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29 years old and hearing myself for the 1st time! - YouTube I know how much our hearing means to all of us so I wanted to...

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Swedishsteel 20th October 2011
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Just to let everyone know about this service! its essentialy mastering and adds The "Brown Sound" via a 2inch Tape...

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grego 20th October 2011
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Hey friends and coworkers of the industry! It's with the greatest excitement that I share with you all my first nomination for...

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flyboogie 19th October 2011
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Well, to be fair.. they are not so new ;) but yes, finally the quest has come to an end! After around a year waiting for the...

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claend 19th October 2011
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(then go to the very bottom) there's definitely some error margin in my record keeping over the years, but i'm calling it a...

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jruberto 19th October 2011
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Comes my Reactable!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azgn6-hNLkk 14 months work so far- but big plans ahead. Reactable Video...

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SurveillanceP 19th October 2011
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the album is Peace in the Middle West. head to our site to stream some songs: Box Set Authentic if you want to purchase...

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zimv20 18th October 2011
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Just finished up a new single and music video Its a great feeling to finish up something. Then you have that 5 mins to bask...

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Wiz_Oz 17th October 2011
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I don't know which forum to put this in, so if the moderator knows a forum that this post belongs to, thank you in advanced...

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faux 17th October 2011
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After years of just pulling it back every day and watching it grow longer...sometimes it just gets old! War

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Happy Musicfan 16th October 2011
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Lets see who has the best joke!!!! ***What do you call a guitar player without a...

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dualflip 14th October 2011
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They gave me my own Television Show.

Pete Marriott
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Pete Marriott 13th October 2011
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I'm in the studio using it a for a remix right now at this very moment! Holy S--t this instrument sounds F--king good!

Pete Marriott
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Hobbs_Won 13th October 2011
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... albums. I released my debut last year, received amazing reviews but mostly just stays at that level. This week i...

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TZk 13th October 2011
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*** THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT. THE ALBUM IS DOING REAL WELL! kfhkh iTunes - Music - The Tension, Volume 1 by Qu Da...

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rallycapmusic 13th October 2011
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So a couple of months ago I went along to BBC radio Nottingham and did a live studio session for them. It was aired on the radio...

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marcreeves 13th October 2011
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Thanks to friends assurances, i've uploaded one of the best projects ive ever worked on. I've been wanting to keep on adding but...

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binarymilton 12th October 2011
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Hey all! I'm on this Sunday's (October 9th) episode of "Pan-Am" on ABC TV. There's a scene where one of the...

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ionian 11th October 2011
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Finished Humber College last spring...things are looking great for the fall, a lot of projects! My new dream rig has got me set...

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Teej 11th October 2011
Avatar for Raj Smoove

This is my artist Kourtney Heart. I produced the track. Check it out: Kourtney Heart feat Soulja Boy - My Boy...

Raj Smoove
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Raj Smoove 11th October 2011
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noiseasy 10th October 2011
Avatar for dysenterygary

I'm a few hours away from finishing my first paid gig, and its really been a fun learning experience. It has also confirmed my...

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Avatar for Teej
Teej 10th October 2011
Avatar for Joney Brain

Dear friends and fellow musicians! We are pleased to tell you great news: on September 12, 2011 North Sound Records launches...

Joney Brain
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Joney Brain 8th October 2011
Avatar for zephonic

I installed Ubuntu on an Asus/Vista64 laptop I had lying around. It was an easy and painless process, using the wubi installer....

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tbplayer 8th October 2011
Avatar for bgrotto

Yikes! Two Good News Channel posts in one evening!boing A project I worked on earlier this year with a really cool cast of...

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Avatar for Chris Lago
Chris Lago 7th October 2011
Avatar for Silver Sonya

I love that this company steadily and quietly continues to release new rooms for Altiverb. And they've been doing it for years...

Silver Sonya
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zaczac 7th October 2011
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Lorrainville - You may never know what happiness is First official song release Started from scretch yesterday morning,...

