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I was just checkingout the great JLM LA500 comp, and noticed a bullet point in the description: "Mix buss output on pin...

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jdurango 1st October 2014
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I currently own a Great River MP-2NV, 2X UA Solo 610, and the eight channel Presonus M80. I record rock bands, songwriters,...

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trubadoor 1st October 2014
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I've been working with music (producing and trying to engineer for about 3 years). I've finally decided to build me a small...

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TimOBrienFlorida 1st October 2014
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hi guys, I just found a Midas Venice 320 (not FireWire, the older one) very cheap, now that I have it I would like to know how...

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poyodiaz 1st October 2014
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It may be wishful thinking that something like this could work and will probably seem lame to some but I figured I'd toss the...

old ghost
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suedesound 1st October 2014
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Im wondering about the technicalitities of proper level matching. How does one do it properly when doing shootouts? So far,...

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Lorenzop 1st October 2014
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I can't find specifics on this. Anyone know what the 570 became later on? Are the drivers till in use on a new model or is it...

Grant Ransom
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Grant Ransom 1st October 2014
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Holy smokes! Am I to understand that Jeff Steiger sold at least 74 of those kits in, what, 2 days? Is this somebody hoarding or...

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ReckNC00 1st October 2014
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2x GAP Pre73 or Focusrite ISA TWO ?

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BeHappy 1st October 2014
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Allen & Heath have a lot of old manuals on their website for discontinued products, but they don't seem to have anything for...

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yksyks 1st October 2014
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Can anyone direct me to some hi&lo shelf eq's in the 500 series format?

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rcb4t2 1st October 2014
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I've recently invested in a new Neumann U87 and am getting ready to record a batch of rock tracks. I've heard mixed reviews and...

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JamesClark1991 30th September 2014
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Talking with a few people, i think i might dive into a modular synth rack, but was planning on mostly getting into its...

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sonicjosh 30th September 2014
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Hi guys! I wonder, what are those microphones one can see on this pic (image courtesy:...

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Girts 30th September 2014
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A hypothetical... Assuming you have a great sounding kit played by a great drummer in a great sounding room, what would be the...

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TexaCali 30th September 2014
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Hi everyone, I'm running a production and songwriting studio in Scandinavia and until now I've survived with an upgraded Mac...

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Dutchy15 30th September 2014
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Hey guys- I'm sure a lot of us that can't attend would love to see pictures of all the new cool sh*t at AES LA. Can we...

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Umulamahri 30th September 2014
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Unity Audio Ltd will be exhibiting at this years AES LA 2014 show located at booth 1050. In addition to the range of Unity...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 30th September 2014
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I'm a musician that has a home studio that I mainly use for tracking/writing and I'm looking for a small console. I'm doing...

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dlmorley 30th September 2014
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Some things I am thinking about. What's wrong w/ my monitors? What's missing? Why am I looking at outrageous priced...

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007 30th September 2014
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I'm trying to get away from main vocal stacks. I currently track and mix with a BAC and the IGS One La which both impart some...

Twenty Staxx
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Doc Mixwell 30th September 2014
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Sounds API all the way to me, or something really fast, punchy and bright. I usually prefer Neve sounding albums but this one...

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PsilohsaiBiN 30th September 2014
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Quick question, Should I spend more and get SC205 + TS107 by Eve audio, or spend much less and get JBL LSR305 + TS107, I ask...

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monitorlove 30th September 2014
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Hi. How much would an Oberheim Prommer be worth? How much would preprogrammed EPROMs with the original Oberheim DX/DMX...

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tamiya 30th September 2014
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Hi guys :) I'm starting to lean towards purchasing a Pearlman TM-1, but I have a question about what color it is. On Google...

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kidvybes 30th September 2014
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Lindell's Mastering Converter uncovered!

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sfoote 30th September 2014
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Anyone know what kind of processing is on this vocal? I hear some compression (tube?) but also "extra" harmonic...

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Kiwi 30th September 2014
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Hello I recently purchased a Fender Passport 150 Pro with an intent of using it for street performances on a promenade and...

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Kiwi 30th September 2014
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I currently have a GR ME-1NV combined with the FMR RNC via the TRS patch loop. I'm wanting to get the GR EQ-1NV but confused by...

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terence 30th September 2014
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Hello, I am ready to pull the trigger on a Blue Kiwi. I was checking out some retailer sites and found that warren at Zen Pro is...

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_Mark 30th September 2014
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Please delete. Duplicate post.

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scottyjneilson 30th September 2014
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Does anyone have any experience with these two mice at the same time. I really like the examples of the P12, I wanna see if it...

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KennaOkoye 30th September 2014
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Hey guys. I have this Summit TLA-50 that I love, but I think the tube in it is kinda 'fuzzy' sounding. I'd like something a...

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Liam Judson 30th September 2014
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I have worked in a professional already established recording studio for the last 7 years. This studio has a console with TT...

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scrubs 30th September 2014
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I play keyboards in smaller venues (50-200 persons). Inside and outside. Never used a DI box but this particular model was...

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monkeyxx 29th September 2014
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Hi, I just downloaded this fantastic software for Roland samplers "SMFW30", but I need to register by paying for a...

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gurujon 29th September 2014
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Found an interesting (for me) comparison by accident. Backstory: Bought Graham Nash's book Wild Tales on iTunes and while...

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Murray 29th September 2014
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hi sorry i am a newbie. i just purchased the Mackie MR mk3 about a month ago. now i am starting to hear a slight distortion on...

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yasiel 29th September 2014
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Hello! Has anyone heard the 2 channel Altec 1689A preamp mixer? I know Altec make great microphones and compressors... but...

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Seditionary 29th September 2014
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What's a good modern day replacement for Yamaha NS-10s? (Please......I'm not wanting to discuss the merits good or bad of...

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crille_mannen 29th September 2014
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I'm trying to integrate a sub into my monitor setup, but it seems that my equipment might limit the way I can do things. So, I...

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nst7 29th September 2014
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I'm not sure this is the right sub-forum to post this in but then again I haven't been on gearslutz much. But basically I was...

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theblue1 29th September 2014
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Are there any people using outboard comps for the 2-bus with their ULN8? If so, which ones do you feel really improve the sound...

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rhizomeman 29th September 2014
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Hi all The roller with a metal flange at the bottom with holes in it. Over the holes are some sensors that count the holes as...

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sleigher 29th September 2014
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I want a good vocal mic to compliment my beesneez Arabella, which I absolutely love. But it's acting up with a buzzing noise, and...

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Kyleseglin 29th September 2014
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I am compiling a list of classic albums (from Steely Dan to Nirvana) recorded and/or mixed on vintage Neve's (any 80 series) for...

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Jack P 29th September 2014
Avatar for zigziglar

So I've been trying to get my head around an efficient solution for routing in my home studio. My DAW is fitted with an RME HDSPe...

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zigziglar 29th September 2014
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Which ones are the Best Female Vocal Mics for singers with strong HiMids (harsh sounds at high SPL) and some sibilance? Price...

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monkeyxx 29th September 2014
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I was googling for some Flood mixing tips and I came across this article: FLOOD & HOWIE B: Producing U2's Pop I'm thinking...

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monkeyxx 29th September 2014
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To be honest I rarely write about gear as I really haven't used anything new or out of the ordinary at the studios I haunt. Last...

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IanBSC 29th September 2014