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A very good month. Clients The Black Keys are nominated for 4 Grammys. HedPE has a #7 hard rock single, the Keys have a #1...

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HOTC 17th December 2010
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Just wanting to show my appreciation for the excellent customer service from Peter Montessi at A-Designs. After our move back to...

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Guitar Zero 17th December 2010
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is paid for and ready. Ron Kirn Signature

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WB1984 17th December 2010
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Hey! This is the most recent design for my site. I've been teaching myself HTML and CSS, going the raw method of google...

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kramsttop 16th December 2010
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Checkout the new bandpage, with some preliminary tunes to checkout :) Kram Sttop | Facebook give er a like if ya like :). ...

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kramsttop 16th December 2010
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Hello all gearslutz This as you can see is my first post and thought it appropriate in this forum, considering its some damn...

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audioscene 15th December 2010
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As soon as I'm finished recording a track, I put a shelving eq on at 12kHz, then every third day I drop the level on the shelf by...

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KungFuLio 15th December 2010
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Got to love it. Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Remake Bing/Bowie Classic - Music - News - IFC.com

Glenn Kuras
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Glenn Kuras 14th December 2010
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Paul Bauman, JBL Professional Tuesday, 28 December 2010 7 :00 PM PA Plus 160 Bartley Street Toronto, ON DIRECTIONS: East...

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rmdivito 13th December 2010
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whoop! ...first time... just scraped in at #38, but hey - it had no real promotion or anything; t'was only played a coupla...

David Watts
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thatgtrguy 13th December 2010
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Dear fellows, after a long period of testing and hearing, I found the page of acousticsamples.net. Great quality, never...

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hoop 13th December 2010
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So, when I heard about this new Neüheiser microphone, I was very intrigued. I'd heard a lot of people talking about how great it...

Dean Roddey
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babel2 12th December 2010
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Adlen 12th December 2010
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We recieved our new dual tube preamp build by Duende Creatura. A real boutique preamp, only 2 tubes in every channel, highend...

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Froombosch 11th December 2010
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Sounds Great 11th December 2010
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Just want to announce that Chauvin (Kidd Ghost) and Me have released a track called "With You" under Surbeats Records....

Chris Lago
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Halloween 10th December 2010
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The UA Studer thing is really impressing me. I'm totally curious what this partnership will yield. I think I know what's...

Silver Sonya
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jeremy.c. 10th December 2010
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I produced 5 of the records on a new EP that just went up for sale today, the artist is Josef Gordon, EP is titled "The...

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hutzal 8th December 2010
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The Mojo of Universal Audio Plugins: An Interview with UA

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cl516 8th December 2010
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Er, two actually! One went to my band for "Best Metal/Hardcore" and the other went to me for "Producer of the...

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hepcat 8th December 2010
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Hi guys, I finally finished my hip-hop album and there are a few guest emcees on it from Gearslutz so I figured you would like to...

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thedreampolice 8th December 2010
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My current favorite Christmas music... no fancy shredding just good musical fun... Post yours too...

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KungFuLio 8th December 2010
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9 Bands - most votes wins! Grand prize = $1000! WE WON!!! Dr. DP and the TrainRunners

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hepcat 6th December 2010
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Produced By Mutt Lange. Mixed By Mike Shipley. Mastered By Brad Blackwood. Amazing album . Great production, mix and mastering...

Jake 2.0
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c.rocker 6th December 2010
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maxpidge 4th December 2010
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YouTube - Sesame Street: Martians discover Leeward Fate on the radio!

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Piranhadrum 3rd December 2010
Avatar for LOU AU

Hey everyone. My nephew Gabe's band, The Punch Brothers, have been nominated for two Grammys. they are Best Country Collaboration...

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-tc- 3rd December 2010
Avatar for Joao B.

30 minutes ago I got a call from the police station saying that the alarm in my studio went off, so I needed to get there...

Joao B.
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Darwin James 3rd December 2010
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In an effort to connect with our customers on an even more personal level than we already do, AudioLot has launched an official...

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jeremy.c. 3rd December 2010
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I'm so happy.....just bought a Ward Beck Console to replace my mackie which wasnt getting much use. It's 26 channels, fully...

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drundall 2nd December 2010
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Just thought you should know that, besides working day and night to build you the best monitors in the world, we at Barefoot...

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barefoot 1st December 2010
Avatar for T.R.

Hey guys, you can add 50 (euro)cent to the fight against AIDS by tweeting a certain message for the Aidshilfe Hamburg. All...

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T.R. 1st December 2010
Avatar for RARStudios

Being a new aspiring audio engineer, I finally got around to fixing the problem I was having with my recordings being overlimited...

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Darwin James 30th November 2010
Avatar for Silver Sonya

I'm looking forward to its arrival. In my band, there is a drummer who plays a traditional trap set and one who plays...

Silver Sonya
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Silver Sonya 29th November 2010
Avatar for Solar

Hey fellas! Here is a brand new instrument that hasn't been Sampled yet and I think Tonehammer should reach this kid and get...

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matt thomas 28th November 2010
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Dot 28th November 2010
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Ron Vogel 28th November 2010
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Glam boogie band from Houston, TX that I recorded and co-produced. Record release is tonight at The Mink on Main st. Be There...

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s.d.finley 28th November 2010
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hello all; wanted to share with you some footage of my time working with Ra Ra Riot on their latest release "The...

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stringbean01 27th November 2010
Avatar for nharmonic

I broke an elastic band on a super shockmount for one of my ADK TL's (matched pair) and searched to no avail for a replacement...

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NathanEldred 25th November 2010
Avatar for Silver Sonya

eEWcS9f4Ewo Real vision. - c

Silver Sonya
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dlmorley 24th November 2010
Avatar for MonkeyGuru

Hi everybody! Our band which is called Barman's Fault made a new video, it's not a real music video because it's not a studio...

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Glenn Kuras 23rd November 2010
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okay- so we at "Welcome To 1979" studios are shooting some short & dorky videos depicting our iife stuck in the...

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cjmnash 23rd November 2010
Avatar for Jonny Radford

4 months late...but here is here!!!

Jonny Radford
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Avatar for chrisjones
chrisjones 23rd November 2010
Avatar for africantigercow

Hells yeah! YouTube - P.H.Fat - The Big Five (Feat. Fuzzy Slipperz)

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africantigercow 23rd November 2010
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Np7nJkwD_cQ I had a blast shooting this video, I was acting goofy the whole time heh , most important of all, It's for a good...

Chris Lago
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Chris Lago 22nd November 2010
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Log in | Facebook or youtube YouTube - Chores

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loudlael 22nd November 2010
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My friend really needs folks to go view his lil film and comment on it... it would be a great help and although not very audio...

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Agzilla 22nd November 2010
Avatar for Benmrx

Pretty cool... the new Washington State Lottery commercial is using a song I produced, recorded and mixed. Band is Grand...

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fzit0 22nd November 2010
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fzit0 21st November 2010