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9th May 2017 Views: 18,439
Views: 18,439
9th May 2017
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Hello everybody, I've encountered very strange recording issue. 2 weeks ago I recorded some piece on my electric guitar. I...

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aroldi 39 minutes ago
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Was really happy to see C11 with a new feature that allows one to queue various jobs in the Mixdown window. You could have...

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oceantracks 11 hours ago
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We all know Cubase's cpu management is not the best, but since I've switched to mac, specifically macbook pro 16 (I always worked...

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alibling 13 hours ago
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Link : Interesting things, in this new version. Mainly, the macros window...

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bace 1 day ago
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Hi, I tried search function, but I haven't found anything facing my problem. I recorded an album 30 years ago, with a 8-track...

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elegentdrum 2 days ago
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Hi, I made a little video about how I do vocal comping in Cubase. Any more tips and tricks from people over here that are good...

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oceantracks 3 days ago
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It looks like SmartAV have well and truly dropped of the planet now... they stopped selling new gear a few years back, but now...

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Dean Michaels 6 days ago
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I have a drum machine track in Cubase that I want to send to a speaker and record it from a mic through my Steinberg UR22...

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Airlane1979 1 week ago
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I have recorded a fairly long and complex piece with multiple MIDI instruments. The VST library through which I was playing it,...

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jeff367 1 week ago
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Hi, I apologise if this is not the right section to ask this. I recently upgraded my system and bought a Mac mini M1, a...

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100gamberi 1 week ago
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I have an audio track with multiple takes and I want to make a composite audio track out of them. Numerous instructional videos...

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henrylaw 1 week ago
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I just want to say I wish Yamaha would come out with a dedicated DAW controller for Cubase, home studio of project studio...

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J-S-Q 1 week ago
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Hi there. I have read every relevant forum I can find about this, but haven't come to a solution. I've also posted this on...

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trock 2 weeks ago
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Ragazzi qualcuno sa aiutarmi con le varie cartelle di cubase Commons files VST2 - Vstpluing - VST 3 etc... I have a problem...

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mhgraet 2 weeks ago
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Hello, Just out of curiosity: Let's say that I would like to find an old fashion way of working in and with a DAW that has a...

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greggybud 2 weeks ago
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I have a vanilla installation of Cubase Elements 11 and am having trouble with Groove Agent SE5. Specifically I can only find...

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henrylaw 2 weeks ago
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In this video I demonstrate how I use Cubase automation to build a dynamic mix. Do you have any tips on using Cubase automation...

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maartenl945 2 weeks ago
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I've downloaded all files associated with the new Cubase 11. I updated from C10. Now, every time I try to register with the...

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thenoodle 2 weeks ago
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Having a bit of a strange issue here. When I render my Vocal tracks as the plugs are a bit heavy. In render settings I choose the...

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dj Royal Tee 2 weeks ago
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Copied from Steinberg Facebook page: For many of you this is the announcement you have been waiting for for a long time. While...

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UnderTow 3 weeks ago
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Hi am trying to do 90s rave stuff and Roland had an option to lock a chord and the playing keyboard based on the chord locked...

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BT64 3 weeks ago
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Hey all, I'm quite the new Cubase (Pro 11) user. I came from Digital Performer. I imagine most of us use a combination of...

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thenoodle 4 weeks ago
Avatar for thenoodle

Matthias mentioned today on the cb 11.0.10 update thread at sb.... "The MIDI Remote API is now scheduled for the next major...

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ldamann 4 weeks ago
Avatar for DeadPoet

Hello everybody, TL;DR : How are you all handling multiple monitors, room correction software and monitoring control? The...

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J-S-Q 4 weeks ago
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In case anyone's not yet aware, the final maintenance update for Cubase 10.5 was released yesterday. Details here: Cubase 10.5...

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OliverV 12th March 2021
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Hi there, I have some strange issues going on there with a new project that I want to mix. Musicians sent me their...

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jatzemann 9th March 2021
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After a year of enjoying the wonderful Bitwig as my main DAW, I decided to purchase an update for Cubase - a program I used...

Paul Vicory
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thenoodle 6th March 2021
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Hi I have a little and probably really stupid question. I was watching a cubase tutorial where they said that if you add...

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BT64 6th March 2021
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Hi I have four little questions about the mediabay - 1. What exactly happens when one performs the “convert program list...

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rockyduderino 5th March 2021
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Hi, I've been really thinking hard lately about weather to start summing my mixes out of Cubase, into a summing mixer and record...

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Scragend 3rd March 2021
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Hello, I'm in the middle of editing a drum recording. All the drum tracks are in a folder, which is grouped. I've bounced all...

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LSP 1st March 2021
Avatar for easyrider

Looks to be down for the last 3...

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Boxtone 28th February 2021
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I just had a frustrating experience with the steinberg support. I want to convert .all files to .cpr files. I wasn´t able to...

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Scragend 27th February 2021
Avatar for thenoodle

I'm experimenting with a few 1967 multitracks (8 and 16trk) that I've transferred from tape to computer. None were recorded to a...

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BT64 27th February 2021
Avatar for Riley Casey

I just bought an upgrade from Cubase Elements from 9 to 11 and when I try to install the elicenser complains that the “license...

Riley Casey
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Guillermo N 26th February 2021
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Hey. I'm going to give Cubase a try, because I'm annoyed with Logic (been using it for years). My main gripe is that when...

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Dor 26th February 2021
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BT64 21st February 2021
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Because the Sphere L22 records a stereo signal - with the front capsule being on the left channel and the rear capsule being...

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BT64 21st February 2021
Avatar for EveDoesAudioThin

Hey, So I just started learning cubase to make multichannel mixes of certain tracks whose recording sessions I have access to....

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mattiasnyc 20th February 2021
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Question about how cubase and lets say the Tascam Model 24 Multi-Track Mixer and use of vst effects work. Lets say I have...

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BT64 18th February 2021
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I'm running W10 and Cubase 10.5. I have almost finished a new track. It needs finishing touches on the mix and an outro. All the...

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DeadPoet 16th February 2021
Avatar for SexWithRobots

I currently use a Novation Impulse 49 midi keyboard and recently updated my system from Cubase 7.5 on Win7 to Cubase 11 on Win10....

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Avatar for farouche
farouche 15th February 2021
Avatar for djwaxxy

ive got a sustain pedal for my arturia keylab 49 and everytime I go and press the pedal to record pianos it automatically mutes...

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DJVance 14th February 2021
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In this video I'm showing how I use SpectraLayers One in Cubase 11 for some audio editing tasks. I wonder whether any of you have...

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maartenl945 13th February 2021
Avatar for Broth3rz

I have the Korg nanoKONTROL2, I want the left side buttons to be default Cubase buttons, the knobs and sliders I want to be...

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stratdesign 10th February 2021
Avatar for buddy_

Hi there, After searching I have seen some similar threads but am not sure I fully understand the answers. Is it fair to say...

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buddy_ 8th February 2021
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I'm trying to upgrade from Pro 10 to Pro 10.5, and while I was able to find the link to download (from mysteinberg), I can't for...

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LSP 8th February 2021
Avatar for ehb

Hello, I updated my system to windows 7 64 bits and installed Cubase 7 64 bit. I installed also Reason 5. But, when I go to...

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Avatar for sansura
sansura 7th February 2021
Avatar for Robertt8


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Hyperspace 7th February 2021
Avatar for strahany

Hi folks, I spent considerable time locating these codes for the Houston control and thought I would share them as they are very...

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Avatar for GBP
GBP 7th February 2021