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Hi I currently own a Scarlett 18i20 and am using my iPad or faders on a Novation SL MKII to control Ableton Live and Logic. I'd...

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stevepaulsounds 6th August 2014
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Hi all, I trying to narrow down my search in terms of what kind of ADAC set-up to upgrade to from my Saffire pro 14. I run...

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monkeyxx 5th August 2014
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Has anybody Modified the Preamps in a 24-8 Are there any quick fixes to improve the sound like OP-amps, transistors, caps maybe...

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monkeyxx 5th August 2014
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Hi, What amplifier do you recommend for keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, etc... I will not be performing, just using...

Chad Sterling
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thedberg 5th August 2014
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It will be my first analog mixer...im sick of mixing ITB. Idea is EUPHONIX cs 2000 or 3000 (with dinamics) + RADAR 24 + some...

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dtess 5th August 2014
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Hi!!!!!!!! How are you????? Just wondering about a mic for recording a djembe, ive been using a zoom q3hd for everything and...

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Funny Cat 5th August 2014
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Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has compared the Pauly Super Screen with the Pete's Place Blast Pad and perhaps also the...

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DaKid 5th August 2014
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I am about to buy a Midas Venis F series firewire mixer for my OTB home studio and have a purchasing question that is probably...

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rockreid 5th August 2014
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If I am using a preamp, such as the tube pre, i should turn on the phantom power on the preamp and turn it off on the interface...

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JDust75 5th August 2014
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goodmorning everyone, as title says, i need some advices to help me choose a good ext. soundcard to purchase. from when i...

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_Grey 5th August 2014
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Does it work solely as a VST within DAWs? Can it be used as a separate program and applied to my entire operating system (Windows...

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doncaparker 5th August 2014
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Looking for some advice on a hardware eq to compliment my smart c2 on the master bus. Style of music is hip hop, R&B, soft...

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dxavier 5th August 2014
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Hello, I've got a pthd7 rig and a panasonic ramsa da7 and im trying to get them to synchronise so that i can use the desk...

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glennyb 5th August 2014
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Hi guys, I was thinking about using the DI input on one of my Vintech 573 500 series preamps for recording bass guitar. I'm...

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Gonebytim 5th August 2014
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When I see mics between $800 and $1500 they all seem to come with a bunch of accessories and fancy cases. Sometimes there's a...

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kidvybes 5th August 2014
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Hey guys i've been tracking the local ska band for the past few days and have run into a issues with recording the drummers kick....

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slaves666 5th August 2014
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Looking at a getting a Zerotronics Coolsprings, anyone out there use one? What do you use on the output? I'm worried going...

7up partridge
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Marcocet 5th August 2014
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I have 2 Shure 545S' and an electro voice 664 I would like to use for recording; however, I only have one 4 pin to quarter inch...

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trashcanman 5th August 2014
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Can anyone tell me what mic this is? http://i.imgur.com/6mbOUuC.png

Unkell Sam
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Unkell Sam 5th August 2014
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Ok a few questions as I am completely new to this Combo, new to Summing Mixers and indeed the whole UAD thing. I am slowly...

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flsh333 4th August 2014
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Hi I have an Yamaha 01V mixer and I will buy the Beyerdinamic DT 880 headphones for mixing. I'm not sure which one: 32, 250 or...

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NewOrleansSteve 4th August 2014
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Howdy - I've been trying to get in touch with Randy Blevins about an MCI board for 2 weeks now: emails/texts/phone calls/etc, and...

Groove Dog
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Groove Dog 4th August 2014
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I'm thinking of selling my RME UFX interface and old Yamaha analog for a Midas Venice F24. Recording Workflow and I/O...

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rockreid 4th August 2014
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If you are preferring a tube preamp with your tm-1 (with ef14 hopefully) please share your favorite. I am looking to grab a...

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thedarkaxe315 4th August 2014
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Hey all, Self-proclaimed "newbie" looking to have a few questions answered. I dig this forum and I value every bit...

