a return with a...

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Avatar for gillamonster
gillamonster 24th November 2009
Avatar for casey_outlaw

I just heard this week that a song I recorded and mixed here at my studio, for my own project, is getting added to 100.3 The Edge...

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Avatar for Sounds Great
Sounds Great 23rd November 2009
Avatar for Paul Russell

I'm pleased to announce that our new album, Monjour, is now available for digital download in various high quality formats...

Paul Russell
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Avatar for Paul Russell
Paul Russell 22nd November 2009
Avatar for Daniel Flores

I'm so exited! My band The Murder of my sweet (which I wrote all songs for, engineered and produced) entered at 14th place in the...

Daniel Flores
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Avatar for Joram
Joram 22nd November 2009
Avatar for Silver Sonya

Sesame Street's publicists are pretty brilliant. Denial. Evidence. :) - c

Silver Sonya
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Avatar for Doc Mixwell
Doc Mixwell 21st November 2009
Avatar for Silver Sonya

Wow. Sorry I missed this interview! :) - c

Silver Sonya
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Silver Sonya 21st November 2009
Avatar for Silver Sonya

Match made in heaven. Just saying. - c p.s. Of course, you have to go to the gym the next day. If the food was any good...

Silver Sonya
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Avatar for PlugHead
PlugHead 20th November 2009
Avatar for suedesound

Hey slutz, Never posted in good news before, I'm more a moan zoner. Just got a gig at one of my favorite local venues that I...

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Avatar for BillytheMTN
BillytheMTN 20th November 2009
Avatar for peter a

Hi guys, When my warranty-expired Nicerizer 16 needed some repair the other week, Shaun offered to take care of it for no...

peter a
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Avatar for warhead
warhead 19th November 2009
Avatar for Burned Mind

I found the proverbial "Cadillac in Grandpa's Garage" in the form of a 32 channel Soundcraft 600 desk in a basement in...

Burned Mind
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Avatar for Jules
Jules 18th November 2009
Avatar for indie

Hey Slutz, I just want to give my buddies a little shout out: Check this band out - really great songs and performances. the band...

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Avatar for dh80
dh80 17th November 2009
Avatar for Deleted 1a30a04

On the surface of the ****ing moon ... ! How cool is that? jeff

Deleted 1a30a04
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Avatar for faramita
faramita 16th November 2009
Avatar for nonprofitstudio

For those of you who haven't heard the good news yet, there is a new non-profit recording studio for teens opening in NE...

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Avatar for DynaForte
DynaForte 15th November 2009
Avatar for Drum9uy

Was just able to order a new Millennia HV-3D-8 to add to my arsenal, along with some extra cables etc... alongside my Mytek...

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Avatar for Drum9uy
Drum9uy 14th November 2009
Avatar for Entrainer

Awesome! Quick sale on Duende Plugins. Both XComp and X-EQ are $139 US... That's a far cry from the initial prices. Jumping...

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Avatar for Entrainer
Entrainer 14th November 2009
Avatar for DynaForte

I did work on one (and now a second) AAA video game, working in dialogue, foley, sfx, and mixing - the whole works. Being subbed...

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Avatar for Lute
Lute 14th November 2009
Avatar for Lute

Live show too (well it was on Tuesday, I missed it). Rikki (...Don't Lose That Number) Lee Jones is on also, as is Steve Martin...

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Avatar for Lute
Lute 13th November 2009
Avatar for Whitecat

check it out!! FREE Tickets for Reverend & The Makers Gig Tonight! - Youth Music - Music is Power 50 pairs of free...

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Whitecat 13th November 2009
Avatar for Rockshamrover

I just want to say a big thank you to Peter for sorting out a problem I had with an IK Multimedia product. He sorted out the...

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Avatar for Rockshamrover
Rockshamrover 13th November 2009
Avatar for nukmusic

IFZvKRfptkc Pretty good on my end. artist Tahj Mowry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia production The Royal Court -...

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Avatar for nukmusic
nukmusic 12th November 2009
Avatar for jitterybit

We found an old blue TAC 32 channel for less than $50 a channel, but now I need a PSU to see if it works

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Avatar for jitterybit
jitterybit 12th November 2009
Avatar for Macky

I think this is new... at least it says new @ 11/11/09 .. here Accelerate Your Macintosh! News Page - 11/11/09 Safari 4.04...

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Avatar for Macky
Macky 12th November 2009
Avatar for Mad John

A special thank you to Ronan for an inspiring comment about "CONDENSER MICROPHONES" on one of his shows, regarding the...

Mad John
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Avatar for warhead
warhead 12th November 2009
Avatar for DrDeltaM

SSL Benelux distributor Joystick Audio is organising SSL Product Presentation Days of the SSL Outboard and Workstation Partner...

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Avatar for Jim@SSL
[email protected] 11th November 2009
Avatar for aberwastone

Just got off the phone with a Paypal rep. Just started recently. Paypal will now cover you if you buy things off Ebay now. ...

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Avatar for T_R_S
T_R_S 11th November 2009
Avatar for picksail

Check em out if you have time. Thanks!! *Unfortunately the Thick as Thieves videos don't represent the final mixes, but it's...

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Avatar for picksail
picksail 10th November 2009
Avatar for avpmusik

i bought it, and although i havnt spnt a great deal of time on it. i think its a good bargin for the current listed price (250)...

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Avatar for punktire
punktire 9th November 2009
Avatar for Benmrx

He's here!!!! Oliver Alvin Kersten. Born last Sunday, October 18th 2009 at 6:47p.m. He is just absolutely amazing! This is...

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Avatar for Benmrx
Benmrx 8th November 2009
Avatar for AllAboutTone

The good news is Vick is back in football, I'm a huge Vic fan just not a eagle fan, maybe he can move on in a year or so. He's...

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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 8th November 2009
Avatar for ohmsweetohm

This friday, Nov 6, I'm mixing John Tropea (famed guitar player from the Blues Brothers, countless hits, Paul Simon records,...

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Avatar for ohmsweetohm
ohmsweetohm 7th November 2009
Avatar for Esrb99

and I think she found me back. hittt

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Avatar for LewisFTW
LewisFTW 7th November 2009
Avatar for edgarbc1

Please give a vote for East Fillmore! Treasure Island Resort & Casino - BOTB We are trying to make the top 6 of 25 in an...

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Avatar for edgarbc1
edgarbc1 6th November 2009
Avatar for Studiophonics

Well, after what seems like an eternity in customs, my E Series is here!!!! 40 channels with TR, Hurrah!!!!! Now it's time to...

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Avatar for Levon
Levon 6th November 2009
Avatar for YUGA

AudioMidi did it again! Only $15. heh Ultra Analog VA-1 "No Brainer" Deal from audioMIDI.com Edit: If you use Gmail...

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Avatar for The Beatsmith
The Beatsmith 6th November 2009
Avatar for superchibisan

Hey everyone, Just an update about what is going on in Furtherland. Our 5th release Android Cartel - A Million Man is going to...

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Avatar for superchibisan
superchibisan 6th November 2009
Avatar for MicSlut666

Only want to share my experience with Chandler Limited customer support. I had a little problem with my brand new Zener Limiter....

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Avatar for Bell Head
Bell Head 6th November 2009