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Captain's Blog... From the Forum founder Jules
Old 20th June 2016
Captain's Blog... From the Forum founder Jules

Welcome to this Blog.

As the founder of Gearspace I thought I would start this blog to update on behind the scenes info ongoing activities + new functionality & hopes and wishes for the forum going forwards. It's been an exciting 14 years and is a great personal pleasure of mine to host this forum.

Here's to many more years!
Old 20th June 2016
After a bumpy start, our recommended / favorite gear nominations are underway and members are contributing a lot - Many thanks! Keep it up.

The idea from these came from meeting GS members at trade shows and them telling me that sometimes they don't want to real long threads - and just want to get quickly to crowd sourced "wisdom" on what to buy.

We will be doing a lot of polls on affordable gear and what to to start with when first putting a studio together. So its the communities chance to help fellow recording fans out.

Please join in here..

All the best,
Old 23rd June 2016
Our Nashville resident moderator James Lugo isn't available to cover Summer NAMM so GS member crypticglobe

Steve Lamm
Technical Director and Instructor
Dark Horse Institute - Audio Recording & Music Business School

Has offered - THANKS STEVE!

We are a co - sponsor of the Vintage King after party so RSVP ASAP and come and have some beers on us and see if you can find Steve!

Vintage King Takes Over Summer NAMM 2016 in Nashville / Vintage King Blog - Vintage King Audio

Old 24th June 2016
Off the show floor Summer NAMM 2016 footage shot by Steve Lamm starting to be uploaded to our YouTube channel.. Check it out!
Old 28th July 2016
As new elements of the revamped forum get rolled out for all to see we are gathering criticism and suggestions.

"Just put it back as it was" demands are ignored

but we are listening.

Development goes in phases

Stage 1: Live roll out

Make notes / get feedback / frustration /

Stage 2 Implement fixes / incorporate users suggestions or create new solutions

There is enough work for 10 full time developers but we have 2 working semi part time.

Things take time, often progress seems slow.

Slowly inching forwards

The goal is to have one simple layout - so users will gradually see the legacy "styles" available (see attached) disappear. Visitors using rare browsers, on oddball non standard operating systems may find they have to access the site via a standard computer or a mobile device. We can't continue to support niche systems.

Onwards and upwards!
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Old 5th August 2016
I am in Berlin, Germany on a trip to meet Native Instruments and wander about this favorite city and see old friends here.

Staying at the NHow hotel - it has a studio in it!

Old 24th August 2016
Excited about the next Q&A guest... watch this space...

Gearing up for the AES show in LA at the end of September..
Old 16th September 2016
New design launched!

Quite a few people disliked it but we feel we must press forward and modernise. We did get SOME positive comments! (check out the reviews and classifieds sections)

One of the main grumbles was the lack of at a glance notifications that someone just quoted you. So we rallied to quickly develop a new green alert number count badge functionality that shows you have been quoted and provides a display of who, where and a link to rejoin the conversation.

We also have the asked for text snippet removal and avatar removal on our user options to-do list.

I hope to meet some of you at the AES show in LA please see below for AES info and details of a Gearspace Brunch on Saturday October 1st. Come on down!

Old 24th September 2016
Lots of cool new product launch info coming in for next week's AES show in LA

We publish it the MOMENT we are allowed to so stay tuned to this sub forum

LA is the Gearspace capital of the world (its where the most traffic here comes from)


See you there in a few days!...
Old 1st November 2016
To all those visiting this post via the newsletter - welcome to The Captains Blog!

I founded the site 14 years ago and this is an area where I bring news on the progress of Gearspace or other news I am keen to share. (its a thread in the Good News area, but there is a link to here on the front page too)

NEW! Boost your second hand listings within our pro audio gear classifieds area!

This is totally free and available to members (for privately listed second hand pro audio items only)

Simple go to our classifieds here

(or click on the link "Classifieds" at the top of any page)

And click on the orange "List item

If you didnt already know you have been able to "BOOST" your eBay items here in our classifieds for the last few years - but today we are proud to offer listing boosting

Get more eyeballs on your listings
Old 2nd February 2017
Another NAMM in the bag, head over to our YouTube channel to check out the 53 videos we shot for you...

