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Hi, I am trying to reach Beesneez for a while now because one of my microphones is broken. I can't reach them neither by mail or...

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christianmurphy 5th January 2021
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Videos showing the problem: https://imgur.com/a/JeZaJ5W Hey all I recently got the Midas L10 and Golden Age Premier PRE-573(1073...

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8ttila 5th January 2021
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Does anyone know how to make email contact with Beesneez Microphones? No response from the following: [email protected],...

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mics 5th January 2021
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Hello! I have a RND Portico II master buss processor with the 250Hz sidechain filter. I would like to use an external hpf with...

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hool15 5th January 2021
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Hi, I'm curious what microphones Amy Lee used in "Synthesis" album, and also in the song "Speak to Me". I...

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thethrillfactor 5th January 2021
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Forget performance, which of your mics do you think looks coolest? I love the look of the black tlm102. Has such a cool...

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JohnnyShotgun 5th January 2021
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I'm a home recording hobbyist looking for a good acoustic guitar mic. My budget is about $250. I'm working in a small room with...

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tiggyboo 5th January 2021
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Thanks in advance. Which will be your choice? I know that new '1176' mode was equipped in Fatso el7x.. but it seems that UBK...

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makasi 5th January 2021
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I'm in the market for a 1176/FET style compressor. I had been looking at the Pete's Place BAC 500 FET compressor but it's a mono...

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Jsolo 5th January 2021
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I need a headphone amp that has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. This would save me alot of rackspace, instead of having four rack spaces...

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MichaelStanton 5th January 2021
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Hey everyone, I have a PRS custom 24 with stock pickups which are HOT. I can barely increase my AXE I/O input without...

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DanPopRockGuitar 4th January 2021
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Hi, does anyone know if there is any way to run a Motu Traveler firewire (1st gen) on Mac Catalina? Thank you!!

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escarxofes 4th January 2021
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hello slutz. im currently using an audient id4 (no external pre nor cloudlifter) and sm7b combo. my room is untreated but not too...

Deleted 3d616c8
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coreyspencer 4th January 2021
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I’m in deep again fellas. Just me and the drums, all day dead drums-a-thon. What albums do you know were tracked with...

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Poopypants 4th January 2021
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Very proud to have authored this children's book about guitar...

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SnowmanSoup 4th January 2021
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I am renting a place in a village this is the only place currently where i can make my home studio with synth , computer , and...

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Memona 4th January 2021
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Hi guys! I've just bought the Presonus CS plus - I linked it from my audio interface to its analog inputs. I noticed that I...

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Jim Williams 4th January 2021
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Greetiungs< While attempting to replace a battery in my Eventide DSP 4500, a friend pushed some of the buttons on the front...

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Orville71 4th January 2021
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how do you limit compress or saturate uneven stereo signals / buses? i know some compressors are built for buses but the left and...

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rhythmtech 4th January 2021
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I have used steinberg ur28m for 5 yrs then finally upgraded to apollo twin x. I love everything about twin x, but mono mix...

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Bushman 4th January 2021
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what gear did you start out with when getting into recording? I'll go first: Shure SM57 (still own it) Focusrite...

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Rob 28 4th January 2021
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Are there any downsides to monitors with digital connections? I can only think of positives in the way of bypassing crappy DAC...

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Eve_Audio 4th January 2021

Dear Colleagues*, just a (little special) question: Does anybody here know what is the difference between the BEYER M61...

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HERR NEUMANN 4th January 2021
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Hi guys I just purchased an old Sennheiser MD421HL for a bargain price, and now I would like to use it as a guinea pig for my...

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DanMartini 4th January 2021
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Just picked up these two. Was really surprised to see them as a pair, so jumped on them. Any advice with regards to sound of...

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cyjanopan 4th January 2021
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Got one of these for xmas, the way it props up is a bit fiddly. Is there a case that has tough hinges that will transform it to a...

