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Has anyone heard this box? Does it do the cool SSL pumping thing?

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Seditionary 13th December 2014
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Drupoet 13th December 2014
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here's a better way to phrase the question, synth A send midi out to synth B midi in, while synth B send midi out to synth A...

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Kiwi 13th December 2014
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Hi y'all, I'm working in a smallish project studio (300 square foot room in a rehearsal studio) with a modest hybrid recording...

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rcb4t2 13th December 2014
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I need a setup where I dont have to upgrade in the next 5 years. Which is better? Interface (Echofire) and Pre-amp? Or just...

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HonaCostello 12th December 2014
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Working on a tracking session and for one song I want to try some gang vocals. Going for a dissociative/multi-personality feel...

Granny Gremlin
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kafka 12th December 2014
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So I have a 4RU case and ordered a rackmount powerstrip that is 17.5" long but my case is 19" long. does anyone know...

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SRS 12th December 2014
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Greetings From The Land of The Alamo! I need Help. I need Clips for my Two Beyerdynamic Soundstar X1-N Microphones. Could...

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pitchbend 12th December 2014
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Hello from Spain! I want to upgrade my home studio mic. I have used a SM7B to record my voice (hard-rock music) with good...

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Alliver 12th December 2014
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Hi all. Pretty self explanatory question, though with some conditions. New room, new monitors. Room is about 1.5x the size of...

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klapaucius 12th December 2014
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I'm considering building a 500-series channelstrip, mostly for tracking, but expandable for stereo mix/master. Lindell Audio 506...

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G-Sun 12th December 2014
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Hi chaps... Looking for some opinion on what 2520 pinned currently available discrete opamps with a dark-ish tone are out...

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hyper.real 12th December 2014
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I am using DSP monitors, which I will be connecting via a digital S/PDIF to AES/EBU cable (the monitors do the D/A inside of...

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IMRECS 12th December 2014
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Hey friends. I'm planning on picking up either a DDA D series console or a Ramsa WR S840 for recording as well as begin to mix...

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FollowFarnsworth 12th December 2014
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Hello, what are the differences between the old Dynaudio BM9S and the new MK II? Are both on the same level of...

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Schizzo 12th December 2014
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Hi. I just purchased a Rane RE 27 equalizer from a local pawn shop today. When I play something through it, it will start to...

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Drumsound 12th December 2014
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Anyone had experience with both Lexicons reverbs and TC electronics? I have used a Lexicon PCM 60,70,80,90 and a 224xl. Was...

glenn Taylor
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Musiclab 12th December 2014
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Opinions? Mostly for vocals and acoustic guitar recording (straight into the microphone and cubase).

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Danny5947 12th December 2014
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Dear fellow Gearslutz, until now i’ve been working "in the box". My only hardware effect unit is a lunchbox EQ...

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the_cottage 12th December 2014
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Hi all, I have a couple of "reel to reel interface" boxes from these guys, stacked in a corner. Has anyone ever...

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TheMightyReel 12th December 2014
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Hi GS I´'m thinking of buying 2x Isa 430 mk2 to use its Eq's- Comp-de-ess- AD conversion with my BAE 1073 Pre's + UA1176, . ...

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zoro 12th December 2014
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Hello, I have a yamaha ypg 235 keyboard but wondering how to be able to play it in Machine as a midi controller. I plugged it in...

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Zman4700 12th December 2014
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I have one of the seafoam green supersonic 22's that fender did, I don't know if it was before or after they changed the type of...

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_cavalierr 12th December 2014
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Ive done a search on these, didnt find much but alot of em in the SecondHand Classifieds.... Im curious on the whole A Designs...

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s.d.finley 12th December 2014
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AML Audio Maintenance Limited The 5003D Pre-Amp Interview / Review with Colin Jan. 12, 2010 Pan60: Hi, Colin :)~...

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pan60 12th December 2014
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Hi, The manual (http://www.dbxpro.com/product_downloads/Owner_Manuals/160XT%20Owners%20Manual.pdf , page 32) says : Attack...