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Joram 6th October 2011
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Just thought I would share... I've read a number of posts on GS of people who have had not-so-good experiences with Avid customer...

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Clueless 6th October 2011
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At least, I hope it's cool...heh Anyway, it's our great honor to be featured on our pals Audio Engineering Associates'...

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bgrotto 6th October 2011
Avatar for 16942

It is a discussion about achieving positioning and depth with virtual instruments with 2 excellent engineers, Tony Shepperd and...

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JohnRodd 6th October 2011
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I'm really excited that my studio "Clearstory Sound" was picked by Mix Magazine as one of the "hot new...

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JohnRodd 6th October 2011
Avatar for Rupert Brown

Hey guys, Just posted a review on Prism sound's Orpheus and I know its of interest to a fair few slutz so though I should post...

Rupert Brown
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Rupert Brown 5th October 2011
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JordanLoder 4th October 2011
Avatar for Soundseed

Its my first ever radio play, so sorry for the even more shameless than usual plug, but the legendary Tom Robinson is giving:...

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DanDaMan 2nd October 2011
Avatar for Chris Lago

Yes I'm feeling quite awkward today... My song "Take Your Clothes Off" featuring my gf Chelsea has been chosen for the...

Chris Lago
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Chris Lago 2nd October 2011
Avatar for Jeff Hayat

...the whole thing. How to play bass on stage - YouTube kfhkh

Jeff Hayat
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iliketape 30th September 2011
Avatar for rmdivito

Behind the Scenes at CTV with Paul Sellers, Michael Nunan, Josh Tidsbury Tuesday September 27, 2011 7 :00 PM CTV 9 Channel...

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Teej 29th September 2011
Avatar for Oroz

Check out our new website (Armando Avila's studio): cosmos

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passenger 28th September 2011
Avatar for Daniel Rich

Sintropez - People - YouTube heppy here's the first video from the unsigned parisian band Sintropez...they just put it out 1week...

Daniel Rich
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Daniel Rich 27th September 2011
Avatar for chrislongwood

I am borrowing my friends Rode NTK. and like a dumbass - I had it on a really squibby mic stand.. My cat is running around in a...

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Grahamdwc 26th September 2011
Avatar for Cgbravo

I released a new single last night! I'm in the Latin Urban/Reggaeton genre as I was leaving the studio after about 2-3 hours of...

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Cgbravo 24th September 2011
Avatar for Admiral James T.

Yes, I bought a Neotek Elite today and I'm a happy man. Will be even happier when it's here in a few weeks. Sorry, just wanted to...

Admiral James T.
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Radioking 24th September 2011
Avatar for Radioking

Wasn't sure where to post this on GS but this forum seems the most appropriate as it's good news that we are finally getting this...

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Avatar for Lute
Lute 24th September 2011
Avatar for Tony Shepperd

I finally decided to start a label. YouTube - BOLR Webisode 1 <object width="640"...

Tony Shepperd
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Logicjunkie 22nd September 2011
Avatar for theothermarkwilliams

In it, George Massenburg became the governor of California. Many in the audio community were a bit relieved, thinking that if...

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opentune 21st September 2011
Avatar for NorseHorse

I ordered a pair of phantom FetHeads from ZenPro Audio (Triton Audio FETHEAD Phantom | Microphones @ ZenProAudio.com). They...

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Todd 21st September 2011
Avatar for Pies

Just need to tell someone really and what better place than GearSlutz!! After closing the doors on my old studio in May to tour...

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Lute 19th September 2011
Avatar for Casey

U.S. Gamers Crack Puzzle In AIDS Research That Stumped Scientists For Years | Fox News peachh

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Lute 19th September 2011
Avatar for kosmokrator

found this on a stage I was working on some weeks ago. Awesome advice! kfhkh

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Avatar for frans
frans 19th September 2011
Avatar for Ernest Buckley

Just want to give a big kfhkh for this record. Been listening to it for a good 4 days and just love the tunes and the sound of...

Ernest Buckley
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Avatar for Ernest Buckley
Ernest Buckley 18th September 2011