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Sorry to bother you all guys, I hope I'm askking this in the correct place? I have two Acme iSolution IC3000 wash lights with 3 x...

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StuMur 1 week ago
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Hello, I am looking for advice. We are putting together a 5 meter x 5 meter stage for video work. The TRUSS dimension I...

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emenelton 2 weeks ago
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I'm looking for recommendations on Barndoors, or other accessories to control beam spill, for Rogue R1 & R2 Washes, and Mac...

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KevinMH 28th July 2021
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Hi all, Need some advice. I’m in the market for a DMX controller, preferably controllable from an iPad or similar. I am a DJ...

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shaddai 23rd July 2021
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Hi guys and girls, I'm new here and I have a question regarding stage lightning. So basically I'm teaching electric guitar...

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paul o 18th July 2021
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Hey folks, My friends and I get together and jam in my newly finished and soundproofed basement for fun (well...almost...

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paul o 12th July 2021
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Hi - I’m in the market for a few 6.5 feet vertical truss to hang about 40 pounds of lights on each truss. I will need to setup...

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paul o 18th June 2021
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Hi guys, I have come here in absolute ignorance and humility looking for some direction. My band wants to invest in a super small...

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funnyhamburger 14th June 2021
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I just purchased a couple of Chauvet Slim Par T12BT lights. Holy cow they were loud. I returned them. Does anyone know how...

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CrankyChris 6th June 2021
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Hi there, This forum has got some really valuable information and than you all for the contributions... This is my first...

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Betsy R. William 27th May 2021
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Hi there, I should start off by saying I'm in the deep here. I've never done this before and have very little knowledge, so...

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myosis 11th May 2021
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My first post here on Gearspace! Haven't seen this question asked by anyone yet. An amp I've been storing.... and possibly...

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JayTee4303 8th May 2021
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I need to add a couple of inexpensive moving head lights to a small band lighting rig. The budget is very limited and they are...

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goldsburg 15th February 2021
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Hi Folks, A while ago I purchased a used Eurolite Scene Setter 24 DMX control deck. Yes, I know this is an old unit,...

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Zimmerframe 19th January 2021
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Hi, guys. I've bought a set of HQ Power vdpldjbar8 (https://www.velleman.eu/products/view?id=427354) some years ago. These are 2...

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paul o 15th January 2021
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Hello, I'm Sam, and I'm currently doing some research into ways to make lighting control systems easier to use and setup,...

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sambenge 3rd January 2021
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hi there....im real noob ...so i al unable to identify the units in this vídeo....can anyone help me to? thanks in avance...

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yiekho 24th November 2020
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Hi guys, wondering if I can pick your brains for some advice. When working as a tech, I'm mainly a sound engineer, and before...

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Chris1234 20th November 2020
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Hello. I am looking for some info. concerning some things I want to do with projectors in a stage performance setup. I currently...

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DrewE 12th August 2020
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Hi, I will setup a large installation of 160 RGBW downlights, and I am looking for the best way to control them, I've found the...

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mikg 1st July 2020
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I am considering buying this projection mapping device and software and utilizing it in a live performance set with NI Traktor...

Touch The Universe
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Touch The Universe 20th May 2020
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I’m looking for a lighting controller or interface box that supports the following for my band that plays with a backing track...

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fret12 5th May 2020
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Hello Everyone, The band just decided to jazz up our show with some lights. I got a pair off Amazon nothing fancy but they...

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Vlad The Impaler 27th April 2020
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Does anyone think that the current DMX control software hard to use? Coming from the audio side of the world, I find the...

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solublepeter 16th February 2020
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Thanks to many out there I no longer need this post up. Not sure how to fully delete it. -Rob

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blobdub 15th February 2020
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I have two mk2 spots that draw 740 watts and 6 amps each. Due to a lack of options, I would like to connect them using a...

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Ednund19 13th February 2020
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Some LED based fixtures have a dimmer and shutter channel, example would be the intimidator series by chauvet or superfly by...

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technomind 9th February 2020
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Hey all! New to this forum as well as DMX and stage lighting. My question is : I’m currently using Chauvet show express. It’s...

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technomind 8th February 2020
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Has anyone come across a high pitched ringing issue with Chauvet DJ EZLink Par Q6 BT fixtures? Can't seem to find anything on GS...

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benjh1 16th January 2020
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Hey guys, Pardon my ignorance, I've never had any experience with lights. I have this kind of a situation: Electronic band...

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besairedt 10th December 2019
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Hello, I'm new to the forums. Six months ago I purchased a "Stage Right by Monoprice PAR-64 Stage Light with 177 LEDs...

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Danyloo 20th October 2019
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A 80-foot wide stage I work on gets complaints about the lack of frontal lighting on the orchestra (classical music hall)....

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Danyloo 12th October 2019
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I bought this light and controller on an online auction site. It was advertised as a Martin Rush par 1 RGBW. However, when I...

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Danyloo 6th October 2019
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Hey guys! New here. :) TLDR: What gear do I need to sync a premade lightshow to backtracks without using a computer live? And...

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Boffa 27th August 2019
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I've been asked to look into purchasing a projector for our local small town hall/theatre. (Not a movie theatre, it's used for...

matt thomas
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matt thomas 3rd August 2019
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Beams and balls: lighting protest at Sydney Opera House | Julius Media

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Deleted 826a64b9906674b 25th July 2019
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I’m looking at buying a Nexo speaker system running on camco vortex amps.. For venue, capacity 250 Could someone please...

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Sloman 25th June 2019
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Hi, I went to the only music store nearby and I asked if they were selling Behringer ep4000 amps, and the owner said yes, but at...

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JON321 19th June 2019
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I'm new to any kind of lighting, so sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm looking for a small, portable wash that can smoothly...

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CJ Mastering 18th May 2019
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Hello, I'm new here so first, just a hello to everyone on this forum. Anyways allow me to explain my situation here. I...

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vogelchr 22nd April 2019
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I run a 4 piece rock funk band, vocals, keys guitar, bass and drums and need to get a pa to cover us for small to med venues....

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Bushman 14th April 2019
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Hi All, I'm using a Chauvet Obey40 desk to control (among other fixtures) 4 x Eurolite ML-56 White spots. I can't seem to...

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exaisle 28th March 2019
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Hey guys, I'm the drummer/motion designer for a post-rock band called 'The Clouds Will Clear'. Unfortunately, I'm not...

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Codeweasel 22nd March 2019
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OK, me first... I am a mostly retired 35+ year TV Broadcast Engineer with both recording and FOH audio experience. I have some...

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Codeweasel 22nd March 2019
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Hello, I am having an issue with our house lights. We put LED bulbs in and I can't get some to not flicker while they are dimmed....

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M.D.N.S. 17th February 2019
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Hey all, I'm new to stage lighting / DMX and I was curious... What do you guys do about getting adequate power to your...

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azlan121 17th December 2018
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Hi guys, Let't say you are still a indie band, that plays live instruments + backing tracks and you get the change to play at...

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M.D.N.S. 17th October 2018
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Hello! I'm looking for a very specific lighting function. It's sort of like a sound activated strobe, but the strobe is doing a...

Deleted 4205102
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Deleted 4205102 21st August 2018
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So, I've found in the warehouse this console I didn't even remember I had. It's a SGM Regia 8, a tiny 8 channel lighting...

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bigbluewave 23rd May 2018
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YouTube Wozwers that was really cool. Clearly synced to MIDI. Can anyone tell me what lighting system he is using?

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lxm 8th May 2018