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Hi, I bought an API lunchbox (6 slots) and am wondering which of the DIY mic pre would be best for me. I am looking to build...

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justinheronmusic 20th November 2014
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I found these really insightful and inspirational so thought I would share! Listening to Freddie simply smack the vocals when...

4D Arcade
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Electric Sugar 20th November 2014
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I'm really looking for a tube that is going to open up the top end of the frequency spectrum and give it more clarity. Something...

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zohomoho 20th November 2014
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According to Amazon, Glyn Johns, engineer/producer extraordinaire, has written a book about his life that will be coming out...

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Robby in WA 20th November 2014
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In the market for a pair of monitors, need some advice... A pre-emptive thanks for your help! kfhkh Here are the...

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cinealta 20th November 2014
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I'm new to recording, and after hours and hours of research I still have no idea what I'm looking for. This will be for acoustic...

The Bacon Man
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Drumsound 20th November 2014
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Hi guys, hoping to get an answer to this ASAP as i've got my PCB Grinder based GSSL compressor on a bench getting a final...

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che_guitarra 20th November 2014
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A monitor controller is on my list of things to buy and this one looks alright. SLC-1 Studio Level Control /21 Steps Volume...

Vex One
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Pooney Heat 20th November 2014
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I currently use the Yamaha HS50M monitors for producing and mixing… They're terrible! They are very deficient in the bass and...

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Tohtruck 20th November 2014
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hi guys trying to get some ideas on 500 series chain (for a male baritone, hushed, intimate, but in rather dense mixes...

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sparqee 20th November 2014
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So I plugged my Focusrite Forte into my Mac before downloading the software and I got the message "FORTE SOFTWARE REQUIRED...

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conanb 19th November 2014
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I everyone, this is my first post in gearslutz. I'm needing some suggestions/opinions or reviews about some...

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Brent Hahn 19th November 2014
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I work for a video game developer and there's a strong chance that my employer will be doing a bit of construction in the coming...

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iluvatar 19th November 2014
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So I bought some HD 600s and need to power them but I was wondering if there is a soundcard that can do it all seeing as I'm well...

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BakerBoyz 19th November 2014
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hi there, i would like to know what you guys would do ? i have an apollo quad, 8th circle audio pre's (4 N72 / 4 A12) and a...

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thegoonmat 19th November 2014
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Hi, a friend of mine from Asia thinks that the top card behind his LExicon 960L blew up. It is the card that houses the clock in...

dan le
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dan le 19th November 2014
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Greetings all! I've been mixing for a while now and have been saving up some cash so I can splash out on some new gear, so I'm...

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Avatar for Neil Pickles
Neil Pickles 19th November 2014
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I've been using Yamaha HS80Ms for a bit over a year. They're not bad, but just the low mid detail that I need to hear for proper...

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mirka 19th November 2014
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hey slutz!!! I had dynaudio BM6A MK1...nice. Now I have adam S3x-V...AMAZING. And if my mix sound good on them, they do...

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warhead 19th November 2014
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I was able to get into Guitar center to record a vocal sample of the Neumann TLM107. It was recorded into my RME UCX's...

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mbvoxx 19th November 2014
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So as it stands im leaning more towards the BM5A MKII's simply because it looks like a more "serious" monitor, Has...

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Diogo C 19th November 2014
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I have been producing house music for around 10 years now. I recently bought the Focal Twins. The high and mid sounds amazing but...

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warhead 19th November 2014
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I have an at 4040 for rap vocals and as many other others say I find it dull and sometimes grainy/brittle. The quality of the...

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mylesp 19th November 2014
Avatar for jg42

Recording vocals. Pop/rock male singer Out of 4 available mics (TLM-102,AT4060, PR40, Sennheiser MK4) MK4 sounds best with...

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Drumsound 19th November 2014
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I have this horrible ground hum on the second channel of my Chandler TG2. It is being caused by my Furman M-8x rack power strip....

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Avatar for baileyrecording
baileyrecording 19th November 2014
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I found this mic in my studio , and I'm not sure what it is, looks like a M260, but it doesn't have anything written on apart...

