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Curious about tips and tricks for micing toms like this - across the top of the heads. The drum sounds are excellent on the...

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Nolly 30th October 2014
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Hi, I'm close to buy a SSL XRack and would like some tips do's don'ts... Would highly appreciate some tips in...

Jimmy Makhaisingh
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Slogun 30th October 2014
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I just got a Shure KSM27 that came without a shock mount. I see that Shure sells one for $60 and I can get that one, but thats...

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brockorama 30th October 2014
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...about synchronization and clocks. I've known about these concepts for years but never really understood them. Why do various...

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kr1012 30th October 2014
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hello gearslutz i have a simple computer based setup imac going to small mixer going to vxt monitors via balanced 1/4inch to...

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dgn 30th October 2014
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Apologies if there is already a "What ____ should I get" thread, I briefly searched and didn't find one. I've...

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Granny Gremlin 30th October 2014
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Stumbled over a cool small 8 channel mixer (Seemix Seeport mixer made in Norway) used at a tv channel. It´s a kind of hybrid...

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havnjero 30th October 2014
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Hi Jules and comapny. Hope the recording business is treating you...

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Avast! 30th October 2014
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Hello, Is there a away to extract the contents of an akai disc to a computer? I'd like to save them to a memory card and then...

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mwarsell 30th October 2014
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Into The Lair #56 - Tracking Drums with Greg Wells and Ian MacGregor - YouTube thanks Greg and IAN kfhkh

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ohgee 30th October 2014
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Hello, everybody! Anyone know how they record the overheads at Lightning Sound studios (Rob Cavallo, Andy McKean, Meat Loaf)?...

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gilmanoel 30th October 2014
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So my final 500 series buy would be EQs. Main use: vocals. So. I am after 1. An EQ that can be versatile. I call this the...

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barbaroja 30th October 2014
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I've been recently looking at the MCU (the original, not the Pro). The standard MCU just has the midi ports (no USB) and my main...

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jlaws 30th October 2014
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I have been doing some testing on my DR-680, RME Quadmic II and recently my new RME UCX. My setup is to NOT have any mic or...

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Kiwi 30th October 2014
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I am trying to repair my Sennheiser HD 280's, and as a newbie with electronic repair, I'm not sure where each cable (blue, red,...

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nate.t.young 30th October 2014
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I'd like to buy either the Marshall DSL5C or DSL15C for recording rock/electric guitar in studio. I know I need a lower watt amp...

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FFTT 30th October 2014
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I am finally looking to upgrade my home studio setup. I currently use a mackie 1604 VLZ (total work horse) with the delta 1010....

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gravyface 30th October 2014
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So I just ordered a GS-R24M which sadly is going to sit in a box for a long time till the new studio is finished. My question is...

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diamondjim 30th October 2014
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Hey… So, for my own foolish reasons, I'm working on a version of "Brain Damage", and not being a total Floyd...

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LNerell 30th October 2014
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Just how beautiful was Karen Carpenter’s voice? Listen to her isolated vocal tracks and find out | Dangerous...

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Beyersound 30th October 2014
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Hello, all— Anyone have information—or worked on—First Aid Kit's album The Lion's Roar? Great, great stuff. Great...

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Fardly 30th October 2014
Avatar for HelloMellow

I know the Stt-1 is a lot more expensive, but which should I get? Is the stt worth the money?

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edva 29th October 2014
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Hello all! I'm having an issue with a condenser mic (KEL HM-7U) doing what I call "peaking." Excuse my noob...

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sheepdog88 29th October 2014
Avatar for Lando Calrissian

I was just presented with the opportunity to purchase a like-new TLM-103 for $650. Is it worth it for the price? The only other...

Lando Calrissian
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NathanEldred 29th October 2014
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I'm looking to add another pre to my collection mainly for drums and guitars. I do mostly rock stuff and currently have: Great...

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adam_f 29th October 2014
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Hey guys, wanted to compare with some other Duet users. I have a Duet 2. My microphone inputs don't get any signal at 0DB in...

