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We have been approached by a number of gear manufacturers who are undertaking charitable efforts for the conflict in Ukraine and...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 7th March 2022
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Welcome to this Blog. As the founder of Gearspace I thought I would start this blog to update on behind the scenes info ongoing...

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Jules 5th January 2022
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The Pro Audio show must go on! Here we are going to share with you stories of how the pro audio industry is keeping on keeping...

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The Press Desk 8th May 2020
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For those who may not be aware, Gearspace has launched a modern chat application. Kick off the shoes and come in to chat about...

Synth Guru
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Synth Guru 3rd September 2019
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Hey Everyone, I've been a longtime Gearslutz member, user and contributor. So it makes me happy, excited and proud to say that...

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M2E 2 days ago
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Good news everyone! its the finding everyone was waiting...

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psycho_monkey 1 week ago
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So many people complain about Waves this n that, and I just want to say, I had a great experience with Waves tech support today. ...

Lars Fox
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lizardtech 2 weeks ago
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im sorry if i not posted it in the good section, but this is the way how tornadoes goes.**

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lizardtech 2 weeks ago
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I just found out this morning that the Chandler factory is a mere 50 miles from where I've lived for 22 years! So, I went over...

Rob Coates
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miiasmith 26th August 2022
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I'm excited that this is finally released. I mentioned in my Q&A that I was working on an EP for Morgan Saint. It is...

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TheHanes 18th August 2022
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Glenn Bucci 16th August 2022
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Hey kids... as many know, my old company -- Mercenary Audio -- was sold as the by-product of a marital divorce agreement in July...

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Will The Weirdo 1st July 2022
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Short story; after trying room correction software I decided not to buy a new monitoring set up. I was at a mates gaff...

Alex Banks
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psycho_monkey 1st June 2022
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During the investigation of the history of our very old piano made by Franz Oeser from Vienna, we dove in the mechanics (action)...

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keyinstruments 30th May 2022
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1) My DAW computer is finally getting reborn successfully 2) I have a bunch of new musical ideas 3) My new USB MIDI controller...

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tapenade 18th May 2022
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Not sure if this thread will be allowed but my idea is to give a tip of the hat to devs who go above and beyond just to let...

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sgw5 26th April 2022
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Sometimes life hands you a cool surprise! Last year, a friend of mine (a versatile musician and music industry guy in NYC)...

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Progger 6th April 2022
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I finally got to try my Gates Sta Level on a drum bus. Surprised, I find I'm really diggin it's sound. Has six different release...

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Pyeguy 22nd March 2022
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After recording 6 albums which you can find on Soundcloud if you're interested, my other love is audiophile. Back in the 1980's...

Glenn Bucci
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Glenn Bucci 20th March 2022
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Happy birthday Geoff !!! May the spirits guide you into building more gear.... cooge /Lindell howdy

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jimeny 13th February 2022
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I didn't want to like it. I own compressors from 2254a's to the Abbey Road Chandlers to Dakings to Alan Smart to all the usual...

Greg Wells
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Pyeguy 29th January 2022
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So just picked up another UAD satellite unit so now I'm really in this ecosystem. That makes 3 UAD Quad satellite units and 2...

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M2E 25th January 2022
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Hi Gearslutz, I just wanted to start this thread as a place for updates about Weathervane Music. For those who don't...

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melodic dreamer 20th January 2022
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Hey guys, Just wanted to share some quick feedback with you regarding my recent purchase of an API 3124+ through Studio...

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Baz 22nd November 2021
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I got these after reading a Verge article - I thought - £7 what can I...

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sgw5 18th October 2021
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So I made a shock-mount ring a couple days ago for my AT871-R uni boundary mic: I got a 12" Masonite ring from a...

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M50k 9th October 2021
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The podcast I produce just had it's 1,000th download. I assume that 1,000 is the highest number of downloads possible, so...

Deleted d6f81f2
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Deleted d6f81f2739e1301 30th September 2021
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Paula Atherton's single Summer Song is #1 on the Billboard contemporary jazz charts this week! Nathan Mitchell produced, I...

