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so i was reading an interview with mark spike stent. He was talking about nulling the faders (resetting back to 0) after setting...

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[email protected] 5th December 2014
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I have a Roland SPD-S out of warranty with this fault: it powers itself off as I hit it, then back on intermittently. Has anyone...

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DKT 5th December 2014
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I may not be a huge fan of NI Massive, but I really like the Feedback amp loop-knob inside it (labeled...

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steffeeH 5th December 2014
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How long does it take you to go from a cold start to a fully functioning studio? How many switches do you have to flip? If...

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JayTee4303 5th December 2014
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I'm interested in exploring some unusual methods of amplification when recording electronic instruments to get an intentionally...

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Teletude 5th December 2014
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.... Anybody who has actually compared both please please please comment! I have Exponential Audio R2, PhoenixVerb, Softube...

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Jantex 5th December 2014
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Hi guys. I used to rap, never that serious, but I have enjoyed making beats on and off over the past few years. Just got my...

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ECM 5th December 2014
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Hello guys! I´m searching a 61 keys , midi controller keyboard with medium sized keys... Why medium sized keys? well... I...

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krylenko 5th December 2014
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Hey everyone, I am hoping to pick one of these up soon. Mostly to record my own shows, and the occasional demo of my music....

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joelpatterson 5th December 2014
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Hi! I'm just wondering. I did an update from 9.2 to 9.3 (latest). Now my wavesshell is named 9.3 and my Waves License Center...

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m&m's 5th December 2014
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I've been recording bass direct into my Metric H. ULN-2 2D but I need something punchier with more kick. what DIs are you using...

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PB+J 5th December 2014
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Hi. 2 related questions. I have a non working ribbon mic that needs repaired. It's an RCA 74B. Who do I go to? Exterior is not...

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edva 5th December 2014
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Wow!! So what are these good for?

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edva 5th December 2014
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I am just coming round to the idea of buying a hardware reverb and have been looking, researching and thinking. I have been...

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Brent Hahn 5th December 2014
Avatar for Angel Audio

Ok, since I just helped out a few Gearslutz on the PCM 70 screen issues, maybe some good karma will come my way on this issue...

Angel Audio
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smokchsr 5th December 2014
Avatar for NarcoticDeath

I showed up today to the studio for a session and to my surprise half of the console won't respond to my commands! Even better...

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Thomas W. Bethe 5th December 2014
Avatar for eLUX

I'm trying to put together a new signal chain on a budget. I've wanted to get a Tonebeast for sometime, but now I'm getting just...

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eLUX 5th December 2014
Avatar for loveblack1234

It is not uncommon for people to have their own personal home studio's now a days, and with the advent and advancement of digital...

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Kamurah 5th December 2014
Avatar for dullfangs

i read that the fast attack switch enables a fixed attack of 3ms. this doesnt seem all that fast too me considering most native...

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Cav 5th December 2014
Avatar for adrianrobison

Hi there, I bought a PreSonus Central Station a few years back and since day one I have had a problem with an intermittent...

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auralart 5th December 2014
Avatar for warhead

I know that the market keeps pumping out new brands left and right, and many of them are great don't get me wrong. I was just...

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swafford 5th December 2014
Avatar for TonyF

Great MQA presentation at the Shard in London yesterday. We need iTunes and Spotify to wake up to the fact that not all...

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TonyF 5th December 2014
Avatar for loveblack1234

I often hear people( usually of the older generation) whining about how music is not the same anymore, about how its quality has...

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IanBSC 5th December 2014
Avatar for JblKid95

Brown vs black version What are some issues to note with these speakers. Where is the best place to buy these speakers ?...

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KennaOkoye 5th December 2014
Avatar for Sampler Man

Teac 40-4


So I want to send a stereo mix from Pro Tools to the Teac 40-4 and then back to Pro Tools. This thing is a 4-track so I'll only...

Sampler Man
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Avatar for whoomusic
whoomusic 5th December 2014
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, Could someone recommend me a Affordable Hardware Mastering EQ for EDM? My budget is about $1500,- ATM I use the UAD MP...

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Inceptic 5th December 2014
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Hey all, This question might have been answered before, I've had a look and couldn't find any way for me to understand the...

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ZLbeats 5th December 2014
Avatar for Ozzy

Hi Guys, I have been contemplating in which direction to go with my studio set up, and thought I'd chuck this up and see if...

