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In the middle of mixing my left speaker shut off and I heard a strange sound like someone threw a bottle cap and some needles...

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AshRockwell 7th December 2020
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OK. So i'am hearing some seriously good things about the UTA mpeq-1 and its preamp. I heard it from really credible sources and...

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thethrillfactor 7th December 2020
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So I recently sold my HS7s and have the adam audio t7vs for a while now and love them. If I knew I'd love them I would've just...

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dimohiphop 7th December 2020
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Hello. I've been bouncing mixes thru an Apogee Rosetta 200, I've had it a very long time. Good quality converter back when they...

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elegentdrum 7th December 2020
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My main monitors go down to about 40hz (+/-3dB), but I’d like to add a sub to reach at least 30. How important is brand...

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pasim123 6th December 2020
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Are some sockets taller than others? I have a 500 series device and it seems that it is just not connecting well. Very little of...

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SRS 6th December 2020
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While downsizing and going from all-hardware to "hybrid" I'm considering the Roland A-800 Pro MIDI/USB keyboard...

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rhythmcomposer 6th December 2020
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Hey guys, I’m doing some home drum recordings at the end of the month and trying to get the best quality that I can. I have 16...

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Deleted be9eb72f3101412 6th December 2020
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New to the world of reel to reel recording and was curious if anyone had any help with my setup. Currently have a Fostex A8 with...

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jadoss23 6th December 2020
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Is there a difference between the Radial Pro DI Jensen Transformer and the Radial JDI? the Radial JDI just looks newer to me. I...

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monkeyxx 6th December 2020
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Any suggestions on the best pop filter. From what I've read the metal ones appear to do the best job and are easist to maintain....

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Griffo 6th December 2020
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Hi folks. I currently use M-Audio BX5a and a friend who’s selling rokit 7 G4s has gave me them to try out first. This is for a...

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Milesy303 6th December 2020
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I would like to identify the commonly used and available flaovors or family of EQ on the market to make sure I am not missing out...

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peter sikking 6th December 2020
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I am not very happy with my NT1-A. It sounds too sibilant. I was thinking to either get an RK-47 capsule and mod it, or sell it...

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Swagyosha 6th December 2020
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Been using my Zoom F8n as my USB audio interface for guitar and vocals, but decided I wanted a dedicated USB interface that was...

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NachosGrande 6th December 2020
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Hey does anyone have any history with the vintage souncraft series ii, I bought one of these a couple of months ago, it was...

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drummerman1515 6th December 2020
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I currently own a pair of JBL LSR305 and I've been looking into buying a pair of Genelec speakers. Setup is in a bedroom,...

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David Audio 6th December 2020
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Hi, What’s the difference between a Samson S patch and a Samson s patch plus? Thanks

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elasticc 6th December 2020
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Hey guys! Need an advice here concerning mics. I've been hesitating between purchasing the SM 7B or the Aston Microphones...

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Denta 5th December 2020
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Hey y'all...just purchased a Rupert Neve DI...I'm wanting to bypass my mixer for recording my keyboard and plug directly into my...

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DirkP 5th December 2020
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Hello everyone, hope y'all are doing great. I'ma get straight to the point, I've been trying to decide what microphone to get...

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cheu78 5th December 2020
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Hi, I realise it's a bit of leap but there are so many new fangled plugins around these days for drums and voices i figured...

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3l3ctr0flux 5th December 2020
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I just finished a vocal session with a very quiet female vocalist using an R84 into an LA-610mkii. Upon listening back, I'm...

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bwoe 5th December 2020
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So, I admittedly have way more gear than I have sense, so, excuse the newbie question.., All of my outboard is wired via...

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bgood 5th December 2020
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Good time to "get out". https://nypost.com/2020/12/05/stevie-nicks-parts-ways-with-a-majority-of-her-music-rights/

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GYMusic 5th December 2020
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I'm not asking about plugin. It's hard to get Sontec MES 432, even if You want to pay for it like for a ton of gold, so I was...

