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Ya see, I have some mics, & some pres, but I don't have everything... and sometimes a guy runs out of options before the...

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burns46824 4th July 2014
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Hi, I've been trying to get around to racking a few modules for years now and still haven't. Some Filtek and TAB stuff. At the...

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flextone 4th July 2014
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I have a Aurora 8 with a AES16e combo for my MacPro. I cannot use the Aurora with my Laptop, therefore I'm thinking of letting...

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djanogil 4th July 2014
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What actually would be a game changer for you? The words seem to be slung around a bit. : I would like to see some-one...

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Muser 4th July 2014
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I'm now the proud, soon-to-be owner of a Nak MR-1 ($225 shipped). It's coming in "tests great" condition, but I'm...

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midiquestions 4th July 2014
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Who remembers those lush sounding choir vocal chords used in countless tracks of the 80's Like Ultravox etc. In fact here is...

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TheBrightSide 4th July 2014
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hey guys i recently bought a pair of dynaudios bm6a mk2 ...i think they sound great but i always tend to mix my sounds with...

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MicCheck77 4th July 2014
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Hi folx I have been running a DAW on a PC for years. a while ago i added a C4 to the MCU and XT thinking it would work with...

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SONICWOMB 4th July 2014
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I'm normally the guy in the low-end forum. My most expensive mics are my Kel HM7U, my AKG C214, and my SM7b. I'm deeply...

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joe_04_04 4th July 2014
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Hey gang! I recently got a Lindell 506 and 2 6x500's. The 506 seems to be getting power (the +48v led on the back is lit) but the...

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Lindell 4th July 2014
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Hi everyone, First post, but I always enjoy reading. I work at a High School in Melbourne, and at the moment we're having a...

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u b k 4th July 2014
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I love my Apogee Quartet (especially the pre amps) They sound superb and have enormous clean headroom. But lately i've found...

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monkeyxx 4th July 2014
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I was recording a singer last week and I'm starting to mix his vocals. If I remember correctly, the microphone we used was a...

Ave Crux
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monkeyxx 4th July 2014
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After six months I've finished building a modest recording studio at a youth charity in Manchester, UK. The rooms are looking...

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biggator6 4th July 2014
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I'm in Sacramento for a bit and need to find a good vocal booth for a day. I can get to the bay area if necessary. Mics: U47,...

Rufuss Sewell
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Trakworx 4th July 2014
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Hey guys, Just wandering what your best methods are for removing mic thread adapters. I usually end up using a 2pence coin or...

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tedtan 4th July 2014
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I am currently recording a 73 year old female Jazz singer. I mention her age because it may be a resonance issue. I am hearing...

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Alrod 4th July 2014
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Is it a good setup for recording and mixing drums ?

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Capashitor 3rd July 2014
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Is there any midi keyboard available? what about a control surface less expensive than "artist control"? I heard of...

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kangking 3rd July 2014
Avatar for bee

I've been thinking about picking up a Cascade X-15 stereo mic, I'm trying to decide what transformers I want in it or if I should...

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theothermarkwilliams 3rd July 2014
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Hi Guys, Got my pair of Beesneez Lulu fet SDC's a few weeks ago... only had a need to use one up until now, but yesterday I...

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mics 3rd July 2014
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So I am thinking about picking up some new overheads and I am really thinking about some LDC to try something different. Right...

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endofall 3rd July 2014
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I am about to buy a used Echo Audiofire 12, the older version which has the CS4272 chip for AD DA. Now according to this...

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chainrule 3rd July 2014
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Hi everyone. I'm not sure if this is the correct sub-forum to post this, but there's no sub-forum on the education side of...

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barryjohns 3rd July 2014
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Hey GS Just wanted to share a little side project I've been working on:...

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joshp808 3rd July 2014
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Hey Guys, For my research papers in the SAE Zürich I want to compare the Engl Powerball and the Marshall JCM900 with their...