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numero6 12th December 2014
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Hi guys, I'm using a Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface at the moment and it's hooked up to two KRK monitors. I believe...

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adastra 12th December 2014
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I want to buy a Ada8200, clock that with a master clock, then slave my saffire to that via adat. Will this drastically improve...

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nosleepPDX 12th December 2014
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Hey there, i recently purchased a Fatso at Ebay and am waiting for it to be delivered. Right now i am already wondering how...

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panzerkid 12th December 2014
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Has anyone tried the new alpha series from focal? specifically the alpha 80s? i heard from someone that the alpha 65 lack sub...

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rjx 11th December 2014
Avatar for techneek

Anyone have any idea how Annie Lennox remake of Nights in White Satins was tracked? Looking for tracking and mixing info if...

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techneek 11th December 2014
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Hello folks, Looking for some monitor advice: Background: Mixing hard rock / heavy metal (eg GNR leads, Metallica Vocals...

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scottmckaygibson 11th December 2014
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Hello everybody, yes, I know, this might be a strange title. Let me explain.. I own the Microwave 1 since a little bit more than...

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decoder23 11th December 2014
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:synth::synth::synth: 2 part question, what kind of reverbs do you guys like for: Classic jazz hammond tone - to approximate...

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rcb4t2 11th December 2014
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I've searched the forums and can't find any info on this mic. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with Bumblebee Pro...

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JFOC 11th December 2014
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If you live in the U.K and import a VLA 2 from the U.S.A remember you got to invert the 0.5 amp fuse at the back of the unit (...

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Stevieinlondon 11th December 2014
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So I've got a 5 piece band (Typhoon Jackson). We play big venues (outside under the arch) we play small venues (my basement). ...

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Limjucas32 11th December 2014
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I'm looking for a compact mixer with some specific requirements: - at least 8 channels - compact as possible (knobs preferred...

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DJKeys 11th December 2014
Avatar for AdamLeeGuitarist

Hi guys! I'm new here, but have been reading posts on this site forever, so please bear with me (this is a loooong one)! I...

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plainofjars 11th December 2014
Avatar for Tavares

Hi all, I am about to buy Warm Audio's WA-12 to use with the Apogee Duet for Mac. My question is if it will make a significant...

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Tavares 11th December 2014
Avatar for Mattalik

Hi Slutz, I am stuck with what is probably the most basic step in using my newly purchased E-MU E6400 Ultra. I have read...

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Mattalik 11th December 2014
Avatar for skeeballcore

Topic says most of it. Trying to decide whether to take advantage of UA's sale or a deal I saw on a Duende plug-in, or if the...

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dkr 11th December 2014
Avatar for ModuleW

This is amazing deep & warm pads, anybody have any idea about what synthesizer can do like that? Maybe this is Korg Z1 or...

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ModuleW 11th December 2014
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Hi, I've currently got a UA 4-710 & a Saffire Pro 40 with 2x WA12 & a Heritage Audio 73jr on the way. Leaving 1 of the...

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War in Moscow 11th December 2014
Avatar for Keitaro333

My old AKG K240's foam pads that isolate the driver inside the earpads is deteriorating and needs to be replaced but no local...

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Keitaro333 11th December 2014
Avatar for PB+J

Lately I've been on a ribbon mic binge. I had an MXL R144 which sounded terrible and which I never used. I took it apart and...

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PB+J 11th December 2014
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Can someone explain to me why tape formulations recommend the same flux levels for different track widths? Can't a 1/2"...

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ruffrecords 11th December 2014
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Hi, This is my first post, apologies if I have placed this question in the incorrect section. I have an interest in buying...

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ruffrecords 11th December 2014
Avatar for dtirer

Looking for a sturdy and affordable rack, around 12u - 16u, that can support a Mackie Onyx 1640 sitting on top of it. (not...

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Sky 11th December 2014
Avatar for Analogue Mastering

Very straightforward, put down your latest 3 studio related purchases here, I'll start: Dangerous BAX EQ Wave Nature...

Analogue Mastering
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Avatar for War in Moscow
War in Moscow 11th December 2014