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On September 28th we are launching our Fall 2013 Gat3 Recording Program. It is a completely unique and original curriculum...

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gatiii 3rd September 2013
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Pies 2nd September 2013
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anCGvfsBoFY pretty great they are doing this..

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theskycouldfly 29th August 2013
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hey gearslutz, Welcome To 1979 Studio in Nashville is hosting the monthly AES Hang this Wednesday August 28th at 6pm. We'll...

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cjmnash 26th August 2013
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tcmx250 24th August 2013
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I got a pair of ATC speakers today!

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Doc Mixwell 23rd August 2013
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I often say that I am living the dream as a professional engineer/producer/studio owner. Today is one of those days I just want...

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Beat Poet 21st August 2013
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Alesis A6 PAID FOR TODAY! cooge New bank balance, $32.54 Tonight we dine on ramen noodles and a fine Pabst blue ribbon...

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Islandgirl494 21st August 2013
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Speaking of wives...here's a good story. I recently got another year older and got one of my biggest surprises ever. My wife...

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herthabsc 20th August 2013
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It sure pays to linger over the glass cases at Guitar Center when you're in there to get something real.... minding my own...

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joelpatterson 19th August 2013
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When you show someone who thinks they're a little bit better than they actually are that they don't even come close... Feels a...

The Al1en
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The Al1en 18th August 2013
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Just had an awesome week, all the tracks I produced with new friends just turned out gorgeous. The artist was so happy and so...

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dudeitsree 17th August 2013
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As the title says, I finally got some new ideas down this weekend, after 2 years of doing everything but record. Planning,...

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herthabsc 15th August 2013
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Been wondering about some usernames on here ever since I'm a member! Mine is the Italian name for a certain form of a piece of...

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Carbilicon 15th August 2013
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An online masters course in sound design, believed to be the first of its kind, has been launched by Edinburgh Napier...

Iain McGregor
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Iain McGregor 15th August 2013
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(Also posted this in the SMGSLT section) Just finished an album with the SM7B for a female vocal poetry cd. Signal chain: Shure...

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Topgear 13th August 2013
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But this is boring. So ... I'll skip the details.

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brianellefson 13th August 2013
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Just wanted to spread my joy I got from upgrading my Focal Solo6BE to a pair of Barefoot´s MM27. Holy cow what an amazing pair...

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KRStudio 8th August 2013
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I'm finally hearing what I'm doing with compressors, and I'm looking back at older mice, even mixes from a few months ago, and...

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the fxs 7th August 2013
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Hey everyone, So my band, When Clouds Attack, was just nominated to Deli Chicago's Artist of the Month. I know this is a small...

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taperocket 7th August 2013
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Found out some very awesome news today. Adam Dean Mullins first single "All My Favorite Memories" is number 57 on...

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jkchuma 2nd August 2013
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Thom Yorke and Atoms for Peace Boycott Spotify - Speakeasy - WSJ Hopefully more artists will follow this!

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ludwigvanlee 31st July 2013
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Looks like fun, eh? http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3691/9399611987_2d923e6daa.jpg Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 11.02.28 AM by...

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ILL GREEN 30th July 2013
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Got to give a shout out to Joe Malone and JLM Audio. Last year I bought a pair of PEQ500's from another GS member and have...

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friesdan 30th July 2013
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Just landed a big audio contract (subcontracted by an ad firm) for a large multinational corp. based here in San Antonio! Ya hoo!...

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Musiclab 29th July 2013
Avatar for Moe Evans

I was doing some cleaning and came across the very first recording I ever did on a Tascam cassette 4 track. It was while I was...

Moe Evans
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Victor.M 29th July 2013
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SAE Institute will co-host a free worldwide video chat Q&A with Manny Marroquin, a Grammy-winning mix engineer for such...

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Victor.M 28th July 2013
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Paula Atherton's new single Herbie is #22 on the Billboard contemporary jazz chart. Recorded and mixed at The Music Lab by me....

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Victor.M 28th July 2013
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Jordan Shirks, whom you might know from the 1608 automation videos all over Youtube, Made a sweet little stop-motion short film.....

Sean TM
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Sleepydog 28th July 2013
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SAE Institute will present its second annual Alumni Awards ceremony on Wednesday, July 31 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM. The ceremony is...

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SAEdood 26th July 2013
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Anyone ever used an arion fat chorus pedal on bass? It's incredible what it does on synth bass!

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Matik 24th July 2013
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just wanted to say i finally gave up on music as well as a few other hobbies like 3d animation. deep in the back of my mind i...

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ChrisFriday 23rd July 2013
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just picked up my new set of focal cms65 monitors.... wow!!! having only used my yamaha hs80m 's before this (and a cheap set...

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chugbry 20th July 2013
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Woo-hoo!!!!! I just got my 5 yr badge! Thanks Jules! I can't believe that I have been lurking around and being a pita for 5...

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fraserhutch 20th July 2013
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I'm very pleased to see my first ever website go live. I made it, for a very good friend of mine. Www.ddfoxx.com Next stop, my...

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Labs 19th July 2013
Avatar for Guitarwhisperer

After reading about OktavaMods on Gear Sluts, and seeing several videos, and an interview with Michael Joly, I contacted Michael ...

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drBill 18th July 2013
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Latvian microphone manufacturer JZ Microphones announces unique opportunity to trade-in any studio microphone to expand display...

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fender2 17th July 2013
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Hi Folks. At the time I am composing something. I just was not in the mood to buy a "Mini-Moog" emulation for a...

Deleted 99dc753
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Deleted 99dc753 16th July 2013
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So I asked some of the music stores I shop at for me or clients for a donation for the music-kindergarden my son goes to. A...

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kosmokrator 14th July 2013
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...ok, so it's The Basics (Wally's side project) as opposed to Gotye proper, and it's a blink and you'll miss it cameo...but...

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Joao B. 12th July 2013
Avatar for Howie J

Two weeks ago I left a tech director position job I've held for 5 years. It was a great community of people and nice facility,...

Howie J
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113568 11th July 2013
Avatar for heyman

Excited to be taking delivery of a Neumann UM70. the Capsule was given the once over by Siegfried Thiersch. Should be a nice...

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heyman 11th July 2013
Avatar for rmdivito

Mark Makoway, Brian Moncarz, Shahab Mobasher, Dan Weston Saturday, 13 July 2013 10:000 am to 4:00 pm Society of Sound 1444...

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rmdivito 11th July 2013
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I'm sure it's against the forum rules to make this a straight up press release but I'm excited to tell the GearSlutz mastering...

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Thomas W. Bethe 9th July 2013
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icecubemedia1 9th July 2013
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Today I had a little revelation, using a 670 (plugin) on a pair of Glynn Johns Omnis. The big secret lies in setting it to work...

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Rockinrob 7th July 2013
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Freezen 5th July 2013
Avatar for skills

My music school is finally open!! It took months of prep, construction, legal battles, fun, and time. Please check it out, I hope...

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skills 4th July 2013
Avatar for Fenris

After many years of work, I've completed my debut novel and pulished it via print-on-demand. It's called LOKI'S CHILD. It's a...

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Fenris 4th July 2013
Avatar for rumimusic

Just had a really good paying project come through just when i started getting worried about new bills i am about to take on so...

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Avatar for Beat Poet
Beat Poet 3rd July 2013