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spambot_2 4th August 2014
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Hi, I've been using an re20 halfway inside my ported 20" ludwig 60s bass drum and an AT4047 out in front for more body...

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edva 4th August 2014
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Guy is selling used for 75. Had a full box he said he bought from a store a while back. Looked good, sounded good, had a...

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figtarr 4th August 2014
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Hi guys, I wish to ask if by any chance a Studer A807 can be made to be kinder to 7 inch reels and smaller during fast winding...

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StuderRevox 4th August 2014
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Hello, Is there someone who owns one of the following products: "Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro" , "Beyerdynamic...

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john_doe 4th August 2014
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Wasn't sure if this was the best place to ask - mods, feel free to move this if need be. I am sure this has been discussed...

Jeff Hayat
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nst7 4th August 2014
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I took a sample with my phone and converted it so you can hear it. It's attached. I have no idea what's causing it. I...

Alan S
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Alan S 4th August 2014
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I already own a Burl b1d that I use for vocals and as the general overdub channel, and I have a CAPI vp26 that lives on my...

turk sanchez
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JayTee4303 4th August 2014
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So the volume knob on the back of one of my Yamaha HS50m monitors has broken off from the body. The biggest problem is that the...

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sirensoftitan 4th August 2014
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Hi everyone!! How do u get the mid rage of the amp like Royer r121 does but using other mics or technique?? Here is a list of...

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chainrule 4th August 2014
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If anyone wants some information.. head this a way... Nile -AOFTW. - Ultimate Metal Forum Most AWESOME topic regarding this...

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Auslander 4th August 2014
Avatar for nick.

I want to run my soft synth from my Saffire Pro 40 out into a few distortion pedals, then back into my 1073 to the Saffire to my...

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Oden 4th August 2014
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Hi I think the Analog vs digital and virtual and the ITB OTB arguments has been done to death?. For me you have it all...

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spambot_2 4th August 2014
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I have an RME Fireface UFX. Currently, all of my digital inputs are being used. My signal chain looks like this: Prophet 12...

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12tone 3rd August 2014
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Hi All, First time on this forum; looking for some answers. I just finished up grad school during which time my music...

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ThirstyP 3rd August 2014
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This has been questioned before, but I did not really find answers to my questions, so here they come: 1. Which mic sits in...

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[email protected] 3rd August 2014
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I picked one up after reading a bit about them here and how transparent they are. I googled the daylights out of it and there is...

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bambony 3rd August 2014
Avatar for tank1978

Hi Guys Literally purchased a Linndrum lm2 today, got it home...it was working for around 10 mins then i switched it off and...

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thenoodle 3rd August 2014
Avatar for Gearlife1

Im looking to buy a patch bay since I have to continuously go under the console to switch cables to hook up all my synths to...

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Avatar for matt thomas
matt thomas 3rd August 2014
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I think its time to buy a patch bay since I have to continuously go under the console to switch cables to hook up all my synths...

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Gearlife1 3rd August 2014
Avatar for 666666

I used to own several Neve 33114s and loved them. They started becoming a headache, unreliable, would often be crapping out in...

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WalkoftheEarth 3rd August 2014
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Alright, this is my first post here. I've read everything I can on the topic already so here goes the question: I want a new...

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GearAndGuitars 3rd August 2014
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So I have a pair of these mics and they sound great!! For SDC I have km84's, gefell m70's, and have had 451's, km184's, etc. I...

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dudleys100 3rd August 2014
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Hello all, I was hoping to get some advice / tips on how I would be able to achieve a sense of depth and epicness with the...

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Alrod 3rd August 2014
Avatar for Fuel

Please name the Best 500 series Modules! ..the ones that really are amazing!

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asagaai 3rd August 2014
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I'd like Beatstep to operate in slave mode. My DAW is Maschine 2.0. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!

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GerhardDerksen 3rd August 2014