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Question for you tape gurus: This is an old Reel to Reel I got from a radio DJ friend awhile back. It's sat in my parent's...

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EIDERDOWN 1st March 2015
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It has a 1/4" plug and a cool retro look so I thought it would make an interesting dedicated vocoder mic for my synth. I...

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nut4squirrel 28th February 2015
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The one's for the Midi setup. (Every PDF on the DPS-V77 i've found skips those pages).

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alary 28th February 2015
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DESPITE ERGONOMIC AND ROUTING MATTERS, What is the verdict on these consoles? Capable of passing a truly pro signal to the...

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GreenNeedle 28th February 2015
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Hi! I have a Technics RS-X40W cassette deck as part of a system (Technics 315-series). Now, I recently started using this...

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theblue1 28th February 2015
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Hi, I'd like to have my first compressor. I have a small homestudio and I may like to add some compression on my synth,...

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Marko.G 28th February 2015
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I have a Trident T24 (built in patchbay and 17 Tuchel plug/receptacles on back). Anyway, two of them are for "external...

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brianellefson 28th February 2015
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Hi good people, Can someone please be a darling and tell me what mic Neil is singing into on the live 71' tv footage!...

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succulent95 28th February 2015
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thank you. when it comes to recording electric guitar direct i have the following options. 1) radial jd7 into a burl B1mic...

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zilla_studios 28th February 2015
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Hello I have digi 192 I with two digital I/o card.. the led on the inputs are pulsing. what is wrong with it ? please help...

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zilla_studios 28th February 2015
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Okay, trying to keep this pretty short and simple. I produce records and instrumentals, have moderate engineering experience...

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OceanDrive 28th February 2015
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I cant believe it!!! I kept getting crash after crash with error messages of the UAD-2 card so I thought I unplug the card,...

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greyskull 28th February 2015
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Hello everyone This is a reeeally awesome song :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtSu_m0L4co I just wonder how they...

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goldi 28th February 2015
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Im looking for ultra portable studio monitor. I cant use headphones anymore so my criteria is a travel speaker thats good enough...

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Pavilon 28th February 2015
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We get onboard gates and comps with an SSL, but a bunch of Drawmer gates and dbx comps can take care of that (which are closest...

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SRS 28th February 2015
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Hey All, I'm a bluegrass lead guitarist and am looking at getting a new LDC. I'm seriously considering the C214 from AKG as I...

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cheu78 28th February 2015
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Theta Music Trainer | Online Ear Training Games some games that help with ear training. is this practical and worth the 7 a...

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thevisi0nary 28th February 2015
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I am a 17 year old rapper and i've been writing for a year and i'm looking to buy a microphone and i'm considering røde m3 and...

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ChuyLocs602 28th February 2015
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I'm trying to rent one of these to cut some vocals, my last batch of rentals included the Apollo interface (Apollo Audio...

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RightOnRome 28th February 2015
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Hey guys, I've been looking for an effective way to expand my Audient ID22. Love the form factor, bummed that I only have 4...

Danny Infield
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mesaone 28th February 2015
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Hey, I'm currently in Sydney and was wondering if anyone knew of a children's choir to record for a song. I had one lined...

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Jaybird 28th February 2015
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my tascam 388 i picked up 2 years ago has always given me trouble, and these days i only really use tape as an effect so i...

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442macsat 28th February 2015
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I keep talking myself out of being interested in this thing...but somehow I can't stop wondering what EIGHT modulated delays must...

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Quartermass 28th February 2015
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Hey everyone, Quick question for y'all - If running the output of the Reddi (tracking bass) into a preamp, can you run XLR out...

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InMyGalaxie 28th February 2015
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Anyone know what these monitors are ? http://i.ytimg.com/vi/jbJwyTkCJk0/hqdefault.jpg

Deleted 10089a2
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ssprod19 27th February 2015
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Im about to acquire an 80's Amek Angela "Blue"...it has been use sporadically since new, looks almost new, low hours,...

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Karloff70 27th February 2015
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Howdy folks. Tracking some geetar this week and wanted some input from y'all. Going to probably try 2 dynamics (57/421) and a...

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kafka 27th February 2015
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I decided to take apart one of my Audix i5's because I wanted to see how the transformer quality compared to a 57. To my...

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warhead 27th February 2015
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Hi all, I've got 3 (yes, three) older Sennheiser 421s that all need some repair or another. What's my best bet? Have people had...

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linusoli 27th February 2015
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When you're mixing bass guitar with direct and mic tracks, do you do any independent processing on them (say, different eq cuts...

Deleted User
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Deleted d78e603 27th February 2015
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Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has attempted to use a pair of Beyer M160's on an upright piano recording? I have a job at...

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SydBeretta 27th February 2015
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Hi guys, I have a problem I hope you can help me, I was' burned the power of Gforce which should be equal to the fireworks I...

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ciscoheat 27th February 2015
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Dear Gearsluts :) As unfortunately my new audient iD22 doesn't run flawless on my windows 7 64bit, it looks, that will...

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doncaparker 27th February 2015
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Hello all, Please read and ponder, as I seek your learned advice....especially from those who have used the gear I'll be...

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The Byre 27th February 2015
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Has anyone got experience with these 2? They both look great for the job but just wanted to double check in case there are any...

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Jorg 27th February 2015
Avatar for valeot

its the first time that i will track a female voice live with a band in my studio, usually i use my pearlman tm1 for this, but as...

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valeot 27th February 2015
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How is the SE electronics se2200a II c for vocals specifically rapping and singing. I see it on amazon for about $250 and i have...

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OverTheTop 27th February 2015
Avatar for macle

Hi, Looking for mic suggestions and technique suggestions. The piano is an old Yamaha U3 that sounds okay, not great. The room...

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edva 27th February 2015
Avatar for suchenderxxx

Im searching for the service manual for the tascam 688. Can someone of you help me with that?

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analog greg 27th February 2015
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This new stereo offering might be really great....nobody seems to have one yet & I'm not willing to be the first...it's not...

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TimS 27th February 2015
Avatar for HSLand

Let's say that you own some property and you want to build a small studio on it. I'm talking a 3-room setup which would be 1)...

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Bassmankr 27th February 2015
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Hi everyone, I know this might not be the right place to post this, sorry about that. We need a studio in NY to record...

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oldspeckledhen 27th February 2015
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From what I can gather, 500 series units are to studio heads as eurorack modules are to Synth heads. I have a mid level studio...

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norman 27th February 2015
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hello all - a while ago (couple of years?) I remember reading a post here in one of the billions of passive monitor controller...

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mutetourettes 26th February 2015
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Hi there, I often hear massively varying opinions of tape emulation. Some love hardware or software offerings, others just...

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Ardis 26th February 2015
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Hello, everyone! Can someone tell me what McKean meant by "recorded flat"? Will the attack and release then both in the...

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zilla_studios 26th February 2015
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I need a DI Box to connect to my Liquid Channel. I don't want to spend too much cash right now so what would...

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hawon 26th February 2015
Avatar for I.T.

I'm looking for an ANALOG delay unit. Must be single-channel mono, with balanced in and out connectors. Any...

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satansrobotho 26th February 2015
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Hi I'm looking for a master bus compressor for dance music ( techno,house, etc ) something that sounds great adds color and can...

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roc 26th February 2015
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Not one of my 3 ADAT slots appears to be working anymore on my DA7! The desk worked fine last night. This morning, NO SOUND. I...

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Keyplayer 26th February 2015