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djanogil 19th November 2014
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I put a simple sm57 stock through a great river and made a simple pop filter for my vocal chain and I honestly really like it!...

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antichef 19th November 2014
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Okay so i have been looking for a way to rewire guitar pro into a daw like fl studio only to find out it doesnt have the...

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thevisi0nary 19th November 2014
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There was a shoot thread a while back. I kinda didn't like the recording, so it was kinda useless for me. Anyone try both of...

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fuzzface777 19th November 2014
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It just occured me.. Freelance engineers & producers = get their money Ancliary - mantenance / assitant / studio office...

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jspeed 19th November 2014
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Okay, relatively new to electronics, restoring an MCI JH110 tape machine that's stuck in FF and documenting the process with...

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jdurango 19th November 2014
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Okay I'm thinking about getting a couple of high end mics instead of using a bunch of cheap mics. I have a budget of $1500 to...

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ocharlas 19th November 2014
Avatar for nyandres

I was thinking of doing a comparison of the VMR modules vs some hardware I have which is found in VMR. The NEVE Module got me...

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electronicmusic 19th November 2014
Avatar for Justin84

Hi all, This weekend I'm having a fireworks party and want to take the advantage of the rare opportunity to try to capture...

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Justin84 19th November 2014
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Can anyone point me towards tracks that were recorded & mixed on an API Legacy + console ?

Deleted User
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burns46824 19th November 2014
Avatar for ilovetubes

CALLING all the mixers, engineers, hobbyists, producers, writers out there Are there any absolute favorite plugins to throw...

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sgalow 19th November 2014
Avatar for reggiesears

What do you think of the production on this track? Sound, mix, quality, overdone on the saturation? Too flat? Too much bass? Like...

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Avatar for ocharlas
ocharlas 19th November 2014
Avatar for lgyandell

Howdy, I am seeking some information about recording techniques on The Cars record made in 1978.. Also, if you have any info on...

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Avatar for lame pseudonym
lame pseudonym 19th November 2014
Avatar for bvdd

I want to use VST's in a DX/DXi only program. I know there were a few out there not too long ago. I've followed every link I...

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bvdd 19th November 2014
Avatar for Joniverse

Am i the only one having problems with the frequencys right above 4000hz? I always find i have to make a narrow cut around there...

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Avatar for Retinal
Retinal 19th November 2014
Avatar for olliemcvey

Hi all, I produce electronic/alternative music and am looking to purchase a new pair of studio monitors. I had my heart set...

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Avatar for jg42
jg42 19th November 2014
Avatar for alhe

Looking at investing in a 2ch. AD converter. Is there any older high-end ADCs that still sound good, and can be picked up for...

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lemix 19th November 2014
Avatar for Rae

Hi Gearslutz, this here is my first post... So hoozah! I was hoping to get some opinions/feedback on a mix I've been working...

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jonnybrell 18th November 2014
Avatar for Jreichow

Hello all. First time caller, long time listener. Here is my riddle I hope someone can solve. I have a 3 amp setup. Left...

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Avatar for jonnybrell
jonnybrell 18th November 2014
Avatar for rberotti93

After a long time of trial and error, my drum recordings/mixes are finally where I want them to be, however I'm missing one key...

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rberotti93 18th November 2014
Avatar for classybarbarian

My question is concerning some sweet battery powered speakers I found at the thrift shop for nothing. They are called a...

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Avatar for jonnybrell
jonnybrell 18th November 2014
Avatar for thegoonmat

Hi, I have an UA apollo quad and à dangerous d box , i also have 4 n72 pres from 7th circle audio So i have 8 pres I want to...

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thegoonmat 18th November 2014
Avatar for gabrielmay

Hi all, I'm a recent Music graduate thats now building up a Sound Design portfolio and am in need of a microphone to start...

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rocksure 18th November 2014
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Hey so I was wondering if any of you guys have noticed these: Markertek - Search Results for sc hf madi Tactical MADI...

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G0G0MRM0J0 18th November 2014
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, I am looking to buy budget iPad speaker/s and have a budget of around £50. I would like something that has decent output...

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dickiefunk 18th November 2014