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ArmoredRyu 3rd July 2014
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I just got one of these and i'm experimenting before an upcoming vocal session and I am kind of fighting this mic maybe under...

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prizebeatz1 3rd July 2014
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I finally got started on going through my stuff in the basement and found this! 1970-71 Alice Cooper after their set, cooling...

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FFTT 3rd July 2014
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For the guys and gals who are doing this for a living. Just wondering if you guys get more business via the internet or locally? ...

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Trakworx 3rd July 2014
Avatar for Dog Boots

I've been asked to identify this mic that Duffy is using in the video for "Mercy": Screenshot from this YouTube...

Dog Boots
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river 3rd July 2014
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Ok, so I have this Otari 5050 reel to reel deck. It works ok, and I do like the sound for some things. Please forgive me if my...

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drezz 3rd July 2014
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Hi, I am carrying out some academic research and need your expertise. I would like engineers and producers to help me...

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compresearch 3rd July 2014
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mixedup 3rd July 2014
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Recently after a long time I listened few hit songs from great British band called "Level 42" (and their album...

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jorn 3rd July 2014
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Let me start out by saying I know that Bose is probably not the greatest way to reference music, but I have a question. I have...

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AlexK 3rd July 2014
Avatar for sonicjosh

Hi there. This is probably a popular subject but i currently have this awesome Studer broadcast console from the 80's. The mic...

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sonicjosh 3rd July 2014
Avatar for James Lugo

I'm working in Las Vegas June 29th - July 2nd. Love to hook with some buds. Maybe see some studios, play blackjack etc…. Hit...

James Lugo
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James Lugo 3rd July 2014
Avatar for XMaramena

A question, what are your thoughts on using automatic release, specifically in regards to the G+ mix compressor? My go-to...

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TheLastByte 3rd July 2014
Avatar for darryl2112

I sent a couple of emails and a pm to micdaddy a couple of months ago about repairs on a RE20 that I need and I never got a...

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rhythm ranch 2nd July 2014
Avatar for Joji

Hi, I have a brent avril 1073 pre. I was thinking about getting a UA Apollo twin because it has a lot in one package for working...

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Mister Karloff 2nd July 2014
Avatar for 121840

My question is what effect the choice of particular DI box/unit to use for DI'ing an electric guitar into a laptop into a DAW for...

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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 2nd July 2014
Avatar for Lennoco

This is my first post on this website. I've been reading posts for a while, but haven't been able to find much that would answer...

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AudioGaff 2nd July 2014
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Hey guys, To start off and sum up, I use my C1 for voice over only (NOT music). It's used for Commercials, Animation,...

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Slikjmuzik 2nd July 2014
Avatar for complex

Hi, So i sold this unit to a guy on ebay and you can see in the picture channel 2 was a bit dogey it has constant noise in the...

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CJ Mastering 2nd July 2014
Avatar for pete

does anybody knows where I can get Neve (or Neve looking) knobs for my NV73´s? thx

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slenderchap 2nd July 2014
Avatar for JackQuade

Hi all! Currently I have a Samson G track (USB Condenser mic) and a c400 M-Audio Fast Track Interface. These entry level products...

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Avatar for JackQuade
JackQuade 2nd July 2014
Avatar for BlakeHeartsMusic

Couldn't find any answers to this question specifically. Trying to decide the best way to setup / integrate my hardware into my...

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Bassmankr 2nd July 2014
Avatar for odeon

Hi there, I have a specific problem with my hd 24 unit. I have searched the forum but did not find any help. I am not able to...

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odeon 2nd July 2014
Avatar for asdfdsa

I'd like to know about both the gear, but mainly the mixing/processing/editing, etc. and everything else that goes into the...

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Swurveman 2nd July 2014
Avatar for omegaomega

Hi slutz! I'm thinking of moving to Barcelona. How's the industry there? I've heard there is a thriving music scene over...

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Avatar for mati
mati 2nd July 2014