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chessparov2.0 24th August 2021
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Started this thread as a reminder about radio and TV programmes (music production and audio engineering); rather than start a new...

Arthur Stone
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Arthur Stone 20th August 2021
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I know the KPA has been in production for at least 10 years? I just bought one. Why buy one now? Since it came out, I never...

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carlheinz 7th August 2021
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so i have been using the comp for the past two years and mostly used it for vocal tracking and mixing. there is not much...

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PeterPetz 18th July 2021
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I searched here on GS to see if someone had posted this already. While looking for boobs on youtube (shouldn't be hard to do) I...

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coffeecup77 2nd July 2021
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With all the things that can go wrong with gear it sure is nice to have an experience with a company that goes above and beyond...

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3transistor11 25th May 2021
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Hello Gear Spacers! Congrats on the changeover. I'd like to knock at your chamber door to tell you about the podcast I make;...

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midierror 25th April 2021
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Hi, If any of you are fans of psytrance - then you’ll know Infected Mushroom! This interview is going to go live tomorrow at...

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midierror 11th February 2021
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Hi Don't know if this is the right thread to post in.... but You can win a "Hand clap studio" plugin from Robotic...

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mrw 5th January 2021
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2020 is almost over. At least it BETTER be good news. If 2021 is as bad or worse...!

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RightOnRome 1st January 2021
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Really excited to announce the US premier of a movie I have been involved with for the last 23 years: Scream For Me...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 30th December 2020
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beware this is nothing but a praise post!kfhkh Just played around with the SSL X-Comp on drumkits....this thing is KILLING me!...

WunderBro Flo
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miscend 18th December 2020
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Adam Driscoll, co-CEO of Mama Group, added: "It has been apparent for some time that there is a real barrier to artist...

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IndieMobile 12th December 2020
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The short story behind Gyraf and Jakob Erland. It is in danish but Google translate does a pretty decent job! Et kreativt sted i...

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MicroSonic 7th November 2020
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I started out a musician. Another lifetime ago I collected a bunch of hardware, made some fun, then lost it all in a divorce. I...

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starlily 14th September 2020
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A song that I mixed for David Johansen (Buster Poindexter, NY Dolls, Harry Smiths) is now up on YouTube. ...

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RoadRanger 12th September 2020
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When I started recording back in the 80's going to a recording studio and having a home studio was a big deal. Being able to...

Glenn Bucci
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Glenn Bucci 6th September 2020
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Hey guys! If you haven't noticed, in Coldplay's first two records (Parachutes & A Rush of Blood to the Head), everything...

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Jimmy Cheadle 14th August 2020
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Hey, folks. I review speakers and drive-units and thought I'd share my site because, honestly, I don't know where else to post...

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hardisj 27th July 2020
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Ez there slutz!!! Im wondering if any of y`all use Studiospares UK at all........??? I just HAVE to say that EVERYTHING I...

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SpicyPonyHead 23rd May 2020
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Some have heard me mention this before, but my buddies who have started a new credits site, Jaxsta, are now...

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psycho_monkey 27th April 2020
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Happy Easter to you! :) best wishes - Michael

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MichaelDroste 12th April 2020
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Hi guys.. All of us seem to have a lot of time on our hands right now... I wanted to present to you the de-commission of...

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7+1 21st March 2020
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Hey Guys, I'm a newbie on these forums, and I hope I haven't posted in the wrong place, but I just experienced a total Gearslutz...

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Arthur Stone 8th March 2020
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I am a youtube / google fiend when it comes to learning anything and everything about music theory, audio, and recording. I learn...

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Lunar Attic 8th March 2020
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So I purchased two of these a few months back and have been experimenting quite a bit with them with some expectedly fantastic...

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axisdreamer 15th February 2020
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I just want to give a huge shout out to Peter Montessi. I bought a used Hammer on flea-bay and it was losing about 10dbfs when a...

Guitar Zero
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Amroth 13th February 2020