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bruvvamoff 4th January 2021
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Hi Guys, I'm looking for a nice acoustic guitar mic. I've got a NEVE 1073SPX with tubetech for recording. I also got a...

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bob2018 4th January 2021
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I have a client coming in to cut vocal tracks next month and I'm also on the hunt for a new vocal compressor and perhaps another...

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nickknack 4th January 2021
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Hello, I have a typical bought-used Mackie 1604 vlz that has been accumulating some problems I can no longer ignore. The...

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session bass 4th January 2021
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Hey slutz. I just became a PCM 80 owner :) Does aneyone know if there's a way to get hold of The patches from the...

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akem 4th January 2021
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I was wondering about any tips/tricks on mixing with the Hs5's so that i could get mixes to translate well on other...

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mrdelurk 4th January 2021
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Looking for recommendations on acoustic guitar strings. As I age, I guess I'm getting pickier (or cheaper) but I'm finding that I...

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monkeyxx 4th January 2021
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Hi guys - don't laugh - My Wife wants the best portable digital USB microphone. Nothing comes to mind, about the best thing...

session bass
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session bass 4th January 2021
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How are others here EQing for a telephone vocal effect? I've been boosting 1k to 2k by 12 db and cutting everything else by 12...

Rob Coates
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Drumsound 4th January 2021
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Whenever I read about 251 or C12-style mics I see that they are generally presented as being particularly good for "female...

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Drumsound 4th January 2021
Avatar for kite

Hi! Why the Shure 7B dynamic mic is so popular? Does it need much eq'ing? I have heard it is quite dark. Thanks for your...

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tymish 4th January 2021
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Im looking for a good vintage sounding mic pre. I recently acquired a Telefunkin Copperhead tube mic so I feel like I owe it a...

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chrisdvr4 4th January 2021
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Would anyone know how the preamps in the Cooper sound cs-104 mixer compare to those in the Sound Devices 722. I'm considering...

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rvol 3rd January 2021
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As a Ham operator I am always looking for new eqipment to upgrade my current Ham station. I was wondering if anyone on these...

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patriot 3rd January 2021
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I have a tube mic and its paired with a babyface pro fs internal mic preamp which is pretty clean. I had ordered a bae 1073 but...

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rob S 3rd January 2021
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As the beginning of the discussion, I'll just put here the specs of my Hi-Fi Cambridge Audio stereo system, which consists amp...

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PdotDdot 3rd January 2021
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Hello everyone, I am trying to have this synth sound. Do anyone know the synth that were used to make these shivering sounds?...

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alicante 3rd January 2021
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Hi, Sorry for asking a question that others have asked before on this forum, but I was hoping some might be willing to...

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chessparov2.0 3rd January 2021
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Hello Slutz, I'm looking to get into a new billing system for 2021. I'm a mixer/producer so it's lower volume (than a...

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rosecrud 3rd January 2021
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Hello everyone and happy new year, I think my issue is quite common. Music is my profession from a long time and a couple o...

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Batpro 3rd January 2021
Avatar for Samsonincredible

Has anyone of you tried both? I'd like to add one of them to my studio for mixing and mastering, I have already got a manley...

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DistortingJack 3rd January 2021
Avatar for momomel

Okay, I agree that we have enough Summing Bus thread, but I just have one question. How about quality of converter? As far as...

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momomel 3rd January 2021
Avatar for rrrega

Hiya Having a bit of trouble trying to figure out a solution for my TV / DJ room at home. Current setup: TV with...

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rrrega 3rd January 2021
Avatar for COD

Looking into expanding my 002 setup with an AD/DA converter and I have some options. The Audient ASP880 is one of them, but I'm...

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COD 3rd January 2021
Avatar for Foretaste

Hello, I have microphone Sennheiser MD421-HL, The microphone has a 3 DIN male input, I have a short special XLR cable / adapter. ...

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Avatar for DanMartini
DanMartini 3rd January 2021