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BBC interview.... BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Scott-Heron back with new album Includes a great clip from "Old Grey...

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ONE LUV 29th May 2011
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Got an HTC wildfire s. - was using the gs android app but couldnt see al the forums listed Small gripe. It is fun to be.in the...

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Blast9 27th May 2011
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hey all http://www.piethaag.com This probably constitutes a crime against music, and at the very least, the mastering guys will...

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binarymilton 27th May 2011
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Just spreading some love here. Dutch broadcast audio company Eela Audio just answered a long-ass email of mine within 5 minutes....

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beingmf 26th May 2011
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Just had several emails with Warren. At the end we both decided I was better off not buying anything for now. He could easily...

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Nowak 26th May 2011
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Pro Tools 9 makes this obsolete, right? Should I just throw this away? Does it serve a purpose? Should I try selling...

Silver Sonya
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Silver Sonya 22nd May 2011
Avatar for Arthur Stone

I heard some songs that moved me a bit...thought I'd share them: BBC iPlayer - Bob Dylan 70: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - A...

Arthur Stone
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Arthur Stone 20th May 2011
Avatar for Tube World

A friend of mine was looking for a second pair of monitors for his studio and wanted a smaller pair that would go in between his...

Tube World
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saovi 19th May 2011
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I was just cleaning out my apartment to make it a little more presentable, and it's really unfathomable how much useless stuff a...

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Boschen 18th May 2011
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Why hasn't anybody yet come up with reality show filmed in a famous recording studio with famous artists coming in and out,...

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LeMauce 18th May 2011
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A CD I recorded a few tracks for just debuted on the Billboard Classical Crossover Charts at number 11! Check out this cool...

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jimmydeluxe 18th May 2011
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Pretty happy about this purchase, the speakers are barely even used (almost mint!)! Can't wait to power them in my studio heh

Chris Lago
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Crash 17th May 2011
Avatar for API Sez...

Innovative sound designer Diego Stocco has created the new 'sound signature' for DTS with a rack of API 500 series modules. See...

API Sez...
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API Sez... 17th May 2011
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So my video card was dying and my internet/ethernet IRQ was on the same number as my soundcard which seemed like a potential...

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restpause 17th May 2011
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I just wanna to share a setting I'm using for a mix I'm working on. I was getting tired of soft reverbs and I wanted to ear the...

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ahitsongwriter 16th May 2011
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Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice SPREAD THE WORD, PASS IT ON.

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Blast9 15th May 2011
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Got em! Just checking in with a report on what works So far accupuncture made the biggeset dent in my tinnitus. Also you gotta...

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BlackBackDrop 13th May 2011
Avatar for restpause

For a few days (if not longer) the Beat Kangz website was down. But now it's back up and it looks like the Beat Thang Virtual...

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restpause 12th May 2011
Avatar for Dr. Phase

Was cruzing on pandora, when I heard a song I recorded on a Jack Daniels Honey Commercial. It was "King Bee" by the...

Dr. Phase
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Dr. Phase 11th May 2011
Avatar for syntheticrhyme

Hey everyone, just wanted to stop by and say hello. A few of you might now of my past ventures. Just wanted to give out a few...

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Chris Lago 10th May 2011
Avatar for rmdivito

A Joint SMPTE/AES Presentation with Brian Bonnick, Samuel Zhou, Paul Judkins, Denis Tremblay Tuesday May 10, 2011 7:30...

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rmdivito 9th May 2011
Avatar for Syltagogotronix

thumbsup I suuuuuuuck at finishing things unless there´s someone else threatening to kick my behind if I don´t.. But today I...

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Syltagogotronix 9th May 2011
Avatar for warhead

Just spent the day laying out the product pages, related items and more...and I have to say I'm psyched with the somewhat tweaked...

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Avatar for Hardtoe
Hardtoe 7th May 2011
Avatar for jozzafunk

Maaaatee - Loving Alchemy synth now that it's got an RTAS version and can use in PT, awesome awesome sounding S/W That is all

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jozzafunk 7th May 2011
Avatar for teaforce

aurora audio gtq2 just arrived today. Took a leap into the high-end preamp pond and could not be more pleased. absolutely beats...

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Avatar for JoeyM
JoeyM 7th May 2011
Avatar for Tony Shepperd

This is part of my new website. It's an excerpt taken from a DVD of a group I worked on last year, BlindDog Smokin'. Blind Dog...

Tony Shepperd
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LeMauce 5th May 2011
Avatar for GenT

Sharing with you all a nice feature from Genelec and Nightwish in making their new record / movie Imaginarium YouTube - Genelec...

