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Just about to buy my new PC to set up my studio. I'm also buying the Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2. I would like to add an electric...

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Broth3rz 11th November 2020
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Hey all, just had a session and the client and I got to discussing tempo and wondered what the slowest top 40 tune ever recorded...

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Deleted 222f60c 11th November 2020
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This is not a plug, just a really happy customer. This guy deserves a review. I have used a bunch of summing boxes along with...

Deleted 2848499
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Deleted e9875f389de468a 11th November 2020
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I'm struggling understanding how to do something that I think should be simple --> I have two mics (one ribbon, one LDC),...

naive newbie123
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andychamp 11th November 2020
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Anyone know anything about this EQ?...

Mr Funk
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Mr Funk 11th November 2020
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My machine is starting to stop gripping the tape as well as it should. Once it’s all warmed up it seems to run fine but I think...

jml designs
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crazycaps 11th November 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm a producer and I'm looking to expand my studio setup and therefore need more inputs. As it stand, I'm running...

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digsey_d 11th November 2020
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I was wondering has anyone else had a problem with their Symphony I/O dying on them and what they did to get it back going? I...

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play.exe 11th November 2020
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I literally just received my Apogee Symphony IO less than 40 minutes ago. After an initial firmware update to 1.4 & an...

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play.exe 11th November 2020
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Anyone here done a side by side comparison of the new KRK V8 S4 and the original V8 S1? What did you find?

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Tubedweeb 11th November 2020
Avatar for s wave

Does any body know how to replace the AA battery in an AT813 circa 1977? This model has the 'on/off switch'. here is a link to...

s wave
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s wave 11th November 2020
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Hi, located in Michigan and looking for a Sony PCM-F1 digital audio recorder from the early 1980s. I have the right Beta deck...

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Neweramichael 11th November 2020
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Hey Guys! First post here! I have a Resolv 120a Samson Subwoofer that my brother gave me. The thing is I have just plugged...

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Lifac 11th November 2020
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I've been an 01V user for a long time, going back to the early 2000s on the OG 01V, recording with a Yamaha DSP Factory PCI card....

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deedeeyeah 10th November 2020
Avatar for SwitchesAndDials

I recently purchased a Brauner Phantom Anniversary Edition condenser mic during COVID, and WOW..... just massively impressed by...

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DirkP 10th November 2020
Avatar for SoundWeavers

Hi gang, I've been getting really deep into photography (and related equipment of course), there I stumbled upon the DRY CABINET...

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Wayne 10th November 2020
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When using my Apollo Twin X, I want to utilize some guitar pedals as hardware inserts. I have a Moogerfooger MF104M which I...

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public_brick 10th November 2020
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Hi everyone, Right now I have to make a decision to buy new monitors. I listen many off them but i ended up with ADAM A7X and...

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Taivanski 10th November 2020
Avatar for Patrick H

I have two AT 4050/CM5 mics. I noticed one sounding oddly thin to me, so I set them up side by side and A/B’d them. Sure...

Patrick H
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Patrick H 10th November 2020
Avatar for superburtm

Hola Slutz, I'd like to have a group of folks who use these workhorse decks. So we can share tips etc. So drop a line!

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WarmJetGuitar 10th November 2020
Avatar for beachbuminthesun

Im looking for an affordable solution for my home studio. Here’s the setup. No console. Interface is uln8, with uln2 and...

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beachbuminthesun 10th November 2020
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Hi, I am in a metal band (not modern detuned, more like classic metal), currently experimenting with recording a 4x12 with...

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Avatar for DistortingJack
DistortingJack 10th November 2020
Avatar for Yann Leon

Hi folks! I use Console-1 as my main tool for mixing (when not using hardware). Of course, I still use other plugins:...

Yann Leon
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Avatar for JoshViV
JoshViV 10th November 2020
Avatar for Oboist

Hello folks, Please help! I experience a strange problem at 192kHz with my Mytek 8x192 connected through the RME Hammerfall DSP...

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msmucr 10th November 2020
Avatar for rpstro02

I want 60s vocal sounds a la simon & garfunkel, the kinks, mammas and the pappas. What's the trick? What do I gotta buy? ...

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Avatar for hello people
hello people 10th November 2020
Avatar for adimodi

What would you suggest as an extensive Talkback / Intercom system, wherein there are at least 3 'sources' or 'microphones' (due...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 10th November 2020
Avatar for sound_forward

Due to covid situation, I will be recording vocals in my project studio in my house. I usually do not record vocals at home,...

