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9th May 2017 Views: 20,065
Views: 20,065
9th May 2017
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Hey guys, I have following problem. I've got now and tape machine and an analog peakmeter. I would like to route my master...

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DeadPoet 3 days ago
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Suddenly my Launch Key Mini in not triggering my VST instruments. It's always worked perfectly, but now, nothing. I reinstalled...

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Buss-me 1 week ago
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As a primarily Bitwig user, I decided to give Cubase Pro 11 a 2nd chance now that it's likely I won't have to use the eLicenser...

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antic604 1 week ago
Avatar for antic604

Yesterday Steinberg's servers were out for most of the day (European time) because they were updating them to new authentication...

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antic604 1 week ago
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I really like the arpeggiator in Retrologue/Padshop. They sound ok too, but I would really like to have a similar arpeggiator to...

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Skijumptoes 2 weeks ago
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Hey does anyone know of an alternative to the Audiowarp feature commonly found in most modern versions of Cubase now? I have an...

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rethgil 3 weeks ago
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How can I sync the transport of either Dorico or Notion to Cubase? MIDI clock? MTC?

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mizzle 3 weeks ago
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This is a problem that I've had for years and have never figured out a solution. This has happened to me both under Windows 7 and...

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DevonB 3 weeks ago
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Here is a Cubase crash course I just...

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tenkas 3 weeks ago
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After a year of enjoying the wonderful Bitwig as my main DAW, I decided to purchase an update for Cubase - a program I used...

Paul Vicory
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wildschwein 4 weeks ago
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(a bit of whisky rambling here) Cubase Pro 10.5 is on sale for 340 or so (with tax and elicenser). I've been demoing it and...

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oceantracks 4 weeks ago

Hi guys, After being ignored by “Technical Customer Support” for over a month now and a very underwhelming response on the...

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Nemeton 15th August 2021
Avatar for Mason

I tried switching to the vst2 versions of my waves plugins, and projects that were saved with the vst3 versions of those plugins...

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Mason 14th August 2021
Avatar for aimpaca78

Hi, I'm in the 3rd year of a music college so I need to share my cubase session to my band and my professor on Webex...

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aimpaca78 14th August 2021
Avatar for saschko

I tweaked an audio file which was unfortunately an mp3 with Vari Audio. Now I will get the same performance as an uncompressed...

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Avatar for saschko
saschko 12th August 2021
Avatar for Airlane1979

I have Cubase 10.5 Ai with a Steinberg UR22 II audio interface and a Yamaha MX49 synth which has its own built-in USB audio...

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Avatar for Herzton
Herzton 12th August 2021
Avatar for tarantulis

About a month ago I began experiencing a bizarre issue in Cubase. If an audio track exists in Cubase (even an empty session, even...

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Avatar for woodsdenis
woodsdenis 10th August 2021
Avatar for nksoloproject

So I'm a big fan of Cubase, having switched over to it last year. It's been great for recording and song writing. I'm starting a...

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nksoloproject 8th August 2021
Avatar for barryfell

For years i've always ended up running into issues in Cubase where once I get to the mix stage I can't play the project without...

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Avatar for TJC
TJC 7th August 2021
Avatar for DJVance

Hey. I'm going to give Cubase a try, because I'm annoyed with Logic (been using it for years). My main gripe is that when...

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Avatar for BIG BUDDHA
BIG BUDDHA 7th August 2021
Avatar for Firewire

Hey guys, I'm new to Ambisonics and just about getting my head around this. I am using Cubase 10.5 I was wondering if anyone...

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Avatar for Firewire
Firewire 5th August 2021
Avatar for electro

Anyone know a place to find an ISO for Nuendo 1?

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Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 5th August 2021
Avatar for LSP

I used the "flatten" feature in the arranger track months ago for a client. I've now discovered that I didn't have the...

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LSP 4th August 2021
Avatar for diamondjim

Just wanted to give a shout out to Chris Ludwig at Fundamental AV who built my new Win 10 DAW. Things were going well with...

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Avatar for diamondjim
diamondjim 26th July 2021
Avatar for ryevick

I’m still learning Cubase but in watching a tutorial I went to select Racks as shown below… and it wasn’t there. I’ve...

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Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 26th July 2021
Avatar for Aml

Greetings, folks. New to Cubase here (11 Pro). I’ve been using Ableton Live for many years and decided to try out Cubase....