Poligon nr. 4
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monkeyxx 5th December 2020
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Hey there, Currently looking at the old Yamaha EM series mixers to add to my set up for color and effects. So far I'm eying...

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bodegaboi 5th December 2020
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So I’ve used by best Google chops and I’ve come up with nothing! Where on earth (well, in Europe preferably) can I pick up...

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misterharrison 5th December 2020
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Hello, I need a good and affordable small class-D amp rated between 30w to 50w at 8 ohms. I remember some years ago all the rave...

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iLCacciLLo 5th December 2020
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I have learned that up to a certain price point, the more one spends on monitors, there are differences, but not major...

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Sash1980 5th December 2020
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Good morning, I have a small home studio and I wanted to possibly add a few 1084’s for drum overheads as well as other...

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carolcappetta 5th December 2020
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I would like to split my guitar signal. One going to an amp, the other as a DI into my daw for possible reamping later. What...

mr. torture
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mr. torture 5th December 2020
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chrisdee 5th December 2020
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I just bought a Tascam Portastudio 414 Mkii off eBay but it doesn't come with a power adapter. I've been told the machine will...

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rupertdrop 5th December 2020
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This response was quoted from another, non-audio related forum. The discussion was about audio quality of CD/vinyl vs files. Very...

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steveschizoid 5th December 2020
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Just finished recording a very quiet female vocalist singing through an AEA R84 into an LA-610mkii and I'm noticing, not just a...

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jthom 5th December 2020
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All, thank you for this awesome forum, I've gotten so much helpful info that I decided to join and soon, contribute. I am...

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SonorPhonic 5th December 2020
Avatar for joywarner

Hi guys, I'm very happy to be joining the community:) In July I purchased a Neumann tlm102 condenser mic which I run through...

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shobud 5th December 2020
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I got a new e935 from sennheiser on BF-deal. Now the "made in germany" is gone. (It is still on the box. "designed...

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toledo3 4th December 2020
Avatar for RoyFan

What's a good brand of guitar volume pedal ? I imagine some brands last longer.

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AnandaLycs 4th December 2020
Avatar for Swevicus

Fellow musicians, I'm thinking of getting a microphone to replace my Tannoy/Behringer TM1 microphone, which sounds a little...

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Avatar for Aural Endeavors
Aural Endeavors 4th December 2020
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Good day. Very happy to join the community! I have a CASIO CDP S-100 used mainly as a MIDI keyboard, and without an audio...

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ash_g 4th December 2020
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I have every CS1 strip except for the 9000- I demoed it a year ago but wasn’t ready for it. I am loving this thing and now...

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tymish 4th December 2020
Avatar for recordT

Hi guys, can you please recommend a great always on reverb for late 80s hard&heavy (bass heavy... Whitesnake, Motley Crue...

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vernier 4th December 2020
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Hello, I am writing to ask if someone has had the opportunity to use this two monitors for mixing. I can get both at a good...

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tk_nacho 4th December 2020
Avatar for boyd5647

In a strange turn of events, I've come to own a Studer A80 2" machine with the 16-track head. For a home studio, I know...

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Whoopysnorp 4th December 2020
Avatar for Zinc2005

So I was having all sorts of problems with the LEDs that back-light the Neumann logo on a USED pair of KH120s. The left was...

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rcprod 4th December 2020
Avatar for ChayaFFM

Hey there, does anyone here have experience with both? I built the 250 Don Classics clone and modded it to get even closer to...

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DeadPoet 4th December 2020
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Is there any website/forum/mechanism for linking bands without significant funds to amateur mixing engineers? What I mean is...

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melodic dreamer 4th December 2020
Avatar for juicylime

I'd like to go from the digital output of my Neve 1073DPD into the optical input on my Mac. These 2 boxes to SPDIF to...

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sean37 4th December 2020