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GenT 5th May 2011
Avatar for goldendeathmusic

wVDknnQn3Cc first video i did that wasn't completely done by myself in a few hours in the basement..alone...so alone.... hope...

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Avatar for goldendeathmusic
goldendeathmusic 4th May 2011
Avatar for Gedevaan

Hello! My name is Sergey and I am present techno project GEDEVAAN. So now I want to say not about Gedevaan and label Lead...

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Avatar for Xperienced
Xperienced 4th May 2011
Avatar for feck

So we have been working on a promo video for our studio and collective - basically a VPK that allows us to pitch our services and...

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feck 4th May 2011
Avatar for Jeffrey Hedback

I wanted to send a special thank you to my client Chris Myers who allowed me to take his efforts already in progress and redirect...

Jeffrey Hedback
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Avatar for u b k
u b k 4th May 2011
Avatar for Resonater

Some of you already know that I often enjoy f*cking with the scammers. If I find a fraudulent eBay auction, it's not unlike me...

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Avatar for wrekdahouse
wrekdahouse 4th May 2011
Avatar for SATisFactions

Happy to announce Celldweller's "Louder Than Words" Remix Album Featuring The Maniac All-Stars Remix Peaked at #50 on...

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SATisFactions 3rd May 2011
Avatar for soulstudios

This is by a guy I've been in contact with in NZ- releasing worldwide, but he's made books 2 & 3 available for download in...

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soulstudios 3rd May 2011
Avatar for nightscope

Lovely Arena documentary on the BBC about George...

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nightscope 3rd May 2011
Avatar for Kappi

Was at a King's X Show Yesterday here in Germany, Bochum, what a relieve. (seen them 4 times before) Like always i stood there,...

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mlange 2nd May 2011
Avatar for Ephi82

Oh My! Must pass this on. If you are a home recordist, and for the most part only tracking one source at a time, this pre...

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Avatar for Caramel
Caramel 1st May 2011
Avatar for LeonRaFor1

Something that seems to be just for Europe. Sorry rest of world... But anyway, a friend had seen this getting a lot of press...

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Avatar for jazam
jazam 1st May 2011
Avatar for jpiercebronze

Hey all, I have created a new website for two projects I am currently working on, they are: Om-Ni.com ThePierceBrothers.com Let...

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jpiercebronze 1st May 2011
Avatar for sharky

Happy day. I just took delivery of my Emery cab to go with my MicroBaby (which came a few weeks ago). Been messing with this...

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henryrobinett 29th April 2011
Avatar for jeremy.c.

First off I want to give a shoutout to gearslutz's RawBeanZen for doing a wonderful job mixing my new album!!! I know my...

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Avatar for jeremy.c.
jeremy.c. 29th April 2011
Avatar for a zombie

Hey, I've been having some fun with this. It's an emulation of the Oregon trail from the old Apple II. We used to play this in...

a zombie
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Avatar for SaxJordan
SaxJordan 29th April 2011
Avatar for hereticskeptic

Picked up a DBX 160X for $150, and a DBX 242 for $100. I am ecstatic. boing

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Avatar for hereticskeptic
hereticskeptic 28th April 2011
Avatar for noizelab

Yes, they do boing Over the last months, I bought five of them with four power supplies. Three of them have 8-channel frames,...

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Avatar for noizelab
noizelab 28th April 2011
Avatar for noizelab

Yeah, perhaps not the greatest breakthrough of all times, but since I switched for condensers on drums, there's no turning back...

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noizelab 28th April 2011
Avatar for Doc Mixwell

AES Standards News Blog » AES-21id, Screen-less navigation for high-resolution audio on Blu-ray Disc Thought this was pretty...

Doc Mixwell
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Doc Mixwell 27th April 2011
Avatar for Kouly

I got a call from one of the associates who sold me some cymbals at Guitar Center. He said he was following up to see if I was...

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Avatar for Eli Resnick
Eli Resnick 26th April 2011
Avatar for rmdivito

Producing, Authoring, and Encoding Audio Content for Blu-ray Format Gary Epstein – Dolby | Tom McAndrew – DTS | Steve...

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Avatar for rmdivito
rmdivito 25th April 2011
Avatar for Admiral James T.

I got a new desk (well, it's not that new, it's from around 1973...). It looks stunning! Right now I'm about to go through this...

Admiral James T.
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Joao B. 25th April 2011
Avatar for johnsound

Don't forget to check out part two as well. Part One: YouTube - How to Engineer Bold and Beautiful Vocal Tracks - Part 1 Part...

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Avatar for chavernac
chavernac 24th April 2011