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Kronos147 5th December 2014
Avatar for Rob Coates

I know nothing about synths or Euro Racks etc. but it strikes me this module could be very useful a n a l o g u e h a v e n for...

Rob Coates
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DKT 5th December 2014
Avatar for Yvonne

Hi guys, i'm about to record demos, just me and acoustic guitar. I'm also recording band rehearsals with one mic and do drum...

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ido1957 5th December 2014
Avatar for brewbaker

I have two different Focusrite 8-channel mic pre's and would like to be able to switch between their ADAT outputs which would go...

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brewbaker 5th December 2014
Avatar for Blueskoebes

Hi everyone! my partner and me are restinstalling a Soundcraft 3200 that comes with the Studio we took over. It comes with a...

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Avatar for Astia
Astia 5th December 2014
Avatar for caliconc

just got a new pc and wanted to use my saffire pro 14 with it. I reused the old t.i pci firewire card from my old pc to avoid...

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Avatar for Louie Focusrite
Louie Focusrite 5th December 2014
Avatar for davidnoise

Think I could use the Chandler Germanium Preamp / DI to do distorted indie / shoegaze / noise stuff straight into the DAW? Or...

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Avatar for zilla_studios
zilla_studios 4th December 2014
Avatar for paulwall

Hey all, curious for the "high end" perspective on just how much monitor for a tracking environment is useful? Very...

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Avatar for paulwall
paulwall 4th December 2014
Avatar for barbaroja

According to Mr Klaus, at his mic lab forum, Neumanns U87Ai from around serials 85000 on, have been modified in its circuitry....

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Avatar for barbaroja
barbaroja 4th December 2014
Avatar for mattias78

I know there's a lot of threads out there about records where the mixing or recording engineer writes about how it was...

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Avatar for funkycam
funkycam 4th December 2014
Avatar for princetown

Hi all,wondering if any one out there knows anything regarding these VINTAGE GENERAL ELECTRIC GERMANIUM PRE FROM A 1964 SOLID...

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Avatar for blessu123
blessu123 4th December 2014
Avatar for geartragic

I am building up a database of vintage reverb samples to make comparison of the many great reverbs from the past, to modern...

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geartragic 4th December 2014
Avatar for jimusic

Hey Buds, I'm wondering about opinions on these 2 - especially from those who've actually tried & used them for a...

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Avatar for warhead
warhead 4th December 2014
Avatar for tekn0

Heya, I have been researching a HEDD and surprisingly have been unable to find any examples of it's processing effects anywhere...

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Avatar for tekn0
tekn0 4th December 2014
Avatar for RecordRecord

Hi there! I recently picked up a Shure M68 Mic Mixer (circa 50's according to Shure telephone tech rep) at a flea market for $10...

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Avatar for Brent Hahn
Brent Hahn 4th December 2014
Avatar for adrianher

Hi there, I'm using my akai eie pro 24 bits interface connected to my laptop to record my guitar tracks with Reaper. I usually...

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Avatar for Marty Gras
Marty Gras 4th December 2014
Avatar for Dr.

Hi guys. I've got a question that I found very intresting for myself. Can you share me your opinions on this? So let me start...

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Avatar for Dr.
Dr. 4th December 2014
Avatar for mariacox77

Hi im looking for an Ensoniq Dp/4 can anyone help?

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Avatar for henge
henge 4th December 2014
Avatar for RichieC

I'm looking to buy a subwoofer to match with my pair of Yamaha H50M monitors. I found the following KRK 10s Subwoofers for...

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Avatar for RichieC
RichieC 4th December 2014
Avatar for Word of Madness

Hi, I'd appreciated a little advice regarding a budget USB audio interface. I'm not particularly familiar with the recording side...

Word of Madness
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Avatar for boydell200
boydell200 4th December 2014
Avatar for KFMG

Did anyone else spot the Manley Massive Passive in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie? It was in the turtle van towards...

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Avatar for Steamy Williams
Steamy Williams 4th December 2014
Avatar for CSMR

I am getting crackling noise in the left channel of my Rode NT4 stereo microphone when it has phantom power on. Under battery...

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Avatar for boydell200
boydell200 4th December 2014
Avatar for Rin

Hi Guys, i consider to buy a new vocal-mic. right now i have the akg 414 b-uls into a gap 73, but i want something with more...

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Avatar for Rin
Rin 4th December 2014