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hello there, i'm not here to start any kind of debate whether one rate is better or worse. i'd be interested in knowing how...

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chinesewhiteman 5th September 2014
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Hello guys . I will upgrade my bedroom studio soon with some new equipments . And i have one problem ... the speakers ....

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athonymilano 5th September 2014
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Hello men, I'm going to buy a Lewitt 540. The sound is modern and crisp, and I love the design of these mics. Do you think...

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ipagel 5th September 2014
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Howdy, Sorry if this has been covered, I've looked around but haven't found specifically what I need to know. My motu rig has...

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Bassmankr 5th September 2014
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One of my favorite recordings. Simple, warm and wide. Deep, but still has presence and clarity. Here's a YouTube link although...

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007 5th September 2014
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hi i'm trying to find a remote control for a 3m23 8 track. can anyone help me out. thanks

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atastudios 5th September 2014
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I've been trying to decide on studio monitors. I only have 700EUR to spend. I've been leaning toward the A7X's and today I...

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monitorlove 5th September 2014
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I've read two different answers on what this button does. Please let me know what is the Split button for on the EQ of an SSL...

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Wally 5th September 2014
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Hi got a pair of new Mackie 6 inches monitors a few weeks ago, and i've noticed that when I've turned them off (as in back volume...

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iamthepuma 5th September 2014
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I just got my new Symphony I/O 8x8+8MP (a joyous upgrade from my aging Digi002!). I'm getting ready to record drums. I'm...

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psycho_monkey 5th September 2014
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Thinking of getting Event Opals. I'm not rich, but I'd rather take a hit now on monitors that will really do what I need. I make...

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mastereq 5th September 2014
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I'm looking for a workstation to bring around to gig with. I recently worked with an Elvis cover band, and used a borrowed...

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mirka 5th September 2014
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I went out on a limb and picked up the new Milab bass drum mic last week and I am pleased with the results. The Mic itself is...

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Dubbin 5th September 2014
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Looking to upgrade my signal chain. More worth it to stick with Saffire Pro 24, OR: 1. Get an RME Babyface 2. Get an...

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babul 5th September 2014
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I want to recreate the sound of the 80's ITB. What production tricks, plugins, VI's do I need to make that happen?

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Drumsound 5th September 2014
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I'm look for a talkback microphone for my dubbing room. Sometimes clients may sit behind me around 1-2 feets and 'yelling'...

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Lotus 7 5th September 2014
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I know that the TG-500 is based of the Abbey Road EMI board, but how similiar is the Germanium pre? I know they are both colored,...

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lakeshorephatty 5th September 2014
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I've had my Neumann KM-54 with Korby for months. About a month ago he called and said it was almost ready and would ship the...

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suedesound 5th September 2014
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apologies if this is not the proper thread I just bough an apex 460 extremely excited as its my first tube mic. finally got to...

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Baz 5th September 2014
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Hi guys, I finally have a good tracking room in my studio, properly treated even if is a bit on the small side. I plan to use...

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nyandres 5th September 2014
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Just happened to be listening to this Stealers Wheel song and noticing how the lead vocal, even when singular, is just so heavy...

Sounds Great
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Funny Cat 5th September 2014
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What is the most tape-y sounding tape format? Not the most hi-fi or warm, but the tape format that personifies most what...

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tribedescribe 4th September 2014
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So I'm looking into options for a good multiband compressor. Something like the Tube-tech SMC. My question is would it be more...

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ltjohnrambo 4th September 2014
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want to get a dedicated EQ plug in for Mixing and both of these caught my eye. what do each of these excel in? which one do...

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Deleted 1846071 4th September 2014
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amit monga
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zilla_studios 4th September 2014
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hi I need to record some voice using my akg 460. I have an emu 1616m (pro tools mic inputs) but the phantom power has packed...

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jwh1192 4th September 2014
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I have finally finished re-writing all of my KC's and Prefs for my Euphonix MC Control. Having lost them in a crash that required...

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Keyplayer 4th September 2014
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The future of audio engineering and energy efficiency. How long before they will come after...

Deleted 7ad91e3
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gainreduction 4th September 2014
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So I have an MPD26 right? Let's say I have that set to a tempo, is there any (preferably stereo) loop pedal (preferably small and...

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DirkP 4th September 2014
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What is this ? https://twitter.com/KorgUK teasing confoosed Something BIG is coming... tomorrow, watch this space! #newgear...

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Reptil 4th September 2014
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Hey guys, do anyone here ever used the Presonus ACP88? How's its quality? Could be a nice option for stereobus comp? What could...

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gigantic 4th September 2014
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I've finally found keys that may fit my needs and there's one nearby. It's a Korg N1. Weighted, aftertouch, 88 keys etc. I...

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Samion 4th September 2014
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I don't want to bring my (stupid) ilok out to shows to use PT.. i used to use presonus capture.. i would plug in the laptop,...

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RightOnRome 4th September 2014
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Hey slutz! I'm a very satisfied user of the Reflexion Filter Pro which I have been using for years. Having recently moved...

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Halfstar 4th September 2014
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I'm working with the sound design in a theatre project where the audience will be wearing headphones, listening to a mix of the...

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IanBSC 4th September 2014
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Just as the title says Im looking to upgrade some critical components in my home studio and also have a portable setup for...

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tribedescribe 4th September 2014
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Hello guys! I have been planning to upgrade to the Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI for many reasons, but one of them is the...

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rama4suns 4th September 2014
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This is a first, truly. I've used this Duet (v1) for a long time, been recording my guitar direct into Logic 9 this very same...

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007 3rd September 2014
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Greetings... I have a JJ Audio Mic that I've had a love/hate relationship with (purchased second hand) and has now taken a light...

Elvis Christ
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Elvis Christ 3rd September 2014
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Hi everybody, This is my first post on Gearslutz, I've gotten a lot of info from reading posts here in the past, thanks...

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emrr 3rd September 2014
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Hey guys :) I hope this is a fitting thread to discuss the following. I'd really like to talk this out. I have an Elektron...

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MrBoxxed 3rd September 2014
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What is this, asking for a friend. The Amphenol tuchel connecter is one size smaller than I've used at the time. This could be...

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Matti 3rd September 2014
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Just starting a thread discussion on this title . As A Lynx Aurora 16 owner , I would love to get more channels now that I just...

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ARIEL 3rd September 2014
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Hi guys, it's been 8 years for me mixing and listening to music on a pair of Event TR8 monitors. While these monitors were...

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FFTT 3rd September 2014
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...I'm a satisfied owner of Ben Sneesby's Beesneez Arabella GT tube microphone, and was considering another of his more...

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Black Diamond 3rd September 2014
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Well even after reading all the bad stuff folks say about Phonic, I couldn't resist and had to have one. If this thing works out...

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bobpick68 3rd September 2014
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Hi, I have Keystation 88es and I'm willing to upgrade to a better set of keys (fully weighted and such.. Like a grand piano)...

Mohab Ramadan
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Ron Vogel 3rd September 2014
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I know they're different flavors, but can anyone that's used both comment on a preference? Particularly on drums and...

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the fxs 3rd September 2014
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There is a new pre amp coming out from Universal Audio. It combines a tube section with a solid state section. They have a...

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Drupoet 3rd September 2014
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Hey all! A friend who owned a studio gave me a "1950's Telefunken v72" preamp. Apparently it was meant not for mics...

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guitfiddler 3rd September 2014