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mattiasnyc 24th July 2021
Avatar for Dazlermac

40% off upgrades: https://new.steinberg.net/promotion/?et_cid=15&et_lid=22&et_sub=Cubase%20Studio%20Weeks

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Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 23rd July 2021
Avatar for tgs

Hi all, Not much talk about these controllers, and not a big surprise considering that they are pretty pricey. I'm building a...

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Avatar for freezerman
freezerman 22nd July 2021
Avatar for LSP

I've been working setting up an expression map for Session Strings Pro 2 with Cubase 11. I believe I have it all worked out,...

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LSP 20th July 2021
Avatar for zahush76

So i saw Steinberg is having a 40% off sale. I have Cubase pro 10.5 If i remember correct - if i upgrade (or update, or...

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Avatar for felis
felis 19th July 2021
Avatar for Jantex

I am currently running Cubase 8.05, have been Cubase user for long despite having PT as a main workstation. One issue that always...

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Avatar for nott
nott 17th July 2021
Avatar for thenoodle

Do you guys disable wlan in bios? I have an option there. I've already disabled all the other usual suspects for best...

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BT64 16th July 2021
Avatar for BrainCheck123

Only enter if you are open to having your ideas constructively criticized. The other rules are: -Don't guise feature requests...

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Avatar for musicmaker1986
musicmaker1986 8th July 2021
Avatar for DaPhunk73

I am looking for a way to put a time adjust/delay plugin on my input channel in Cubase. I am recording drums, and sometimes I...

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Avatar for DaPhunk73
DaPhunk73 6th July 2021
Avatar for trock

Hi Anyone using an s1 and the avid transport with Cubase and eucon ? With iPads Wondering how well u like it Saw a...

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Avatar for 66superfly
66superfly 5th July 2021
Avatar for JohnnyB7

Hey Guys I am building a new Audio Workstation for my film music production work and I hjave decided to go with AMD Ryzen. I...

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Avatar for JohnnyB7
JohnnyB7 5th July 2021
Avatar for LSP

I've recently been attempting to arrange orchestral strings for a client. I'm using Cubase Pro 11, Kontakt 5, and Session Strings...

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Avatar for LSP
LSP 4th July 2021
Avatar for illynoise

I'm getting stuck on startup initializing VST3 instruments. Is there a way to get around this? Cheers. I guess this is...

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Avatar for illynoise
illynoise 3rd July 2021
Avatar for MartW

I have recently been evaluating both Cubase 11 Elements and Studio One Prime (though the purchase would be for Artist)....

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Avatar for tific
tific 3rd July 2021
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Avatar for jeremy.c.
jeremy.c. 2nd July 2021
Avatar for JHTorch

I recently introduced the Softube Console 1 into my workflow and love it. I’ve been using the UAD SSL 4k channel strip on all...

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Avatar for TikkoRome
TikkoRome 2nd July 2021
Avatar for kdf

I need to sync Cubase to a multitrack tape deck to transfer the audio from tape into Cubase. The Tape is striped with LTC. Is...

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Avatar for thenoodle
thenoodle 30th June 2021
Avatar for Jansemann4433

Working at 96 kHz in cubase and I would like to use a decent SRC Plugin in cubase to do the SRC when exporting directly to 44...

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Avatar for ChrisNunchuck
ChrisNunchuck 27th June 2021
Avatar for eirikur

Hi guys! I recently attended a nuendo presentation and became interested. I have been using another product earlier, but this...

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Avatar for arsmusic
arsmusic 25th June 2021
Avatar for rishi5590

I am thinking about upgrading to Cubase pro so I can use DearVR Pro for music production. However, I have heard that ideally...

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Avatar for rishi5590
rishi5590 24th June 2021
Avatar for torpor

I want to something very basic: I use a SEND to send the signal from a track to the singer's Headphones. I don't use Control Room...

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Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 24th June 2021
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, Does anyone know if it’s possible to create the following macro/key commands: 1. Add a specific VST rack/track...

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Avatar for Herzton
Herzton 17th June 2021
Avatar for brain21

I did a search and didn't see anything wrt these latest versions... I have never used Cubase. The last time I used NuEndo I...

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Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 17th June 2021
Avatar for TheOmegaShadow

HI Guys, I have an annoying issue where my 'Faderport Classic' now disappears from the controllers list after closing...

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Avatar for trtzbass
trtzbass 13th June 2021
Avatar for telecode

I been watching this Trevor Horn video and just wondering how hot or hard are other people hitting their audio tracks in Cubase?...

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Avatar for Scragend
Scragend 11th June 2021