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9th May 2017 Views: 25,839
Views: 25,839
9th May 2017
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So it looks like Steinberg are slowly moving to a subscription model after all...despite promising not to do that. The...

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thenoodle 1 day ago
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im having massive problems with sampletank 4 it constantly crashing cubase 12. i can load it up on a channel and not even record...

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pquinn 2 days ago
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Hi There, I have a PlugIn (Möbius Looper) wich supports multi in and outputs. But I couldn't figure out how I can rout them...

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Jake_Blues 2 days ago
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Hello I am using cubase 9 pro I am trying to understand the difference between Aux sends aux returns , sending busses...etc and...

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mattiasnyc 1 week ago
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I am a Logic user, but may need to collaborate remotely with a singer who uses Cubase. I will be sending a backing track WAV for...

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allthebuttons 1 week ago
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Hi all, Has anyone encountered the case where you have send and/or insert bypass automation not playing back correctly? I've...

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DeadPoet 1 week ago
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Hello everyone, This may be a silly question :facepalm:, but here it goes: I have a Cubase Pro 11 license in my e-Licenser....

The Tenant
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The Tenant 1 week ago
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I just upgraded 10.5.3 to 12.0.4 and I'm blown away. The new Download Manager, Activation Manager handle everything so...

Russell Casse
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Russell Casse 2 weeks ago
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(a bit of whisky rambling here) Cubase Pro 10.5 is on sale for 340 or so (with tax and elicenser). I've been demoing it and...

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Tonehenge 2 weeks ago
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I am having problems with Cubase 12 and at this point tired of renewing versions and having glitches. Looking for a new software....

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nitrateaudio 2 weeks ago
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Looking to upgrade Cubase but nuendo gives me more options and I can afford it. Any reason to only use Cubase? Can I record bands...

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barryjohns 2 weeks ago
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I'm likely to be making the jump to Cubase during this sale. I've been poking around in the manual, watching vids and will...

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BezowinZ 2 weeks ago
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Here is a midi map I made for the command 8 to use with cubase. the first file is the xml file and the 2nd download is a text...

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A reoccurring topic in the Cubase forum is performance problems. Here is a thread for sharing confirmed, generally applicable,...

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TheAndyMac 3 weeks ago
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I just found this out.... I own Cubase 12. I can pay a crossgrade fee ($400 or whatever it is), get Nuendo 12 and NOT lose my...

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barryjohns 3 weeks ago
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Hello everyone ! I have issues with cubase 11 that I just downloaded from Steinberg, and High Sierra OS I have seen in this...

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Hide 3 weeks ago
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to switching over to the new system:

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felis 4 weeks ago
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When I scan folders in Local Disks and after the scanning when I go to a folder with audio samples nothing shows in the search...

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StoxOBX 4 weeks ago
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Hey Folks got some problems with the GUI of the mixer in Cubase 7.5 (current version) when working on larger projects with...

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kebu 18th August 2022
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Need some help here.. I love Cubase, but haven't had it up and running for many years until now. Yesteryear I installed Cubase...

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muffegutt 16th August 2022
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hello people I have a 12 core Mac Pro, 2 x 3.33Ghz , and it has Mac OS 10.13.6 installed. everything I read regarding Cubase...

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Nick7771 13th August 2022
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I'm using Cubase 11 and recently purchased the Vocalign plugin/extension, and was wondering if anyone else is having the same...

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LSP 13th August 2022
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I took a long hiatus from recording and was so happy that my previous Cubase 5 was still eligible to be upgraded to 12 (both...

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slaveern 13th August 2022
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This is no doubt an uninformed (aka stupid) question, but why is only one USB audio path available at one time? I have several...

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popmann 13th August 2022
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Hey all, I'm stuck trying to get the 'record output to midi' function to work from Arpache as a midi insert effect. The button is...

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DJElectricDaddy 3rd August 2022
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Hey guys, Here is an email I sent to Steinberg tonight I’m out of ideas and completely frustrated. I am posting here to see...

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Skijumptoes 2nd August 2022
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Hi. I'm using Cubase 9.5 right now, and I was wondering what is more significant.. number of cores vs. clock speed. I mainly...

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Jetpack 30th July 2022
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Many plugins don't have their own file management system, relying on Cubase's own which is not described in the Cubase manual as...

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Airlane1979 29th July 2022
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Cubase 11 pro I’m having problems getting mono outputs to render in bfd3 I get stereo outputs when I render it but the mono...

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popmann 25th July 2022
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It's kinda of a no ryme or reason can't win pull your hair out situation! Cubase 12.3, MBP M1 max. So I thought I narrowed the...

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Realziment 24th July 2022
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Hello I need a little help regarding audiobook editing in Cubase. In order to meet the ACX requirements for audio books...

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oceantracks 24th July 2022
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I already have these from my last machine: - ATX case - Power Supply Unit (850W) - Graphics Card (EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB) ...

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easybullet3 23rd July 2022
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I am using Cubase Pro v12 via a Steinberg UR824 (24 bit) interface. If I set my project bit depth at 24 bit in Cubase, does that...

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Kirill Bukanov 22nd July 2022
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Cubase pros. I track multiple synths into Cubase, but sometimes I want to not use those parts right away, instead of leaving...

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TobiasSounDesign 22nd July 2022
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Hi everybody. I'm on the point to build a new pc. I still can work on my 5-6 years old machine because I built a really...

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easybullet3 22nd July 2022
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Anyone know a place to find an ISO for Nuendo 1?

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thenoodle 16th July 2022
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I have been using Cubase for so long that I'm embarrased to ask, but I didn't find it via the manual or by checking the program...

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Skijumptoes 7th July 2022
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I'm on 10.5x...relatively recent Win10Pro. I was exporting the multitrack for mixing elsewhere, and decided I'd have it auto...

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Herzton 22nd June 2022
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In Audio tracks when I am browsing the effects preset list, as soon as I select a new preset, the Monitor button of that track...

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Airlane1979 21st June 2022
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Hey guys, In PT, there's a feature where when you click down on the mouse and drag the cursor on top of midi notes in their...

Dean Landon
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BT64 19th June 2022
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A little fun or a little boredom for you. New Cubase releases are (I guess) usually on Wednesdays. A Cubase mod teasingly...

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thenoodle 18th June 2022
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What do you think about Steinberg’s new licensing system? Are you okay with having to have access to the internet at least...

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bace 17th June 2022
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I obviously don't expect that configuration to run big Cubase 12 Pro projects. But I'm still curious, if anyone out there has...

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Scragend 15th June 2022
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styphon 14th June 2022
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Hi, I mix through a console sending my tracks from Cubase out through 64 channels of D/A conversion (ferrofish a32 via madi x 2)...

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jweisbin 13th June 2022
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Hey guys! we have a weird problem going on: We start a project on a Mac M1 and produce a record. When we then open the...

JR the second
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popmann 3rd June 2022
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I have a thing I would like to do, but can't figure out how. Does anybody know how to make a solosafe prefader send to an efx...

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DaPhunk73 29th May 2022
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This is my first time here, and I am not sure I am posting in the right place, so please bear with me. My problem is simple:...

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DeadPoet 24th May 2022
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Hi, The release notes say that both these synths are compatible with the new licensing system. So, how do I transfer my licenses...

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KorgAddict 20th May 2022
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Is there one? Something I miss from Pro tools, not sure how this got bye me :lol:

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Scragend 16th May 2022