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Germainium Daking FET II Warm 76 other?

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Tommyswami 10th November 2014
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I'm looking for my first hardware compressor for my home studio. There seems to be a lot of new 1176 derivatives lately and I...

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barbaroja 10th November 2014
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Hi there guys, I recently purchased a UA 710 & SM7b to start recording some vocals in my small home studio. I did quite a...

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Grimace 10th November 2014
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I was just driving around today and had a thought. I was wondering whether any small studios have tapped the podcast market as a...

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Grimace 10th November 2014
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Hey, I'm looking for a decent pop filter for UNDER 50$. I heard Pauly and Stedman are awesome, but they are a bit...

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warhead 10th November 2014
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Which mics do you like to put up in front of inexperienced/bad singers? I don't want to put up a $4000 mic in front of someone...

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FFTT 10th November 2014
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I wanna buy monitors that sounds good on quite low volume, but still, from time to time I can turn up the volume and step back...

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FFTT 10th November 2014
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Hello. We have an Audio Technica 2035 mic that we primarly use for voice recording for radio commercials. The mic served us...

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bambamboom 10th November 2014
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Hey ya'll. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. . . I am wondering if anyone knows of (or has) a vocal booth...

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jfu222 10th November 2014
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I just bought a pair of AKG Q701s and am looking for a good headphone amp (& maybe a DAC) to drive it. I'll only be using...

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FFTT 10th November 2014
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hello, i hope it's the good place for dj mixer post. My ALLEN AND HEATH xone 22 have level problem , suddenly the volume...

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galawak 10th November 2014
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Hi, I´m in a 4 piece rock band planning to record our first EP with 3-4 songs. We´ll be recording the standard rock...

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FFTT 10th November 2014
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I'm considering... sE Electronics RN 17 stereo pair AMI...

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paraudio 10th November 2014
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Hey guys I want to learn to play keyboard and now I need a good keyboard to start with that is not to expensive. I needs the...

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Paeo 10th November 2014
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Quoted from Hi End "Is hardware dead or dying" This gave me the impulse to start a new thread. I started out as...

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Deleted 9e29a36aeec2dd7 10th November 2014
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Hi all, first let me tell that i use these monitors only for listening to music, i don't mix. Anyway i want to buy something...

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heimdall 10th November 2014
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Hi guys and gals I've recently come in to the possession of a couple of these little fellas. However, I can find absolutely no...

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Randallizer 10th November 2014
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I've been reading so much praise for the Distressor for so many years but never pulled the trigger and tried one. However, I'm...

Rob Coates
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barbaroja 10th November 2014
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Thinking of purchasing the grace. Just wondering if grace m101 will pair nicely with akg c414 using a scarlet 2i2, only need for...

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DougS 10th November 2014
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I am looking at picking up a analog console in the next few weeks and need some advice. I run two inch tape and am going for a...

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Saxon 10th November 2014
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Hey guys, I just picked up a pair of sennheiser hd 518 headphones. i have 280 pros that i use for mixing/ tracking/etc which i...

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mjgltd88 10th November 2014
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gie 10th November 2014
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Can anyone Identify this mixer? I only have a fraction of the picture! ...

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oldironkc 9th November 2014
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Bought this little machine some time ago and never used it as then knobs crackled when I got it. Just fixed it and got quite...

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classicrock 9th November 2014
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Im sure there maybe some post about this on here but here it goes. I just recently purchased a Mackie MCU off of ebay (vendor...

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markalex 9th November 2014
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Which one would give me a punchy and or glued together mix?

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sparqee 9th November 2014
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Katy Perry - Roar Man I LOVE the reverb effect on all the "Hey!" parts in the verses/pre-choruses of this song....

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dangerbeard 9th November 2014
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Hi. Which one does a better job at warming up a digital sound or track. A Tube-Pre or a Tube-Compressor/Limiter ? Any...

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ruffrecords 9th November 2014
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Hi I want to connect an 24 track reel to an SSL 4000 patch bay can you tell me where to patch it? Thanks

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matrix 9th November 2014
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Any one know of any Carnegie Hall Impulse Responses available anywhere? Or any other similar impulse responses? I've been doing...

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joeq 9th November 2014
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The ADSR on my MFB kraftzwerg has stopped working. The signal goes through the whole machine but not through the envelope. Anyone...

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TVTooth 9th November 2014
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Can both the balanced and unbalanced be used simultaneously?

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monkeyxx 9th November 2014
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So whenever somebody mentions recording an electric guitar, a shure sm57 mic comes into the conversation at some point. My...

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Stel 9th November 2014
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Hey guys, I was checking out Youtube yesterday and saw one video that demonstrated SSL G series buss comp, a 19inch rack module...

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Deleted 1846071 9th November 2014
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Doesn't 2ch of AD/DA mean a studio can only record 1 stereo track at a time? What about recording drums and such? How is it...

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FFTT 9th November 2014
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I'm looking to buy a bass amp for recording rock music. I've learned that for guitar amp, 15w is ideal so we can crank it up to...

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FFTT 9th November 2014
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I'd like to fill an API 500-6B Lunchbox with modules to be used solely for recording hard rock guitar. Which 500 Series...

Deleted 911ead9
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chainrule 9th November 2014
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Anyone here who is from, or currently residing in Central/South Florida, or Florida in general, who may know of of any music...

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JonnBoy 9th November 2014
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Just caught the first set. All girl backup band. Prince in sporting a Hendrix style Fro. 3rd Eye Shades :-) ...

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GeminIAm 9th November 2014
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la-610 mk2


A bit dissapoitment for me. I thouht the mk2 version would have separate outs to use those blocks as you like. Not always la2a is...

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KFunk 9th November 2014
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A little clueless in this area. I'm currently restoring my Rhodes stage mark 1 and would like some info on a good amp. Something...

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Sharp11 9th November 2014
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All their albums sound sick, some of my favorite pop productions for sure. Does anybody know who is going to be working on...

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_Mark 9th November 2014
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Hi! I'm starting a New Wave band and I really don't know how to get the 80s style new wave vocals (reverb? Echo?) I'm going for...

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skycaptain 9th November 2014
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To anyone thinking of purchasing a studio console desk from a company called Dash Recording Studio Furniture, based out of...

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sameal 9th November 2014
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I've been pricing 1/4" decks for mix down and I'm leaning towards Ampex. One question I have is why are 1/4" 440s so...

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Seditionary 9th November 2014
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Hello Guys, after 14 years hestudiotechnik closed its doors in january 2014. Just want to let you know that you find lots...

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AUDIOBOMBER 9th November 2014
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Hi! Longtime voiceover guy with a couple of different studios. Most of time time am monitoring for delivery of dry voice-only...

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mikeshep 9th November 2014
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Hey guys! zak here! i run a small home studio in central ny. were running ableton 9 with ozone. the studio has a full e-kit...

Out Of Frame
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Retinal 9th November 2014
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Hey folks, I am looking for some recommendations on completing a mojo-heavy recording chain for my small, low-end my home studio,...

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zilla_studios 8th November 2014
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I'm set up to ship my new Duet to Apogee to fix a noise issue this weekend. However, judging by how poor their support has been...

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bluesmonk 8th November 2014