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Hi guys, based in sweden right now and my old trusty monitors have had it and due to location and fact i am recovering from...

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gt_jumper 5th January 2015
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Reverb is difference in different country. So what 's the most of popular reverb in folk and pop music of turkey?

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toofanstudio 5th January 2015
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I loved hearing some of Eric Valentine's experience recording "Why Should the Fire Die?". Not sure if Eric is still...

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Brenton 5th January 2015
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Yoyo! I'm in the process of moving and I will make my studio more compact for a while, maybe a year or so, so I am looking for...

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Winston Tones 5th January 2015
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finally a great s.o.s. interview with this genius: check here: Article Preview - Secrets Of The Mix Engineers: Rich...

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Marr Zimm 5th January 2015
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Hi there, Ive been on the hunt for a good line mixer for a while now and wanted to get some knowledgeable feedback on what ones...

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hymenoptera 5th January 2015
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How to get the best quality vocals output by using Samson C01u USB Condenser Microphone ? Any Tips or tricks? Because I saw many...

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mkamsi 5th January 2015
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Hi I'm the proud owner of a beautiful S-DMX refurbished by Mr. David Kulka. I love how it sounds, I've learned how to operate it,...

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Getalife2 5th January 2015
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Is anyone carrying Violet Design in the US anymore? I had to contact them in Latvia just to get a Global-Pre case. For my mic...

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SkyWriter 5th January 2015
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So my current outboard compressors are the WA76 and Obsidian. Which I love. I'm mixed feelings towards the Brute and RND 5043. I...

Trademark Studio
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Squawk 5th January 2015
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Hi All, I'm a drummer looking for good overhead mics. I do some tracks for friends and relatives for fun. I have a room thats...

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sam guaiana 5th January 2015
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But does anyone know a basic simple digital display similar to the one on the apogee symphony front panel, where it is not as...

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aramism 5th January 2015
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Hi folks, I need your opinion. Ive had the idea in my head of putting together a semi pro sounding analog 8 track studio...

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DownandOut 5th January 2015
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dbjungle 4th January 2015
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Hello to you all! I've been using the subject thing for about 1.5 years. Most of the time I go high gain, but recently I've...

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rbgrn 4th January 2015
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I really like the sound of the guitar and vocals in this song and want to try get a similar sound in my studio. I am pretty...

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attaboy_jhb 4th January 2015
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I'm a little disappointed with my Adam A7X monitors. The mixes I'm getting aren't translating well on my home system, and vocals...

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MJB 4th January 2015
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Hi all, I'm just about to install 2x JBL LSR 305's which obviously don't have a great deal of bass extension. To save a bit of...

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jonboyuk 4th January 2015
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Hello guys, I'm close to pull the trigger on a UCX, after one and a half year of headache with a MOTU sound card that doesn't...

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nofuture 4th January 2015
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Hi, I am looking for a quality and reliable vinyl pressing plant in the UK or in France, suitable for pop/ rock music. I...

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sunrobot 4th January 2015
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How are you guys dealing with it when you run out of USB ports live? My macbook pro only has 2 USB ports. One is taken up...

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digitize 4th January 2015
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Hey everyone! Im searching for a new microphone for more variations. A salesmen recommended the Beesneez Tribute 2. Since I...

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leftside 4th January 2015
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Hi everyone happy new year :-) How can I connect my ubk fatso, avedis e27s and transient designer to my DAW ? I want to run the...

Stu T
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Stu T 4th January 2015
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Hello friends. I have a power supply for a trident mixer, and I would like to know more about it. What kind of trident...

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joffe54 4th January 2015
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I'm assuming that color coding for cables - 1-8 is completely random or up to the discretion of the engineer, but IS there...

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bremen 4th January 2015
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hi! i have a Eventide H8000FW with a RME UFX and a UAD Apollo quad (plugged in via ADAT) which clock is the best to use as...

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Lucin Niega 4th January 2015
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My A-Designs MP2 started to crackle on one channel. Could that be from a bad tube? I never changed them. I don't find any...

Peter Z
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Peter Z 4th January 2015
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Hello, i would like to create my own cd jewelcase booklets and back insert on my PC. can someone please tell me of a program that...

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aomahana 4th January 2015
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vernier 4th January 2015
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Hello, as the title says, what would be the better bet? a black lion signature modded 002R. or a stock 002R with a mytek...

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maskedman72 4th January 2015
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MIDI Control Surface of your dreams Postby Antonio Escobar » 27 Feb 2014 13:05 Hi there, I've been thinking on this topic...

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elegentdrum 4th January 2015
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Hi, I have a Peavy head unit w an SP5 Speaker and a Crate acoustic amp. I am trying to connect the Crate cab to the head unit so...

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1segovia 4th January 2015
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Hi, I really want to get into sampling; however, I don't really know what kind of sampler would work best for me. I've read other...

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miscend 4th January 2015
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I’m about to record my acoustic guitar in M/S and I have a few questions about post processing of the m/s signal: Normally,...

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Sonic_Beast 4th January 2015
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I have two nice preamps, and a bunch of mediocre ones. When I record a drumset with time on my hands I track with overheads...

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Analok 4th January 2015
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Hi Folks! There's numerous contenders in this area. The goal of this thread is not to define something absolute. But at least...

Black Wolf
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zigziglar 3rd January 2015
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Hello..I'm entertaining getting another interface..Looking at the ID22 or the new LynxE-22..Except for the other bells/whistles...

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zigziglar 3rd January 2015
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I am planning to buy the volca keys I had a few doubt's though. 1. When I run it in my daw's midi track and track has a...

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th902 3rd January 2015
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Ok, I know there are a ton of these threads on GS (and yes I've run quite a few searches) but my needs are fairly specific so...

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NewDrugs 3rd January 2015
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I've recently bought a couple of Grace M 101s. (Likely good pres for ribbons.) Apparently there is a decent clone of the...

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Thrip 3rd January 2015
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whats up slutz, so i got a good deal on a ua la 610. my chain is 610 into a 44vsl, i am sure i should be spending my money on...

jeb stuart
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daddykev 3rd January 2015
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Hi all, This is my setup: Novation Bass Station 2 (hardware synth) > USB CABLE > Logic Pro X (macbook pro) My...

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ponkapog 3rd January 2015
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This isn't a thread about which is the best mic to buy for this instrument or that one... Simply, what are your favourite mics?...

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MarkVan 3rd January 2015
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Hello dear fellow gearslutz, I'm upgrading my monitors, now I have KRK v6 series 2 with Adam Sub8 in a fairly treated but...

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saptezsapte 3rd January 2015
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So Danny boy dropped this new video today, where he's remixing an awesome song by Tinariwen, in the back of a Cadillac. However I...

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SUPADUPA 3rd January 2015
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I've never used an expander. Tell me when and why you use them. Thx Slutz

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Blaine Misner 3rd January 2015
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I have Audio Technica AT 2035 microphone without any shockmount. Is there any shockmount under 15 $ that will work for it...

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Drumsound 3rd January 2015
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Hey whats going on. I want to ask a general question to anyone willing to read and answer. When it comes to audio engineering and...

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doncaparker 3rd January 2015
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This got funded a while back and they said that it would be released the 4th Q of 2014....

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gsilbers 2nd January 2015
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Not much on this mic in the last few years, I am looking for the closest c800g out there. Anybody here still using their JJ...

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Krush411 2nd January 2015