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hithere 29th October 2014
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After a few months of trial and error with various mics, strings, pieces of gear - I'm still unhappy with my fingerstyle...

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dc_r 29th October 2014
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Yeah, yeah, I know, tell them to stop. But seriously: there are perfectly acceptable and high quality cymbal bashing choruses...

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Dr. Mordo 29th October 2014
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I was asked a hypothetical question regarding which mic I own is the most valuable to me, and here was the scenario: Bill Gates...

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suedesound 29th October 2014
Avatar for rekloos

So one of my Maudio DSM2 monitor went out, can't get any help from them, no schematics anywhere and my local audio shop can't do...

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rekloos 29th October 2014
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Hello. I recently got my first custom-moulded IEMs. Cleaning 1. My doctor said I shouldn't use them too often because I...

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Dommedagsprofet 29th October 2014
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Hi all Wondering if you could help me out and suggest what you feel would be the best hardware synth for bass sounds such as...

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Kiwi 29th October 2014
Avatar for PapillonIrl

Sorry, I know this has come up alot...but I searched and didn't find anyone describing a working setup like the above... I'm...

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mizpulyn 29th October 2014
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Any recommendations for a 5.1 monitor controller? Just upgraded to two Pro Tools 96 I/O boxes. Previous set up was PT out...

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nst7 29th October 2014
Avatar for 666666

Really curious to hear opinions of how the ATC SCM50ASL compares to the Neumann (K&H) O410. Both are three-way, mid-field...

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Rythm'BackStudio 29th October 2014
Avatar for nydp4real

So I have a Lynx Hilo, Coleman LS3 line selector, Equator Audio D5's, Yamaha HS80M's, SPL Meter & IK ARC 2 & I'd like to...

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nydp4real 29th October 2014
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hey everybody, i'm looking to round out my preamp selection with some seventh circle pres. i was also looking at the warm...

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damiza20 29th October 2014
Avatar for Providence

I want to start a thread for all things PM1000. Love your console? Express that here. Have mod questions/answers? Express it...

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supermonster 29th October 2014
Avatar for benstaf

Hey We're looking for an affordable online gospel choir/ session singer that we can dub in multiple takes and can do sessions...

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benstaf 29th October 2014
Avatar for Musickiks

Instead of e-mailing random studios I thought it'd be better to post here. I'm looking for a studio that can take my band's...

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Avatar for brethes
brethes 29th October 2014
Avatar for samurai1993

The foam inside an old EV ds35 I bought disintegrated, making the mic very prone to popping. What kind of foam can I use as...

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samurai1993 29th October 2014
Avatar for Twenty Staxx

I know I know...this type of stuff is opinion driven and merely subjective. I was looking into a simple broad stroke eq for...

Twenty Staxx
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Twenty Staxx 29th October 2014
Avatar for classic86

Hi all! I always wondered what the "Early Select" parameter on my M7 really does. Something non-linear is happening...

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classic86 29th October 2014
Avatar for tablatom

Hi all. i am about to pull the trigger on a Audient id22. Looking forward to what should be an upgrade for my home based...

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joeq 29th October 2014
Avatar for soundgun

If this is answered elsewhere, please direct me, but haven't found it. A voice actor client of mine is building a 2nd studio...

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T_R_S 29th October 2014
Avatar for Deleted 5803588

I searched on this and read a few threads but I wanted to be sure on this, specific to my gear. I've got an API 312 that has...

Deleted 5803588
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Lenzo 29th October 2014
Avatar for houstonbluesman

Hi Folks, This is my first post, but I've been reading this sight for a few weeks. Some background: I've been playing...

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Avatar for edva
edva 29th October 2014
Avatar for sovietpop

I am about to pull the trigger on a second hand Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 in mint condition for 970 $. Right now i have an...

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steviexedge 29th October 2014
Avatar for JonnBoy

Does anyone here happen to be privy to the vocal chain Tori Kelly uses? I will be recording a singer whose voice is pretty much...

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JonnBoy 29th October 2014
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Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a couple of API 512 pres or maybe a 3124+. While researching these around here I came across quite a...

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Callison 28th October 2014