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Hello fellow Gearslutz! Lynn Fuston from Sweetwater here. I've worked with Jules and the team at Gearslutz to put together this...

Lynn Fuston
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jono_marko 16th March 2018
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I'll start. I have a Soundelux 251 that I've owned for about 12 years now. I absolutely adore it. It's always on the stand when...

Lynn Fuston
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MichaelDroste 26th May 2018
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Hey all, just want to let you know that we're going to be closing this forum to new posts/replies within the next week or...

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Whitecat 30th April 2018
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There are lots of mics that have amazingly flat frequency response plots. And yet, I rarely see them mentioned when we discuss...

Lynn Fuston
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Bitsmith 6th April 2018
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Here's a thread I started out of curiosity, I thought you may be interested here too?...

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Rob Coates 6th April 2018
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I thought some here might be interested in hearing the Manley Gold and Reference Cardioid along side the new Silver on all the...

Lynn Fuston
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WunderBro Flo 17th February 2018
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This mic has not been modeled yet has it? I kinda want an original but if the workmanship is on par with like a Neumann or Royer...

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chessparov2.0 28th January 2018
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When we let the writers here at Sweetwater take a preview look at the page last Friday, it was amazing to hear all the different...

Lynn Fuston
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Deleted 6ccb844 27th January 2018
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I'm at it again. I've heard lots of questions about some new mics that are challenging the perennial favorite SM57. Most...

Lynn Fuston
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Sigma 5th December 2017
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Maybe it is too early but I think it would be fun to have a thread where any winners of the giveaway, if were members hear, would...

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Lynn Fuston 7th November 2017
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Any of the included mics ones that Sweetwater does not sell? If not, isn't this all just a big advertisement? I would really...

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ccmdav 18th October 2017
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This is not click bait, I promise. This is a question that I field every day. "So of all the 50 mics, which one was the...

Lynn Fuston
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Deleted 49e1b717129184a 29th September 2017
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Here's a very cool side by side comparison that we just finished of the classic 251/C12/U47 mics. These videos offer three of the...

Lynn Fuston
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chrisdee 13th September 2017
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Have you ever noticed that there's a psychology to choosing microphones? If you've had the luxury of working in big studios...

Lynn Fuston
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jkung 23rd July 2017
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I appreciate you all welcoming me here and the lively conversation/debate about our Mic Shootout. It was a blast talking about...

Lynn Fuston
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Whitecat 13th June 2017
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(Forgive me as I have yet to be able to listen to these comparisons on anything more than a set of MacBook Pro speakers - but...

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nightchef 5th June 2017
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I hope this doesn't come across as crass commercialism, but if you win one of these packages you could do your OWN mic shootout....

Lynn Fuston
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ChaseUTB 5th June 2017
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Some of the original feedback we received when this was released was along the lines of "Wow, you left out the...

Lynn Fuston
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Pianolando 27th May 2017
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Maybe it's just me (or if not just me, then a pretty eccentric few) that really heavily utilize polar patterns on mics. There's...

Lynn Fuston
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dzb 15th May 2017
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My favourite mic so far on the male vocal is the REDD. However, that mic also has an internal preamp of course. Was that bypassed...

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bambamboom 15th May 2017