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Huge props to the Gearslutz Gods for providing this forum! This is a thread to post rough demos of songs, for critique NOT of...

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Pyeguy 1 minute ago
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a 'finished' demo thread which would include comments on performance. This would be for demos which are intended to go to...

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MAXX VADA 1 day ago
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Let’s post our sketches here. It’s a place for quick recordings, ideas and exercises that probably don’t quite meet the...

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Arrandan 14 hours ago
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This thread is a time machine constructed for the purpose of revisiting and reimagining the 1980's songwriting scene, an...

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Seattle 21 hours ago
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I thought I'd start a thread for anyone wanting to share new music or songwriters they've discovered. I'll start with this one I...

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Pyeguy 22 hours ago
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Recently heard this sample in a Kendrick Lamar song... But I've heard almost the exact same thing, if not EXACTLY the same...

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seethelight 5 days ago
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I am currently 'trying' to study (i.e. analyze) some of Pete Townshend's compositions...both with The Who and his solo work....

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mbvoxx 5 days ago
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Since music business forum is now closed, this seems like closest fit on GS. Let me know if I've missed another option. I've...

Bongo Spank
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s wave 6 days ago
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My songs are Copyrighted band recordings and I was thinking about doing some unplugged versions to post on YouTube. I'm wondering...

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dlp4 1 week ago
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Not sure where to put this, so here it goes. I been listening to some of these new folky artists and I keep hearing the...

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mdme_sadie 1 week ago
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I tried to reach out to the moderators to maybe change the topic title of the old thread to re-purpose it. I didn't get a...

Mister Fox
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Mister Fox 1 week ago
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Do you seek out experiences with the goal of inspiring your songwriting? Or have you ever tried this as an approach?

Wire Grind
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markmann 1 week ago
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Recorded in Reaper. Guitar, bass, drum machine, vox (all by me, me, me). Thanks for listening. Feedback most...

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bill5 2 weeks ago
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I know three songwriters that I consider to be friends. Two have written at least a hundred songs that I know of, and the third...

Brent Hahn
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sourpatch 2 weeks ago
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gramps 3 weeks ago
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From another thread: Yes, because names can't be trademarked/copyrighted. Yes, but that's because you used it in a negative...

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bill5 3 weeks ago
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Title says it all. Any era is fine. I'll start: Bee Gees - How Deep is Your Love Went #1 , has a really nice C major...

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Dub dubs 3 weeks ago
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Majestic Is Your Name, a song created by Terry Tornblom, words adapted from Psalm 8. I am honored and grateful to be asked by...

Rene Asologuitar
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Rene Asologuitar 4 weeks ago
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I've been toying around with EZKeys and am working on a song, 4/4 time, starts on the first beat, where the verse end on the 7th...

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SkyPirate 4 weeks ago
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Hope you guys find this useful, good luck with your future songwriting and have fun :)

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MichaelJackson 9th July 2022
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Hello, Here's my last album, which alternates between calm and aerial ambiances and heavier textures, well served by a real...

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MAXX VADA 3rd July 2022
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Can you give me some off the top of my head? There are only 2 right now that I can think of because I haven't listened to much...

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Bstapper 1st July 2022
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Hi everyone, I am working on a track that I love and I need some help with brass. Namely, I'd like to hire a trio of brass...

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BernierB 27th June 2022
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Hello, I'm wondering whether anyone has heard of Discover Sooner, which is run by Nancy Deckant. Is this a legitimate entity or a...

Adult Lerner
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Adult Lerner 26th June 2022
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Hey, I'm Cameron, I'm a first time poster. Sorry in advance if this topic has been covered many times before, or if this isn't...

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markmann 17th June 2022
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… and later when you fixed it, it just didn't feel the same anymore. So you leave it in because it just works. mezed

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s wave 8th June 2022
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hello if you're interested in folky shoegaze, dreampop, postrock, these are my bandcamp and soundcloud pages with some demos...

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mylonelysleep 8th June 2022
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I made a very silly song/jingle about not liking stout, it was made with the gefell umt70s when I had it on loan for a week,...

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MAXX VADA 1st June 2022
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I have found it interesting lately that some people I know said they no longer worry about copyrighting their songs because they...

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s wave 20th May 2022
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I started to write a song about America a year ago and I've been finding nice melody lines, chords and whatnot, but I'm stuck on...

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Seattle 20th May 2022
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Hi everybody howdy ! I have this problem since long time ago...i start composing music,if my track is long 2:20 for...

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pencilextremist 14th May 2022
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I'm a beginner songwriter and I struggle mightily with choruses. The first song I wrote I took to a friend (a music teacher) and...

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Seattle 3rd May 2022
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I figured I'd start my own thread to post my music so as not to disturb the other members. Anyone want to give a listen and offer...

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wagtunes 28th April 2022
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Why is reading rhythm so difficult!

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Russell Casse 23rd April 2022
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>>> >>>...

Willy Kuo
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Willy Kuo 21st April 2022
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>>> >>>...

Willy Kuo
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Willy Kuo 20th April 2022
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A new original composition, words and music by Rene A. We need as much love, and hope, and peace in our troubled world...

Rene Asologuitar
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Rene Asologuitar 16th April 2022
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I bought myself an Argon8x a year ago after way too long being inactive as a musician, and spent the larger part of the past year...

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s wave 15th April 2022
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Just to clarify, I have drum programs and loops. What I'm digging right now is writing over well produced and mixed stereo drum...

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J.Britton 11th April 2022
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I'm curious about these two lyric writing softwares. I have my process and really don't know if these would help, but am curious...

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Konsider 10th April 2022
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I don't know anything about classical music composition. Any online course? All I found are pretty basic ones, and they did...

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shortyedwards 7th April 2022
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Just curious what method you use to gather together ideas. Of course there are no rules and methods change, even song to song...

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markmann 7th April 2022
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I have thousands of voice memos and napkin scribbles that I jot down when I'm inspired, but most of the time I can't decipher...

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newguy1 6th April 2022
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>>> >>>...

Willy Kuo
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Willy Kuo 6th April 2022
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>>> >>>...

Willy Kuo
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Willy Kuo 30th March 2022
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Hey everyone, Let's say we have a Dm, F, Am, C chord progression It's in the key of Dm... but I like to associate it in...

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Russell Casse 27th March 2022
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>>> >>>...

Willy Kuo
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Willy Kuo 23rd March 2022
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Hi, Could anyone post good examples of Hammond organ playing on Country and Americana music please?

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Bramley 22nd March 2022
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Hello All! Quick question. When a band arranges their own song. Should they receive a production credit? With arrangement being...

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Sharp11 18th March 2022
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Hi Sorry of this is the wrong forum/place but i couldn't find anywhere else to ask the question. I have been offered a...

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s wave 18th March 2022
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About two years ago, something clicked in my head and late in life, I found myself writing an abundance music. It was like in...

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crescentmoon 18th March 2022
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>>> >>>...

Willy Kuo
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Willy Kuo 16th March 2022