After 14 years we finally have a front page!

Now we are working on improving search

And expect some EXCLUSIVE killer software / plugin deals to come your way soon!

onwards and upwards
Old 11th April 2017
Another MusikMesse in the bag - head over to our YouTube channel to see the reports

Gearspace's 15 year aniversary! Tell us what your were doing 15 years ago here -

Next stop - Superbooth, Berlin !
Old 12th September 2017
Hoping all fans and readers hit by hurricane Irma haven't been too badly effected.
Old 18th December 2017
Let’s face it the search function has been very poor.

I am pleased to announce that a new improved version is going live today.

Happy holidays all!
Old 8th May 2018
You may have noticed that you are getting a lot of emails from all over the Web about privacy settings and email subscriptions. This is because of the new EU GDPR privacy law. So we are sending out the emails too! Please continue to subscribe it's the best way for us to tell you about competitions, q&a guests and other interesting news.

New gear pricing. We are now showing gear prices if our participating vendors sell it. Hopefully this will make for a cool addition and provide an at a glance view on how much recording gear costs.

Sweetwater's Lynn Fuston is doing another of his very careful gear shout outs this time classic mic simulators.

EM&P moderator Reptil (Jan) has been to Superbooth Berlin follow his visit via our youtube channel.

We are hoping to get some big names in RAP for q&a soon.

All the best,
Old 25th December 2018
Merry Christmas and seasons greetings!
Old 5th November 2019
Another AES in the bag - See Gearspace's video here

We have reordered the forum list to put the most visited at the top and tried to condense the at a glance look.

Old 27th March 2020
Ugh! Covid-19... What a drag...

I hope you, your family and all your friends are OK.

I am committed to keeping Gearspace up and running through all this.

Gearspace will here for you to continue exploring your pro, semi pro or hobby passion.

I would like to thank everyone at Gearspace for the work they do to keep the community alive.

Please stay safe and well.

See you on the forum!

Old 14th April 2020
So during Covid-19 lockdown 2020, we dont have to just talk about gear.

Here is an area where you can hang out with your fellow audio people and talk about other stuff.


As the pandemic sub forum has gotten political (not usually our thing here) we have decided to make it a members only area.. (register to view it)
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Old 14th April 2020
I recorded a podcast in at the NYC with Gear Club (a great podcast series)

Gear Club episode 69: Gearspace Joins the Club with Jules Standen

Old 27th April 2020
According to Rolling Stone magazine, Sweetwater and sales of home recording gear has skyrocketed. Especially interfaces and DAW software.

Might as well get creative and learn some new recording chops while on lockdown?

Stay safe & well..
Old 28th April 2020
Well... I WAS wondering if it would ever happen...

And now it is!

The first Pro Audio Virtual Trade Show

Gearspace will be there.

Lets try to support this.

See you there?


As much of the world follows safe-in-place guidelines and mandates, the Audio Engineering Society is bringing AES Europe Convention directly to attendees. Originally scheduled to take place in Vienna, Austria, the AES Virtual Vienna Convention in now set for June 2 – 5, 2020 with an online format. The AES Virtual Vienna Convention is a front-row-seat to the AES event experience, utilizing live streaming, on-demand audio/video/multimedia presentations, interactive Q&A and forum dialogs to realize the personal connection and emotional feedback that is at the heart of AES live events. All Access registration for this first-of-its-kind AES live event is available for just $50 for AES members ($175 for non-members), with additional discounts available for currently enrolled audio students.

Registration is currently open here.
Old 13th May 2021
Domain migration took place in April.

We hope people feel more comfortable visiting & recommending the site now.

Old 10th September 2021
Gearspace @ Superbooth 2021!

Our electronic music Moderator Jan "Reptil" Caron is headed to Superbooth in Berlin, Germany this weekend.

He will bring news of new products with video & photos.

Fantastic to have a trade show after such a long pause.

Stay tuned!
Old 5th January 2022
Let's hope 2022 is a better year for us all

Keep safe & be well

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