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So what's your favorite mic on these vocalists? Any surprises?
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Wow, that took a long while to get through.. I really appreciate you doing this it's an epic resource!, it's also re-confirmed I have expensive tastes.. Which is unfortunate.!

Just to note, this holistically this is not what I think to half of these mic's.. It's just in this test based on these male vocals "mainly".

It was surprising how many worked on female vox, but it was even more surprising how the male vox brought so many inherant character flaws out of the mics..

P.S now if anyone asks "what do you think to this mic?" I can just point them here..!

So I'll start with my top 10 winners:

1. Manley Ref / Gold (It just sounded like a record out the gate, minimal distortion and no nasty zing anywhere to be found).
2. Mojave MA-300 / U87 AI (I like how smooth the MA is but I like how the U87 cut through, again minimal distortion and they both sound great).
3. AT 5040 (Another smooth mover, nice controlled top and it has a bit of grit but not enough to annoy you).
4. TLM-49 ( Kinda in the same vein as the AT 5040, a bit of grit / well controlled top and nothing too annoying)
5. Bock IFET (Wasn't quite forward enough, but on the whole pleasent sounding)
6. Lauten Clarion (Quite big and forward, not bad)
7. Chandler REDD (I didn't love some of it's sonic characteristics but it was an all round decent microphone)
8. Shure KSM's (whilst nothing to shout about they get they WILL get the job done)
9. Soundelux U99
10. Rode NT1

I did make notes of all of them:

AKG C214 - Stringent resonance on male vox upper register
AKG C314 - See above
AKG C414 XL2 - Again see above
AKG C414 XLS - Repeating pattern at this point
Aston Origin - Same as above but flipped the other way round, sounded a little "brittle"
Aston Spirit - Seemed relatively well controlled but a little too thin and has zing, one of the better one's in this test though
AT 4033 - Weird stuff going on in the HF
AT 4040 - Seems relatively balanced, gets unhinged in some places but ok overall
AT 4047 - Nope
AT 4050 - Definatley one of the better ones, kinda like the 4040
AT 5040 - Very nice, well controlled no extended weird resonances or "pokey bits"
Avantone Pro CV - Subtle zing which irked, although not as bad as others.. Not bad
Behringer C-1 - Set it on fire
Blue B Bottle - Lots of harsh "zing" not good
Blue Bluebird - See above
Blue Bottle - Decent, not as composed as the AT 5040 but not bad either
Bock 251 - On this voice at least, like the Aston Origin
Bock IFET - Seems well balanced, very nice
Chandler REDD - Decent low end / clear, too much "zing" in places / doesn't stand out
Lauten Clarion - A little brighter than the REDD but not a million miles apart
Lauten LA-220 - Stringent resonsance on male upper vox
Lauten LA-320 - Slight signs of sibilance also too much HF detracting from the better sounding lower registers
Lauten LT-381 - Not a fan
Manley Ref Gold - Very nice, sounds well balanced but looses itself in the mix slightly. Also sounds too much like the REF for the price diff
Manley Ref - Very nice again
Mitek CV3 - Decent, clear but a little too much zing for my taste
Miktek CV4 - Same as above
Miktek MK300 - More of the same
Mojave Audio MA-50 - Ouch, has way too much upper resonance ring
Mojave MA-201 - too much upper frequency ring whilst lacking clarity.. I own one and the second part is right at least
Mojave MA-300 - Sounds very nice, well balanced and lack of zing
Mojave MA-301 - It's just a 201 with more patterns
Neumann TLM 49 - Nice, well balanced mic.. Kinda like the REF though would need a bit of work to pull it forward in a mix
Neumann TLM 103 - Nasty upper register zing and sounds unbalanced
Neumann U47 FET - Not bad but preffered the TLM 49, has more resonance
Neumann U87 AI - Well, no surprise why the U87 is well regarded
Rode NT1 - Actually decently balanced, you could do far worse
Rode NT1A - I said you can do far worse, J/K it's not as nice as the NT1 though
Rode NTK - Clear, decent low end it's the upper register grit that ruins it for this mic
SE 2200A - Bit of a weird upper resonance but in this test, not bad
SE 1XS - Similar to the above
Shure KSM32 - Not bad, just a little too dull to cut
Shure KSM44A - Nothing good or bad to say about it, it's very "useable"
Soundelux U99 - Nice, seems well balanced decent lows.. Not my favourite but no issues
Soundelux U195 - Same as the above
Telefunken AK-47 MK11 - Weird harmonic content, not bad but not great either
Telefunken AR-51 Better than the above by a bit
Telefunken ELAM 251 - Best of the tele's but not the best in this comp
Telefunken U47 - Still a bit too much harmonic distortion for me, prefer the Neumman
WA-87 - Doesn't sound like an 87 but isn't badly balanced and lacks irky distortion characteristics, although struggles to cut

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