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sound_forward 10th November 2020
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This is not the quick "hit this button, unplug, then connect optical" I expected it to be. I'm obviously missing...

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TikkoRome 10th November 2020
Avatar for ryevick

I'm messing around at an unfamiliar studio and had a question about SD3. Is there a way to enter/save your kit setup when...

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ryevick 10th November 2020
Avatar for salo

i know this is sold as a 'field/broadcast' mic of sorts. wondering what recording uses people may have found for it?

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Keepintime 10th November 2020
Avatar for sicknote

Hey, i am looking for a new audio interface and dont really know if i really need one and what to look for. Im producing music...

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hooper2 10th November 2020
Avatar for kcmoonshine

Has anyone here ever used an RE20 or PL20 on an acoustic guitar and liked the result? I'm going to experiment with it, perhaps...

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Avatar for MarkF48
MarkF48 10th November 2020
Avatar for -Noodles-

I've looked online, and on these forums.. and yet - i can't find the answer to my question. How exactly does Darth Vader...

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Avatar for Ryan Golden
Ryan Golden 10th November 2020
Avatar for hithere

Hello, I have read up on as many old threads as I could, but am still on the fence before purchasing. I have tried the IR...

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hithere 9th November 2020
Avatar for leighgable

Hello All, I am looking to repair a tascam porta one ministudio cassette four track. It powers up just fine and will fast...

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Avatar for tunnelbrat
tunnelbrat 9th November 2020
Avatar for Sunshy

Just took my D12e apart because it was suffering from the "baby rattle" syndrome. Tightened all the screws but still a...

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Avatar for deedeeyeah
deedeeyeah 9th November 2020
Avatar for Touchwood

Hi all, Does anyone have (or know of) a copy of the Supertrue Automation software for the Atari computer that I can get hold...

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Avatar for Shedman
Shedman 9th November 2020
Avatar for gravyface

Talk me out of buying a board with EQ and post-fader direct outs.

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 9th November 2020
Avatar for pettrer

Hi, I'm away from my home studio and would like to buy something reasonably cheap and portable, for recording my voice only....

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Avatar for pettrer
pettrer 9th November 2020
Avatar for TedMi

Hi! Due to problems with availability of countryman mics in my country (heh:D) i'm looking for replacement for E6. Mic will be...

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Avatar for Nielsbeard
Nielsbeard 9th November 2020
Avatar for JMWS

Problem: The right side of the headphones seem to be maybe 1-2db louder (in bass or just general loudness). Makes them almost...

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Avatar for spnc
spnc 9th November 2020
Avatar for Marvelous D

Hi everyone! I've gotten a SMPRO TC02 here from a friend, it does not give any audio through. Peak light on channel left is...

Marvelous D
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Avatar for Marvelous D
Marvelous D 9th November 2020
Avatar for musichead334

I just moved to Ohio from Alabama and the house I'm renting is an older one unfortunately. There are NO grounded outlets at all...

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musichead334 9th November 2020
Avatar for bodacious

Hi all, it's been forever since I've logged in and I can't seem to figure out where to search/post for this! I'm thinking of...

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Avatar for bodacious
bodacious 9th November 2020
Avatar for ReverendRuffian

Hi, Would like some help identifying the mic in this photo of Chris Squire recording from home in the very early 70s/very late...

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Avatar for ReverendRuffian
ReverendRuffian 9th November 2020
Avatar for Bitsmith

I was thinking of changing over my modules in a new to me Dayner console but it's not clear to me if the existing ribbon cable...

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Avatar for DSA AVL
DSA AVL 9th November 2020
Avatar for Imnotyourdog

I'm seeing mixed things on the internet but I definitely noticed that many say that the high end on the 650s is very veiled and...

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Avatar for spnc
spnc 9th November 2020
Avatar for ddn

Upgrading my speakers and wondering which option I should go for. I am producing techno and mix engineering and mastering on the...

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Avatar for Knstntn
Knstntn 9th November 2020
Avatar for camomiletea

I have a budget of about 1200 euro and was looking at either getting a pair of mid range monitors or spending the money on two...

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Avatar for Dave_Ionic
Dave_Ionic 9th November 2020
Avatar for Simonluka

Hi Boys, I bought an used d-two and i like the sound, but when I turn it off and on again, it returns to the "default...

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Avatar for Simonluka
Simonluka 9th November 2020